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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Gen. Douglas MacArthur was a Medal of Honor recipient for his command of the Southwest Pacific theater and specifically, the Philippines, during World War II

(Nov. 24, 2011) — It was called “Unlimited War” and the goal was “Unconditional Surrender” at any cost. It was designed to bring our boys home from Europe and the Pacific A.S.A.P. Everyone down the food chain was sick and tired of the “The Department of War is sorry to inform you that _____ was killed in action” forms that they had to send with a little note telling the mother or wife what a great guy he was and at least he died quickly.  But he often didn’t die quickly.  Sometimes a best buddy couldn’t take it anymore and ended it all.

That was World War II.  Truman dropped the Atom bomb on Japan because of “the way they treated our prisoners.” It worked, didn’t it? Truman, Marshall and all of America wanted it over, wanted our boys home, no excuses. The war in Europe was winding down in the autumn of 1944 and the GI’s really thought that they’d be home for Christmas, December 25, 1944. But the Battle of the Bulge changed their plans: the Germans launched a brilliant but doomed-to-fail attack which prolonged the war in Europe by another six months.

After World War II came Korea, and what a fiasco that turned out to be: we didn’t win, and every poor soul North of the 49th parallel was made into a slave. I’ve never been a fan of “Dug Out” Douglas McArthur but he wasn’t afraid of the Chinese, not one bit, and for that I admired him.

Next came Vietnam. What a crying shame; those poor people didn’t deserve a C.I.A.-run government any more than the Communist one they got after America ran away with their tails between their legs. I could write a book about the Rules of Engagement in Vietnam, but what would be the point? It’s over and done with: suffice it to say that many a time, we wondered who was making the rules up as we went along:  Ho Chi Minh, or was it Johnson, or both?

And now we have more of the same for our troops in Afghanistan. The enemy we now face could teach the Japanese a trick or two about torture techniques. Unfortunately, our troops of today have it immensely worse than I had it, or soldiers in wars before me had, with Rules of Engagement that limit their ability to achieve their objective and at the same time limit their ability to protect themselves. The political and military leadership that the United States has today is worthless to our troops in harm’s way.

Worthless, I tell you.

The United States must have a President who supports the troops 110%. It’s a fact of life that there will be collateral damage…Dresden, anyone? The first mistake that the United States has made in Afghanistan is to not define the enemy and to not define goals.  Well, the enemy is Islam, and either we kill all of the Muslims living there or get out. We went there to destroy the terrorist training camps: mission accomplished.  There is no reason to stay. Muslims will continue to live as pigs in the 13th century, treat women as chattel and do “honor killings.” No matter what we do, that isn’t going to change.  Heck, the Muslims in the United States haven’t been hampered by our laws slowing them down one bit.

We need our troops home to assist us citizens in going after all of the traitors among us, and we need them here now.


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  1. It would seem this use of the military is an executive branch problem to solve, and we all know that obama will not solve it – he uses the military for his own personal end uses, and not to protect America.

    We had better make certain the next POTUS has a clear head about the use of our military and in answering the demand to bring the military home. There really is no longer any reason why we have hundreds of military bases spread around the world. We are not the world’s policemen.

  2. Absolutely the Troops need to come home to help fight the enemy that is reeking havoc from within such as liberalism, voter fraud, corruption in high places, our current government, and all every other RICO activity being pushed at us by our current worthless government. We must have a balanced budget and get rid of all fraud in government as well as grow a backbone (accepting the fact that we have a total phony “usurper” in the white house). This ridicules super failure committee could easily have solved the problem twice over by cutting all government employees salaries in half and make them pay for their benefits like everyone else.