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November 21, 2011
What will this Secretary of State do to prevent election fraud in 2012?

The Honorable Esperanza “Hope” Andrade
Secretary of State
State Capitol Room 1E.8
Austin, TX 78701

Dear Madame Secretary:

We face another important presidential election. After this past presidential election, citizens of Texas learned presidential candidates WERE NOT properly vetted. Texans STILL have seen NO conclusive proof as to the true identity of “Barack H. Obama.” Texans still are not convinced John McCain was a citizen “of the soil.”

The U. S. Constitution is clear concerning presidential candidates. They MUST be natural born citizens; Art II, Sec. 1. Minor v. Happersett and United States v. Wong Kim Ark offers additional conclusive evidence in SCOTUS opinions as to the meaning of a natural born citizen. The Constitution, our Founders, and even Nature itself teaches us that a natural born citizen is created by birth on the soil of the nation by TWO citizen parents. The one calling himself Barack H. Obama openly admits that his father NEVER was a citizen. And, we have SEEN NO CONCLUSIVE LEGAL PROOF that Barack H. Obama was born on U.S. soil!

Can you assure me as a citizen of Texas that you will properly vet ALL presidential candidates BEFORE placing them on a Texas ballot? Would you be willing to offer that same legal proof in a public forum so ALL Texans are assured that candidates like Obama have been properly vetted by you?We no longer trust the Democratic National Committee to vet their candidates. You are our last line of defense against election fraud! We ask only that you do your duty to Texans and honor your oath of office to Texas and our Constitution.

Rest assured, the citizens of Texas will be on guard against election fraud this coming presidential election!

For the Republic,

Don Stevens

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  1. Not the sharp tack her. There are no requirements that I find, at least in Georgia, that the candidate be certified and definitely not by the SOS. The SOS defers to the DNC in our codes. The DNC, pretty much universally, does not issue certification documents.

    Go back to the founding. Our original statesmen were God fearing gentlemen. They made the good assumption, at that time, that candidates would be self certifying, so there were no enforcement provisions put in place. Statesmen, in general, are a thing of the past, having been replaced by weasels.

    However I think it would be a useful effort to attempt an FOIA with the SOS to produce the DNC certification document, if there was such a thing created. But if not, where to go from there?

  2. Bravo! We should all follow the good examples of these patriots – demand the SOS to uphold the US constitution and their own state constitution in the matter of verifying the presidential candidates’ eligibility! Form a group, visit the SOS and demand to see the ‘nomination paper’ from DNC. If the paper does not certify that obama meets the constitutional requirement, the SOS must discard that paper and obama’s name will not be placed on the ballot.
    if the paper certifies obama meets the contitutional requirement, the SOS must demand conclusive, authenticated document from DNC to prove obama’s natural born citizenship status. No proof and obama’s name will not be on the ballot.