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November 21, 2011

Rep. David Bettencourt has served in the New Hampshire House of Representatives since 2004 and will be up for re-election in 2012, as will the entire New Hampshire House and U.S. Congress

Dear Rep. Bettencourt:

I understand that you do not support Rep. Accornero’s position that Barack Obama’s ballot eligibility should be challenged. I’m told you think it would “shame” the Republicans. Well, sir, I can tell you that the shame you think you might incur will be nothing compared to the wrath of those who learn that you are enabling a fraud to be perpetrated on the American people, if you do not act.  You may ask why nothing was done before. Frankly, the American people have been lied to and were caught by surprise. You now have a unique, historical opportunity to right a terrible wrong.

New Hampshire has a unique position as the early primary state, attracting national attention every four years. It sets an early tone for the election season. Therefore, it has an influence out of proportion to its size.

You have certainly already noticed Obama’s abominable, un-American, some say even treasonous behavior.  He has also committed more than two dozen offenses which some legal experts maintain are impeachable acts. Just consider  the Czars, cabinet appointments and judges he has appointed, the laws he has signed, orders issued- they will be the ruination of our nation if not stopped.  The election may or may not stop this and is a year away.
I understand that you have been sent evidence of Obama’s ineligibility to be on the ballot, briefly summarized as:
  • Not natural born, per U.S. Constitution Article II Section 1 (NH law invokes that for Presidential eligibility also). The Minor vs. Happersett ruling set the legal precedent, which has always been upheld.
  • Using at least 16 Social Security numbers, including 042-068-4425, not ever legally issued to him.  This number appeared on his tax return and fraudulent Selective Service Registration.  We have positive proof of all this, researched by reputable private investigators.
  • Forged birth documents, including the image of a “birth certificate” put on Whitehouse.gov 4-27-11. There are dozens of analyses written by experienced document professionals and a formal complaint sent to the FBI.

There is much more corroborating evidence.  We’ll be happy to send you copies. We beg of you to act, to at least investigate this immediately. Time is of the essence. Thanks for reading this. The lawyer who made the complaint heard Friday is Dr. Orly Taitz: dr_taitz@yahoo.com, 949-683-5411.


George Miller
Editor’s Note:   Rep. Bettencourt was born in 1984 and was elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives at the age of 20.  He has voted in favor of a constitutional amendment in New Hampshire “establishing that human beings, not corporations, are entitled to constitutional rights” and asking the attorney general to “join the lawsuit” against the health care bill signed by Obama in March 2010.
Dear Mr. Bettencourt,
I am ashamed that so many of our officials are refusing to see the evidence before their eyes. Dr. Orly Taitz has presented 85 pages of the evidence of the fraud that Barack Obama has perpetrated upon American citizens, and it must stop. You have all sworn an Oath to the Constitution, not to Mr. Obama, and that is what we expect you to uphold. As a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives you have an obligation to represent the people, not the usurper of the White House.
Mr. Obama is not a natural born citizen according to the Constitution, the Social Security number he’s been using cannot be verified by E-Verify, and he has committed numerous acts of Treason against the United States of America. He has members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House, whose stated goal is to destroy America. He has sued states for protecting their borders, a job which he has refused to do. His regime has allowed guns to walk to Mexico and he has sold tanks to Egypt, home of the Muslim Brotherhoos. One definition of Treason is aiding and abetting the enemy, which he has done time and again.
You and all members of the House and Senate have allowed Mr. Obama to destroy our country unchecked. The Occupy Wall Street protests are supported by him and we are afraid he will impose Martial law soon. This means we could lose our Constitution, or at least have it suspended. Is this what you want? Harry Accornero has stepped up and is upholding his Oath, publicly naming Obama in the commission of Treason. He is asking his peers to follow suit.. If you don’t, you are guilty of Complicity, of Misprision of Treason. And we will hold you and all others accountable.
Mr. Obama is not eligible to be on the 2012 ballot and his name should be removed forthwith. Please no longer allow him to run roughshod over our liberties, our Constitution, and our very lives.
In Liberty,
Kristy Lonestar
San Diego, California
From: Jeff Lichter
To: betts24@gmail.com
Subject: WHY?
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 05:27:01 -0700

Mr. Bettencourt:

Your personal irritation with Dr. Orly Taitz aside, why are you so eager to look the other way and disregard the clear and so far unrefuted evidence that Mr. Obama carries a false identity in the form of a forged birth certificate issued to the nation on 4-27-11, a social security number that was never issued to him, and a false selective service application?  The birther movement, which you call gobblegook, has never been primarily about birthplace but instead it is about the Constitutional requirement that the President be a natural born citizen born of citizen parents and have no allegiances other than to the United States.  Obama was a British subject at birth and an Indonesian citizen as a child.

I urge you to give some thought to the fact that Obama occupies the office of POTUS and you nor I, nor anyone else, knows who he really is and that misrepresenting one’s identity by the issuance of false documents and the carrying of a false social secuity number is a felony crime.

Jeff Lichter
Surprise, Arizona


Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 10:45:04 -0700
Subject: Sir…this is extremely important!
To: betts24@gmail.com

Dear Majority Leader Bettencourt,

We understand that you believe that President Obama should be allowed to be on the NH Presidential ballot.  Denying him a place on your ballot  is not a disgrace for you and your Republican Party Representatives as you seem to feel, but an ABSOLUTE disgrace to every hardworking American, no matter what party affiliation, who KNOWS that Obama is NOT eligible to be our president!  He should NOT be allowed on ANY ballot in ANY of our 50 United States!

YOU, Sir, have the unique opportunity to finally put EVERYONE in America, and the world, for that matter, on notice that criminal activity and election fraud is NOT acceptable in your state, nor in any other state!  WHY would you not want to be at the forefront of addressing this corruption, especially after being presented with 85 pages of evidence as to WHY Obama is NOT eligible, and should NOT be on your NH ballot???  Being complicit because you don’t want people to be “ashamed” of your Republican Party is the lamest excuse we have heard yet!  We believe in our deepest souls that your stance is completely wrong on this issue.
What about doing what is lawfully and morally correct?  You need to think long and hard about this Sir.  We pray to God you will come to the right conclusion for the good of ALL Americans, the laws of our Constitution, and our beloved Country!
Dr. Salvatore A. and Kandace J. Ricotta

Scottsdale, AZ


Dear Rep. Bettencourt,  I just left a message on your phone concerning the mis-guided, illegal and amateurish conduct of the commission for elections.  Illegal social security numbers, fraudulent documents, usurpation of a federal office, these are serious charges and they are not to be ignored by you or anyone else.
As for the commission saying they have no investigative duties, they are once again playing stupid.  A quick internet search on their history shows they have made numerous eligibility determinations.  They are fooling no one.
The federal law concerning misprision of felony is one that we will seek to apply to people who fail to take this matter seriously..  Allegations of treason are also within the purview of the law.  Choose wisely, sir.
So, my suggestion is that you find a way to work WITH Mr. Accornero.
Moreover, you need to take serious note of how some 100 voters showed up unannounced and unplanned for since they had to expand the room.  That is just a spark, next will be the fire.
All the best,
Cort Wrotnowski
Greenwich-Stamford Tea Party Patriots

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  1. Anyone but me find it curious and frustrating as hell that no one in government seems to give a rip about our constitutions and our rule of law? It’s just like they are all acting together to throw out the republic in favor of a totalitarian dictatorship.

    Think about it. Why aren’t the state governments doing everything possible to restore the lawful federal government? Why aren’t the state governors, legislators, and judges doing everything possible to abide by their oaths to defend and protect the Constitution?

    Why are the people having to hound and pursue government to do the lawful thing? Is our whole system of government corrupt and ready for the dustbin of history?

  2. Calling all NH patriots:

    Form a group, visit the SOS and demand to see the DNC’s ‘nomination paper’.

    If the paper does not certify under oath that obama meets the constitutional requirement, demand the SOS discard that paper and remove obama’s name from the ballot.

    if the paper certifies obama meets the contitutional requirement, the SOS must demand conclusive, authenticated document from DNC to prove obama’s natural born citizenship status. No proof and obama’s name will not be on the ballot.

    1. Get hold of the DNC’s nomination paper and go from there!
      Use what is or is NOT on the nomination paper to challenge/object to the placement of obama on the NH ballot!
      No need to make it complicated. The paper must certify obama meeting the US constitutional requirement, if it doesn’t, then it does not even meet NH’s own constitutional requirement, and the SOS can reject the paper!
      If the paper certifies o meeting the constitutional requirement, then the SOS can demand DNC to show proofs. (People demand SOS to demand proofs from DNC!) Until there are proofs, no placement of obama name on the ballot!

    2. Chris, Its not only NH, Its EVERY STATE! I live in OHIO and i called our SOS and asked them what it would take to challenge obama on our ballot.( I would post the response here if i knew how to.) I told the woman i talked to about the interviews that were done with Ann Dunham in 59/60/61,it didn’t matter to them either, and i voted against our last SOS for this reason”obama being allowed on the ballot in2008″ I believe they are covering something that is much bigger than WE realise,and i think it has to do with Hawaii’s statehood; My mother said in 1961 when the news of his birth reached us–“someone had said, one day he will be president” Mom said to me –EVEN IF he WAS born in Hawaii,thats one kid that will never be president because Hawaii is a Territory, NOT a state.

  3. You would think at the very, very least check out the facts presented and when confirmed (they already are) proceed with –
    1. removal of barry soetero, barack obama, bari shabazz, etc. (whatever his name may be)
    2. indict for criminal fraud and felony
    3. remove from office immediately

    The striking,glaring aspect of all these cases for the last 31/2 years is never has there been a response from any official capacity (other than recent Arpaio) saying, “we will check into it or we will investigate further”. Isn’t that a bit strange? I mean the DHS director tells us “if we see something, say something”. We did, we are, we continue to do…