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by Dwight Kehoe, blogging at tpath.org

The following letter was sent to Sheriff Shaun Golden of Monmouth County, NJ:

To :   Sheriff Shaun Golden
Date:   November 16, 2011
Re:   Eligibility and Obama

Dear Shaun,

I don’t know if you remember me but I spoke to you several times during your campaign last year as part of the Tea Party’s vetting process in which you were almost unanimously supported.

Understanding very well, that your duties as Sheriff of Monmouth County are vast and time consuming, I would like you to know the writing of this letter was inspired by my long and growing concern over Obama’s eligibility to be allowed on the ballots for the upcoming 2012 elections, both primary and general, here in Monmouth County.

No doubt you have heard or even seen some of the evidence relating to Obama’s birth certificate which he released in April of this year, in that it has been proven to be a forgery and also the many problems with Obama’s Social Security Number.

Over the last several months, the mountain of evidence has grown to such an extent it is amazing to me that not one news outlet will give even the slightest bit of attention to these issues.  Understanding that  a County Sheriff has responsibility to the political party that supported him, his boss is “the people”  that elected him and his duties are to the Constitution to which he swore to protect and defend.

Recently, Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona has begun an investigation into Obama’s eligibility and is trying to get Hawaii to release to his investigators, the micro-film of Obama’s birth certificate.  So far he is being stonewalled but if more and more Sheriffs join this effort, the curtain covering the “Great Oz” will be finally pulled back.

Shaun, my question to you is this.  If a County Sheriff knew that a candidate was being placed on ballots  by use of fraudulent documents, would that be an area of concern for you and something your office would look into?  Does your office have purview over elections and election fraud?

A cover up tool the Obama Administration and the main stream media use, is the belittlement of those that would question anything having to do with Obama’s eligibility, facts and evidence be damned.  So it is understandable why so many have feared to venture into this arena. But if you believe, as I do, that the Constitution is the main reason why our country has become the economic and freedom leader of the world, then you believe that this issue is bigger and more important that one man, one Presidency or any political party.

New Hampshire’s 2012 primaries will be among the first in the country.  A complaint has been filed by a concerned American, with the Attorneys General of New Hampshire, which has a law requiring anyone knowing of or having proof of election fraud, to report it.  I have included a copy of that complaint herewith because it spells out the mountain of evidence against Obama.  As I said earlier, I understand you are busy, but please take a few minutes and read the complaint. It will be impossible to conclude there is no problem. If after you have finished reading the complaint and you would like to look into some of the charges, I have included the following link where you can find all you need to know.

Here is a link to many documents and backups.


As the evidence has mounted, over the last several months, I have written to Congressmen, Senators, talk show hosts and newspapers.  Not one of them has taken the time or had the courage to respond.  I ask you, at the very least, to take some time to read this information and respond to me with your thoughts.

Dwight Kehoe

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