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by Arnie Rosner

Photo taken at 10:58 a.m. on November 11, 1918, just before the Armistice Day cease-fire took effect. Armistice Day is now known as Veterans' Day.

(Nov. 12, 2011) — To our fellow Americans in uniform, please know that true Americans honor you every day!‏

But honoring you is not enough. On behalf of all of the Americans, the true Americans with whom I interact on a daily basis, let me express our thanks and grateful appreciation for what you are doing to provide us with a relative measure of freedom and security. We also give thanks to all those who have gone before and we express our thanks and appreciation to all who will go forward in our endeavor to retain our liberty and freedom and to maintain our heritage, a rich heritage bestowed upon us by our Creator and our founding fathers.

We know that you, like your fellow Americans, respect and honor our founding documents as originally created and produced by the great visionaries of our past. Long live America!

Until just the last few years we had been able to say with pride, “America the beautiful, the home of the brave and the land of the free.” However, things have changed. I would like to take a moment of your time to address that.

It is well-known that our military and law enforcement in general have always kept and maintained a great respect for political neutrality. As a private citizen not only do I agree with that policy, but I thank you for being able to maintain such a difficult position.

However, in today’s global environment, no one would expect conditions to reach the level of treachery we find in our government today. Based upon the manner in which members of Congress and the other branches of our government have behaved, it is my opinion that our government has been taken over and is currently under the influence of foreign and domestic enemies. Therefore, we are not dealing with any normal political reality, but rather, we are under attack and at war with subversive foreign and domestic enemies. For further evidence of this fact, please review the attached document for yourself.

When our founders presented us with our founding documents over 200 years ago, no one could have possibly imagined in their wildest dreams that the greatest nation in the world, specifically created with three separate branches of government, each with unique guidelines, designed to monitor and supervise each other independently so as to protect the processes on which our freedom and liberty are based, could have possibly reached this level of open corruption where, simultaneously and with deliberation, all three independent branches of government have conspired to commit treason against the people of the United States of America.

Again, this is just my opinion, but based upon my observations, just as both the Democrat and Republican parties have combined into one body with two heads, so it appears that the federal government has morphed into a single body with three heads. It has not only morphed into a single body, but like a great aggressive cancer is growing and consuming all human individuality, freedom and Constitutional rights in its way.

While our model system of government, a Republic, has been found to be one of the most stable and reliable systems in recorded history, there was no way for the founders to anticipate the continuous and progressive assault on our system of government by the infiltration of insidious and treacherous individuals who are routinely committing treason and sedition on a daily basis who are being assisted by other supposedly loyal members of our own government, members of the Congress, who are entrusted with the responsibility to protect our system of government against such an attack and permitting such a travesty of justice.

Regardless of the design and the intent, the successful administration of such a system roots its basic foundation and successful implementation upon the premise of the stewardship of honest men and women of such character and principle that they would honorably live up to their sworn oaths of office, that they would honestly make good on their contract with those who empowered them to administer this government of the American people.

My fellow Americans, all of us…those in uniform in the military, members of the national government, the local police in the service of their communities, the federal marshals, the county sheriffs, all government law enforcement agencies, it grieves me to even acknowledge that this generation of lawmakers, along with some members of previous generations of elected officials, have failed us.

What I find particularly egregious is that this failure of the public trust was and is, to this day, deliberate. The traitorous members of this government have deliberately acted with full knowledge of their complicity. This is evident by their full intentions to deceive us by hiding the treasonous acts by which they have compromised the integrity and security of our government. In my view, it is with malice and forethought that they deliberately conspired to deprived us as citizens of our rightful government and our republican way of life.

To this very day, they continue to do the same even though many of us have addressed the issues. And to this day, they continue to ignore their responsibility to honor their oath of office, to protect our Constitution, and provide we the citizens with the constitutional protections which we have a right to expect.

It is with great distress that I make you aware of my fears and future expectations for our nation. My instincts reveal to me that we are under attack from within.

With similar remarks to my earlier statements, I must declare that these are not normal times. These are indeed the times that try men’s souls.

But even more important, these are times which demand all of us to act upon our own intelligence, our respect for the rule of law, our respect for the wisdom and guidance of our founding documents, and to act on behalf of all citizens in keeping with the laws and traditions of America. Our actions must be based on the traditions and laws of America and not laws or traditions of any other culture or foreign nation.

Dear American patriots, once more, please permit me to express my debt of gratitude and my thanks to all of you, my gratitude for your standing up as true Americans who maintain the high standards of ethics and morality, high standards by which we Americans are easily characterized by any other organized society in the world.

We are indeed a unique and a special breed unto ourselves, a living and a breathing testament to American exceptionalism for all the world to see and admire. We are Americans…proud Americans, and we will not willing to yield our sovereignty to any other power on this earth!



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