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by Dr. Laurie Roth©2011

Does Obama want to shut down power plants and the coal industry?

(Nov. 11, 2011) — We already know Obama has an obsession with destroying the US economy and taking our country down several sizes.  Our putative President apparently thinks it is much easier to control Barbie and Ken-sized versions of our country and people.  This way,  he can twist the legs and arms around and stick us where he wants us, naturally while lecturing us on climate issues and international concerns.  Perhaps Obama’s Barbie should wear a Burqa, work to pay her tax payment and just shut up.

Now, along with Obama’s EPA planning to make sure many coal plants are closed down during the next 18 months,  we hear more assaults on business.  Our de facto President, naturally in the name of CO2 and Greens issues,  is planning for the 1st time to enforce draconian regulations on Power Plants.  Here is the long and meaningful term assigned to this assault:  “Greenhouse Gas New Source Performance standard for Electric Utility Steam Generating Units.”  This piece of Frankenstonian surgery forces never-before-heard-of emissions standards, rendering it almost impossible and very expensive for any power plant to observe these end run emissions standards.  Ah….this will delightfully mean more closures and thousands more jobs lost,  but life will be ‘GREEN’.

These rules which completely bypass Congress and common sense, while persecuting power plants everywhere,  are the first of their kind.

Commonsense environmental regulation and concern is one thing,  but we have a putative President who belongs to an environmental, religious cult of lies.  His belief system lives in the Disneyland of global warming mythology,  CO 2 emissions Jungles that kill people and Polar Bears.  It is the endless international crisis that threaten to destroy the earth.

Obama and the Environmental gods want to destroy America, her exceptionalism and quality of life because the sustainability doctrine believes in a surf style of human that works for the elite and power class and is essentially all the same.  This new controlled Barbie and Ken doesn’t eat too much,  doesn’t achieve too much,  doesn’t lead and invent too much and carpools or walks everywhere.

Obama’s weapons are only too obvious.  He is destroying power, energy and business through endless contrived and distorted environmental fantasy.  He is destroying and grabbing control of health care, while taxing and threatening the people with fines if they don’t do and buy just what he says.

The Constitution is in the way.  American business, power and coal plants are in the way.  The Tea Party is in the way.  Conservatives in Congress are in the way.  The people of America are in the way.

That is ok, Obama.  There is a constitutional train full of the American people coming straight at you.  Feel the steam and hear the whistles?  You had better get off the track or the people and freedom will throw you off.  Here are some November 2012 Regulations coming at you, Obama.  Join up with www.rothrevolution.ning.com  and speak your mind, then tune in each day to my show, www.therothshow.com.

God bless America and bring us back!


Dr. Laurie Roth is a nationally-renowned radio show host and presidential candidate.

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  1. That “train of Amrrican people…”, if Obama has his way, may very well be derailed. How, you ask?? With his approval numbers plummeting, with people counting the days until election day 2012, surely he’ll lose in a landslide defeat and crawl away in humiliation with his tail between his legs, right? I think not, and here’s why. I don’t believe that either George Soros or his malignant narcissism will allow Obama to accept defeat.

    After his handlers have spent untold billions of dollars to help him usurp the presidency, I don’t see them allowing Obama to be a one term usurper and exit the White House before the absolute destruction of America is complete.

    It is my belief that the Soros backed and organized Occupy Wall Street was brought about for a purpose. As it grows more violent by the day, I believe that it is the excuse that Obama will use to declare martial law, and thus, suspend the 2012 elections.

    He wouldn’t dare, you say?? He can, and he will!! He’s already dictating by way of Executive Order. He’s rendered our cowardly, complicit Congress irrelevant! The only probable next step is putting an end to free elections and declaring himself Dictator Obama.

    Do you think that Wednesday’s test of the Emergency Broadcast System was just a random, out of the blue, first ever, innocuous test?? Come on!! If you buy that, I have a bridge that might interest you! That was Soros/Obama making sure that they could impose a complete blackout when the time comes for Obama to make his declaration of dictatorship!!

    Call me paranoid if you will… I’ve just become convinced that it’s utter insanity to put ANYTHING past Barrack Hussein Obama, or whatever his name is. This has been a plan in the works for decades!! You can bet that it’s not going to be a four-and-out for the Obama Crime Syndicate! Mark my words!