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by Kathleen Gotto

Harriet Tubman delivered thousands of slaves to the North into freedom

(Nov. 8, 2011) — Harriet Tubman famously said, “I freed thousands of slaves. I could have freed thousands more, if they had known they were slaves.”  It is not just black Americans who need a Harriet Tubman today.  Nor is it all the other naive and uninformed who have been seduced by the lies and deception continuously being churned out by the Democratic Party machine.  It is also those who have a deep and abiding interest in seeing our country functioning as a Constitutional Republic who need to hear Ms. Tubman’s words, especially those who are looking for a Republican Messiah to deliver America from the clutches of the socialists who are tearing apart this country with their radical agenda.  The Democratic socialist wrecking machine is operating with impunity and speed because not one Republican member of Congress has stood in the gap to stop the carnage.  Nor has even one 2012 Republican presidential candidate had the fortitude or love and respect for our freedoms enshrined in the Constitution to call out the Democrats.  Not one.  Some of them give lip service to our Constitution but hide behind their rhetoric as if that is all that is required to assuage the concern about our freedoms, which we have been screaming about from the rooftops for at least the last three years.

Apparently, those evil Twin Sisters, Power and Greed, have succeeded in seducing Republicans to join the Democrats’ conspiracy on a scale few of us ever thought would be possible.  And where Power and Greed failed, Fear stepped in.  Not one single member of Congress or the Supreme Court can claim they did not know of Barack Obama’s ineligibility to hold office.  We told them.  Over and over again.  By phone, email, snail mail, in person at town hall meetings.  We cited Article II, Section I, Clause 5 until we could recite it in our sleep.  We contacted our local sheriffs, the FBI, district attorneys, clerks of the court, held Citizen Grand Juries, wrote letters to the Editor, tried to educate our friends and families, sued at every court level, and absolutely besieged Republican congressmen.  All of our efforts were to no avail.  Our Constitution is supposed to the supreme law of the land.  Every member of Congress and in the judiciary has taken an oath to support and defend it.  However, it is only too apparent that not one of them meant it.  They swore their oaths falsely.  Either they lied, misconstrued, or minimized their allegiance to the Constitution and what their oaths meant.  Either way, we are a people with no voice because those we elected to hear us and act for our best interests are not just missing in action; they have aligned themselves with our enemies.  They have given us no other alternative to account for their silence, denial and dismissal of our cries.

Our “leaders” in each of the three branches of government (as well as state and local officials) have systematically thumbed their collective noses at us, the hoi polloi.  Democrats and Republicans both.  The socialists, emboldened by the deafening silence from the Republican Party, have opened up full-bore in their goal to turn this country into a complete socialist nation.  They are loathsome but obvious.   The Republicans, however, are no better.  They are just better at hiding their true agenda, which makes them even more dangerous.  Oh, if only for a name or two to call out and say, “Except for so-and-so!”  Most of us could come up with a few names of Congressmen we like because they seem to empathize with our real and frightening concerns.  But where is that Congressman or Congresswoman who has the courage and love of country willing to stand by their oath to the Constitution?  Neither he nor she has yet to step forward.  So that brings us to the question, “Why then do we stay in a political party that refuses to uphold our Constitution or to protect Americans from the cancerous scourge of socialism?”  Why indeed!

Too many voices among my fellow conservatives are calling for “…anyone who can beat Obama” with no real vision for what that could mean.  If we elect a man or woman who wears the Republican label and gives a good speech, but who has not exhibited real statesmanship and fidelity to our Constitution, the rule of law, and to truth, we are no better than the useful idiots invading our parks across this country.  We may look and smell better, but are nonetheless dupes just like they are.  And then there are those voices which decry the notion of a “third political party” without realizing that if those who care enough about our country mobilize, we could make the Republican Party the “third political party.”   Since the Republicans are no different from Democrats where it really matters, they can easily be considered as being the same with only a shade difference here and there.  The rub, however, comes from the willingness to leave the Republican plantation.  The sense is that if we do not do it now, we need to shut up and embrace our chains.  There has never been a time in history that we have had the curtain pulled back to expose the ugly underbelly of the powers that be.  The curtain has been pulled back so we cannot plead ignorance to our children and grandchildren that we did not know.  If we’re honest with them, we can only say, “We knew, but clung to hope that the Republicans would come through for us.”  How abjectly sad.  No, it is asinine, because the Republicans have given us no reason whatsoever to expect anything except more of the same thing from them.  It’s like the folksy definition of insanity, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Do Americans all across this country have the backbone to stand with a true patriot running for the 2012 presidential nomination under an independent banner should such a person show him or herself?  Is there such a person as Harriet Tubman who can lead us the way out of the Republican Plantation?

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  1. Nelson Hultberg is a Libertarian and third party advocate. He too feels that a vote for the upcoming Romney/Obama ticket is a vote wasted. However Hultberg is a realist and points out that the Libertarians marginalize themselves with their unbend-able ideologies and the GOP clones don’t have the appeal needed to get elected.
    Hultberg’s desirement is to get a third party candidate in the national spot light by qualifying with 15% of the primary votes. The message can then be effectively delivered. Win, loose , or draw the folks get to hear “the word”. The candidate wouldn’t win, no doubt or not even in 2016 but the spin off would get some congressmen in place and set the stage for a presidential candidate in the future.
    Hultberg’s third party platform would have two planks: control the Fed printing presses and establish a flat tax.
    Hultberg’s book is “The Conservative Revolution”. James Jaeger’s movie “SPOiLER was made from the movie and stars heavy hitters such as G. Edward Griffin, Pat Buchanan, Edwin Vieira, and Ron Paul.

  2. Another woman jumps into race for president
    Claims Obama’s birth certificate is verified forgery, a major issue

    Just when you thought the field of candidates for president in 2012 was full, a national radio talk-show host is now in the race, claiming Barack Obama is not even eligible for office because he has presented a forged birth certificate to the nation.

    Laurie Roth from Washington state is running not as a Republican, but as a self-described patriot and conservative on the American Independent Party ticket. She says she’s already on the ballot in California, and will take steps to make sure her name is listed in the other 49 states.

  3. Ms. Gotto, re: “Do Americans all across this country have the backbone to stand with a true patriot running for the 2012 presidential nomination under an independent banner should such a person show him or herself?” That’s an open question, because it is now very late in the game to organize a political campaign by an indepedent. Sarah Palin would have been the logical answer to your question six months ago. I for one would vote for her if she ran, come what may – but she has said she isn’t running.

    There is no doubt whatsoever that constituional conservatives and other patriots badly need an alternative to the Republican Party, which has become as corrupt and venal as the Democratics. In fact, it is not out of line at all to call the Democrats and Republicans part of the same party, what some have called the “Establishment Party,” one composed of our permanent political class. The members of this de facto party have so stacked the deck against independents that it is very difficult to get an independent on the ballot.

    The Democrats tell black people every election cycle that the problems of black America are those of all Americans, and once they are firmly re-established in office, these same Democrats ignore them for the next four years. A similar process occurs in the GOP during elections – the party establishment comes courting, telling genuine conservatives how valuable they are to the party and how important their values and policy positions are. However, after the election, the establishment GOP again ignores conservatives until the election. This game ain’t going nowhere, folks!

    A third-way movement is very badly needed, and it needn’t be a formal political party. It could instead be something like the Tea Party, a leaderless organization. The only criterion for membership would be unhappiness withe status quo, and a desire to break the two-party con game for good. If such a movement grew big-enough to serve as a genuine voting bloc, it could serve as a lever to force both establishment parties to behave more responsibly.

    The only alternatives to a third-way are the status quo, sliding further into tyranny, revolt, or retaking one of the existing political parties, tearing it down and rebuilding it along constitutional lines.

  4. This is true. It echos the many articles written and published by P&E. I have withdrawn from the Republican party 5 months ago. I’m now an Independent. I long for a Constitutional Party that has such scruples and integrity the nation can return to Founders values, principles, and rule of law. Yes, many will say that will rob votes from the Republicans and DEMS win by mathematical default. To that I say, so what? The Republicans want it that way obviously by placating the usurper. GOP now stands for Grant Obama Power.

    1. I too gave up my Republican badge and switched my party affiliation to – Independent! I will not vote the less-worse of two evils! Been there, done that and NEVER again!
      If my vote for the most constitutionally conservative candidate I can find splits the Repub’s chances, then SO be it!
      I will also never vote for a Repub ticket that would field another ineligible candidate, should the Repubs seek to win FL and the Hispanic vote by placing Marco Rubio on the ticket as VPOTUS.
      Nor will I vote for a “moderate,” such as Christie,which is nothing more than code for status quo RINO.