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by Ron Ewart, ©2011

(Nov. 6, 2011) — “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” — Albert Einstein

“The night watchmen in the crows nest peered through the night fog with his binoculars, straining to see if anything was in the ships path.  But alas, all he could see was a ghostly white shroud everywhere he looked, an impenetrable fog that was softly illuminated by the ship’s lights.  Suddenly, without warning, the fog cleared for a moment and a giant, mountain-sized chunk of ice appeared in his binoculars, just a few hundred yards in front of the ship.  He pressed the button that set off a loud buzzer in the wheelhouse and yelled through the ship’s intercom .’….. ICEBERG! … ICEBERG!, dead ahead starboard side.'”

“The captain reacted quickly and signaled the engine room for full speed on the starboard screws and full astern on the port screws.  He then turned the wheel hard to port.  The ship commenced a slow turn to the left but the turn wasn’t fast enough and the starboard side of the ship, at the bow, contacted the iceberg first.  As the ship moved along the iceberg, its jagged edges started ripping a long hole along the starboard side of the ship, contacting first with the forward watertight compartment and continuing down the starboard side, ripping open one watertight compartment after another.  Large chunks of ice from the iceberg crashed down on the ship’s deck and narrowly missed some late night passengers, as they scrambled for safety.”

“Seawater poured into the starboard side at an alarming rate.  The watertight compartments, built to handle almost any collision and still keep the ship afloat, were not designed for the massive damage done to the ship’s hull below the waterline.  Within a few minutes the ship started to sink downward by the bow.”

“The captain knew that his ship was sinking and there was nothing he could do to stop it.  He lamented that he had been keeping the ship’s speed too fast for conditions and had the ship been going slower, he might have been able to turn the ship in time to avoid the iceberg.  A sinking feeling came over him as he suddenly realized that his negligent actions could very well dump his passengers and crew into the icy waters and take the lives of every man, woman and child on the ship.  He tempted fate and fate reached out its hand and was about to deliver a death blow to the captain and all those innocent souls under his care.”

“The captain instinctively knew that this event that he had caused, would go down in the history books as an accident that should have never happened but did because of his negligence, arrogance and recklessness.  As the ship broke apart and sank, with the sound of screaming and dying passengers in his ears, the captain locked himself in the wheelhouse and chose the only appropriate punishment he knew that he deserved for his negligence and the utter horror and unnecessary tragedy he had caused.  As the ship slid beneath the waves and the water crashed through the wheelhouse windows, the captain’s last words were , ‘if only we weren’t going so fast!’

For the past several years, the Internet has been steadily humming with informed voices that are calling for a world-wide economic collapse.  These informed voices constantly warn that it isn’t a matter of if, only a matter of when.  All the economies of the world were spending too much, too fast and a day of reckoning was rapidly approaching.

Years of making promises for votes all over the globe, along with the massive growth of world fiat currencies to fund those promises, would eventually hurtle every nation’s economy, first into the dizzying heights of hyperinflation as governments poured more fiat money to prop up their failing economies, in a suicide dash towards a Keynesian last gasp, to a sudden collapse where all currencies were essentially worthless, when the artificial bubble of failed policies and irresponsible fixes finally burst.  That is the iceberg that lies in our path and many believe that it is too late to turn the “ship” to avoid the iceberg.

Eight decades of reckless spending by governments all over the planet, but especially in Europe and America, started ripping a large, gaping hole in the economies of the world’s financial ship.  Bailout after bailout failed to stem the tide of the incoming waters (debt).  Still, more impossible government promises were made to the people and the people rejoiced, totally unaware that their fate was sealed.  The devil iceberg of debt lay directly in the path to their future, destined to take them to the bottom of the deep blue sea, as a final resting place to government’s eternal quest to buy perpetual power with the people’s money.

The people were told that the watertight doors that were designed as safety nets to keep a nation’s economy afloat, (central banking) would save us from impending doom, but they lied.  All the governments of the world lied, while they made deals with the devil (the moneychangers).  In 2008 it looked as if the collapse was about to take all of the world’s economies down, so more fiat money was poured into those financial institutions, institutions that were in bed with government and both responsible for steering our ship of state on a collision course with certain disaster, by an iceberg that we could not now avoid.

Always thirsting for more money to pay for promises to the people for their votes, governments increased their deals with the financial institutions and the moneychangers, in global racketeering that would make all of the mobs and mobsters, throughout history, look like pikers.  The promises grew and so did the debt.  The iceberg of debt was taking its toll on the hull of the ship and the ship was and is slowly sinking.  What will trigger the final domino collapse ….. Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, or maybe even the U.S?

The question is, what comes after the great financial collapse of the 21st Century?  The Great Depression of the 20th Century will be like a single plankton in the sea, by comparison.  What happens to the people of the planet when there is no money left but fiat money, money that governments print and has no value?  Jobs dry up.  Planet-wide hunger mounts and as we have repeated often, “a hungry stomach has nothing to lose by going to war.”  Wars over scarce land and declining stocks of food, water, energy and resources grow.  One of those smaller wars could very well be the catalyst for a much larger war ….. World War III.

But to fight a war, as in all other wars, a government needs money, so it prints and borrows more money, that is if a government can find any group or nation that will lend it money.  The debt grows and suddenly, without warning, unimaginable calamity sweeps the globe.  Weapons of mass destruction will be used in a last ditch effort to save a super power from being conquered by another super power.  If nuclear weapons are used, the planet may become uninhabitable for centuries in what has been called nuclear winter.  Millions of plant and animal species could die off and a massive extinction event could even take place, as bad as the Mexican Chicxulub impact of an asteroid or comet that, 65 million years ago, that plunged the planet into an unimaginable nightmare of fire, wind and darkness ….. a cataclysmic event that wiped out the dinosaurs.  But this time the event will be man made, not a natural disaster.

In this third World War, death on a scale never before seen in the entire history of civilized man, will occur on every continent, except maybe Antarctica.  From the massive death will come disease and pestilence that will increase the death toll even more.  The rats may become the super power of the planet.  Only the strong nations will survive, maybe, and the few that are left will dominate all other nations on the planet.  Martial law will be the rule, not the exception.  Freedom, the type that America created, will no longer exist.

Many will say that this third World War is the biblical prophecy of Armageddon come true, brought about by man’s own hand in his subconscious desire to commit international suicide.  Whatever this third World War is called, it will have been totally preventable.

That, ladies and gentlemen, are the high stakes of this deadly poker game we play with nations and people’s lives and their freedom, not to mention the planet itself.  The planet will eventually heal, in time, but the human species may be sent back to the time of Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man, that existed as hunter-gathers and lived in caves.

But let’s move the clock back a little to our imaginary ship about to strike an iceberg.  Let’s just say for a moment that the passengers on our imaginary ship were aware that the ship was traveling too fast for conditions.  Let’s just say that some of the passengers, realizing the impending danger, went to the captain and requested that he bring the ship’s speed down to a safe level.  But then some of the other passengers got wind of this petition and lobbied the captain to go even faster because they liked the feeling of going fast and the wind in their hair ….. to heck with the danger.  If there were more passengers that wanted to slow down than those that wanted the ship to go even faster, the majority might have prevailed and the captain would have relented to this larger majority.  But if the reverse were true, the Captain might then increase the speed of the ship to satisfy the other go-fast passengers who were in the majority.

There is a principle in this imaginary scenario.  Those passengers, aware of the danger, were right to request that the captain slow the ship down, even if those more cautious passengers represented a minority and even if that meant defying the captain’s authority.  If the majority of passengers wanted the ship to speed up in spite of the danger, they were and are “dead” wrong, as are those contemporary Americans today who find their salvation and existence dependent on government and from that perspective continue to vote for those who are responsible for our demise.

We are faced with just such a scenario between the cautious people of America who recognize the danger in where we are headed and those who like what the government is doing because it benefits them and they don’t care about the danger.  It falls then on the cautious minority to assume command of the “ship” and take control of it, for the benefit of all the “passengers” because the captain has become reckless and irresponsible.  The question is, how does that minority take control of the “ship” without fighting the government and those people who like the situation just as it is because of the unearned rewards they are getting?   Can this minority do it peacefully, or, in the end, will they have no other choice but to take control by force?

In 2009 we created a Youtube video entitled, “The Coming Civil War“.  Perhaps we should have created a video entitled, “The Coming World War III“, instead.    (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5Ewwmikc9Q)

The Parallax Prophecies” predicts that if the minority of Americans who realize the danger we face, are not successful in taking control, then the catalyst to start World War III, a total international financial collapse, is in our near future and our fate as a nation and as a planet is sealed forever, with no possibility of changing course.

“Man will have tempted fate once again and fate may just reach out its hand and smite the community of man with a final death blow.”

In spite of this doom and gloom scenario, there still may be time to save the ship before it hits the looming financial “iceberg”, but it is up to the wise and cautious minority to find a way to take control of the “Wheelhouse” if our salvation as a nation and the preservation of our freedom, is to be realized.  America has saved the world before from its own folly and its own evil and we can do it again ….. because, ladies and gentlemen, we are, after all, Americans!


Ron Ewart, President


P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027

425 837-5365 or 1 800 682-7848



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  1. I have just finished reading three books dealing with the fall of Argentina. The first was written by an architect who lived through the “crisis” and still lives in Argentina. The second book was written by an officer in the IMF who was a principle in lending Argentina money. The last book was written by an investigative journalist who writes on economics. Argentina set the worlds record for fiscal default when it failed in 2001, having been in the top ten economies of developed countries .

    The parallels to what we are doing in America and what Argentina did in the 20th century are uncanny. The graft, greed, corruption and fiscal irresponsibility are both uncanny and scary. Why do we not learn from history? And history, if we look at it, will tell us the future. The repetitive demands on Argentina were to get its fiscal house in order. They never did and . . . .

    For those who like more recent history, Greece would be a good place to look. Greece has borrowed more money creating a debt they can no longer service, as did Argentina and as we have done in America. Greece could be the first domino. America, probably not, due in great part to inertia, we have further to fall, it will take us longer. But fall, we will. There must be a fiscal reform, not just talk of it.

    Who now thinks that survivalists who put up a months supply of food for when the SHTF were kooks? Some pretty level thinkers advocate more than 30 days of food and stock piling of other essentials using a mantra of “beans, bullets, and bullion”.