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by a Reader

Have judges in America as a whole become corrupted beyond redemption?

(Nov. 5, 2011) — We all know that corruption starts small and local. As the corruption continues, and perpetrators profit, corruption grows. It begins climbing the ladder of power, until it consumes everything in its path with its corruption.

That is our government. Its own corruption started small and local, and it grew, until even those you hoped would honor their Oath of Office after the 2008 “shellacking” were all wound up in the corruption and refused to honor their own Oath, or rule against the corruption.  So, where does it begin, and how on Earth do we kill the roots? Starve the beast? Destroy the entire set-up of EVIL that has engulfed America and has set about to destroy her?

I think I know the answer, and it is as “local” as it can get. Corruption must feed itself to grow. The mightiest food source I am currently aware of already has every American in its sight, and soon, because there is no escaping death, in its grip. In order to have a better sense of understanding about how corruption is being fed by everyday, ordinary citizens, you must familiarize yourself with how your money is removed from you. As I said, everybody dies. The best place I have found to explain how the corruption continues to feed itself is here:


This is how EVIL feeds itself, and the very place where everyday citizens lose control to stop it. Many of you may have already experienced the EVIL at this level without ever knowing that you were caught up in such a tangle of lawlessness that even the very attorneys you may have hired to help you were probably part of the entire cabal devised to rob and destroy you. There are some reputable attorneys left to “fight-the-good-fight.” but they are becoming increasingly scarce, and even harder to come by, as word gets out to those who need them.

Let me tell you, this EVIL can and does commit “court-sanctioned murder,” probably on a daily basis, and those with the most to lose are the ripest targets. Do NOT dare to try to fight them. Under the system, those who protest and try to fight are quickly subjected to discredit and legal remedies available to the perpetrators to cause the silencing of the opposition.

Every American family will one day have to deal with probate. Those who are unaware are the easiest prey. Those who think this can and will never happen to them are its easiest targets. And for anyone who thinks this EVIL will only be visited after death occurs…………WHOA! Are you in for a VERY rude awakening! Living people with assets ripe for the taking are subjected to these perpetrators long before death. Ask the family of our beloved “Columbo,” Peter Falk.

PLEASE, pay attention to Mr. Tate’s information. He makes it abundantly clear that this illegal operation is worth more than America’s GDP and debt COMBINED! The money is gained at the grassroots level. Where do you suppose those funds go? Just to the small number who are working in the probate system? I say, “Follow the Money.” This is the perfect explanation for “trickle-up” corruption. Most other “EVIL enterprises” are limited in their funding, but probate is an UNLIMITED pool of resources to those who have taken control and rule from the bench to pilfer the estates of our families.

This is an American tragedy. No American is safe. No family will escape its tentacles. At some point, anyone who has not yet dealt with this cabal WILL! (No pun intended). Every politician from the grassroots level up KNOWS! Do you ever hear it spoken? Do you ever see anyone taking it on? Do you actually believe for one second that elected officials are going to try to stop this corruption which has its roots at the very beginning of their journey through the political system? Hardly. Far better for each and every one of us to become aware, to sign on to the fight to expose the perpetrators, and to work in our communities to end this disgrace.

GOD Bless.

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  1. “Have judges in America as a whole become corrupted beyond redemption?” Fraud examination statistics show that about 30% of our people are hopelessly corrupt, about 40% are situationally corruptible, and about 30% are steadfastly honest. What does that tell us?

    About 70% of our people can and will commit fraud and other crimes against the people if given the opportunity. In the old days we had corruption also, but it was throttled and controlled to a certain extent by religious beliefs. With the gradual destruction of our religious beliefs, a cultural attack led largely by the progressives, we have lost the religious controls as a crime prevention tool. Today we must place legal and operational controls on our public servants, and hope they work. We must make it difficult for the criminally inclined and the situationally corruptible to be successful.

    We have to let the 30% honest people retake control of our government functions, and then support their efforts to provide an honest government for us. We have to get involved in the governing process.