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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

The Shroud of Turin contains the face of a man who some people believe is Jesus Christ

(Nov. 4, 2011) — Because of the bizarre compulsions of Islamic Law, Americans have difficulty in comprehending how unadaptive it is with values that are an integral part of our Judeo-Christian culture. Since the first wood carving, or the molding of a clay model, perhaps by a child on a river bank in the Rift Valley, East Africa, humans having been molding and chiseling for many thousands of years, mostly of other humans, but animals and mythical figures as well, like the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen..

Paintings have been around at least seventeen-thousands years, as depicted in the caves in Lascaux, France. Paintings of humans have been respected and cherished by Western Civilization, so much so that specific buildings have been constructed to showcase some real talent expressed by the likes of Raphael, da Vinci, Michelangelo, Stuart, Van Gogh, Red Skelton and his clowns, and the list goes all the way back in time, on every continent.. The likeness of a human on the Shroud of Turin is yet another admired and reverent artifact.

Humans have an intrinsic need to individually express themselves, and for proof all you got to do is view the graduation ceremonies from boot camp of any of our services: you’ll see an infinite variation of how to wear the same hat. Once a teenager gets a hold of his first car and starts to “individualize” it, the aftermarket venders will make a beeline to the nearest bank. In Western Civilization, there are no impediments to expression: we have novels, films, singers, dancers, music, sculptures, painters, fashion designers, decorators, landscape artists, and the list is only limited by the constraints of the imagination.

Liberty allows us citizens to travel when and where we wish; allows you to be a songwriter or a singer; allows you to design your own little world with a miniature train set or to take to the skies in your (real) P-51 Mustang or your remote controlled one. Hobbies play an important role in the West. My neighbor is a member of the church choir, his wife quilts. What we do in our leisure time, whether for intellectual freedom or money, or both, is how we express ourselves. I read; my wife loves the piano.

In today’s world, in the Year of Our Lord, 2011, there is a Totalitarian system of government that is spreading as an octopus, reaching its tentacles over Europe and across the Atlantic, for the stated and express purpose to enslave us all by what is known as Sharia Law, which means respect Islam, which really means welcome to the Dark Ages, Ye all that enter relinquish Liberty and freedom of expression forever. Goodbye, Civil Rights. Goodbye, Equality.

Once Sharia takes hold, artifacts of the past have no relevance: anytime prior to Mohammed is what is considered “No Time;” in other words, it doesn’t count, as far as human history is concerned (archeologists and anthropologists, take note).

Music, and musical instruments, will be silenced. Sculptures and paintings depicting humans will be destroyed, as were the Buddhist statues dynamited by the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001. Venus de Milo turned to dust; Mona Lisa burnt. Our whole civilized human history destroyed by a band of hate filled ignorant psychopaths, and Americans, even to this day, fail to comprehend why Islam and the United States Constitution cannot coexist.

We elected a Muslim as the de facto President who, in turn, has opened the gates to the greatest threat that Western Civilization has ever known. We have the knowledge and the ability to correct the problem. We must take charge of America: keep Obama off the ballot and deport each and every Muslim.


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  1. ‘Humans have an intrinsic need to individually express themselves’
    Yes, they do, but they can express themselves in their country of origin, not here. This
    is America, where Americans are (should be) free to express themselves.
    Citizens of this country are being stifled more and more by these people of other countries. (Trying to be polite, I have much stronger words to express my feelings)
    It’s time for all this BS to stop, and America to go back to being for Americans, or we won’t have a country left. The time is near..