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Why does a private banking firm control America's money and economy?

(Oct. 29, 2011) — At some point, at some place, at some time, someone said “The heck with it (take your pick),” “You can’t see it from my house,” or, “What difference does it make?” or, “Close enough for government work,” or, “Who cares?” And they got away with it. Well, not really. Maybe they personally dodged the blame, but we’re all paying the price for taking the easy way out. It was bound to catch up with us at some point, and 2008 was the year that the citizens of the United States received their just deserts for complacency, for giving in, for pretending to be magnanimous when, in reality, we ignored my father’s advice, and his father’s: “If you’re going to do a job, do it right.”

You and I are going to fix the problem. First of all, there’s the 99% of us who don’t even know that there’s a problem, but after they read this, we’ll all be on the same page. Back in 1913, a bunch of cats with money came up with scheme that was so ridiculous that it didn’t even bother consideration, unless, that is, you were on the receiving end of the kickback, which is a payment for “thanks for helping,” and so the Federal Reserve Bank was born and, very basically, has done nothing to earn the vast amounts that it has collected from the American taxpayer, except fooled the foolish and pay off the corrupt. If you ever wondered why our Congressmen’s health care and retirement plans are so outrageous, they’re all part of the scheme; they keep the Federal Reserve Bank in power and they, in turn, reap the wind.

But in order to keep the Federal Reserve Bank (aka “The Politicians’ Bank”) in power, you have to have a voting public that has been, through the years since 1913, made, shall I say, “less aware”? Or, to be perfectly honest, “dumbed down,” so when the renewal for the Fed’s charter comes up in December of 2013, it’ll be renewed with nary a whimper from the very people who should really make their voices heard to keep their money. Affirmative Action is playing a major role in the Fed’s plans: rather than graduating smarter students, and raising standards from year to year, what we’ve been doing is graduating less knowledgeable students and lowering standards. I ask you, how does a less educated workforce benefit America? Well, obviously, it doesn’t, but that’s the point of the Teachers’ Union, the NAACP, and other so-called well-meaning groups:  they have been duped to believe they’re doing justice when, in fact, they’re doing the most cruel injustice: denying our children a proper public education. For shame, I say, for shame. No excuse, using children as a political tool so they become “don’t have a clue” adults, which is why the Federal Reserve Bank wants a stupid voting public, and they got it, didn’t they? Our dumbed-down, without-a-clue fellow citizens voted for Obama who will, no doubt about it, support the renewal of the Fed’s charter. Quote me.

Read any book or take any class in accounting, business, finance and/or the theory of monetary exchange, and you’ll learn that the Federal Reserve has been nothing more than an elaborate ring of thieves who reap enormous profit by manipulating OUR money, and I say it’s got to stop. I said that you and I are going to fix the problem, and we will. We can win control of our monetary future, you and I, by not renewing the Federal Reserve Bank’s charter in 2013; it’s that simple. We can do this. Let our legacy for future generations be that we saved America’s financial future by restoring the power of the people in charge of our own money. We need a President who will abolish the Federal Reserve Bank. We can do this.


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  1. Interested readers are directed to the book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, an expose and history of the Fed Reserve which lays bare all the of the skeletons in the closet. I do not always agree with Ron Paul, but concerning the Fed, he is on-target about the need to audit and if necessary, abolish it. We cannot restore our national prosperity without gaining control of our financial system, banks and currency, and restoring them to sound footing, pref. a dollar backed by gold or silver or something similar. Fiat money, which is what the Fed issues, is the pathway to destruction.

  2. Dear Mairi says,
    Once again, I’m afraid, reality will raise its ugly head and not grant your reasonable wish/request that the Fed be zapped from ever stealing our money ever again.
    Think of the Fed as the Wizzard of Oz, all powerful. Do you hear any Presidential
    hopefuls badmouthing the Fed? Well, all of them should, and everyone in Congress
    and every citizen of this country should say “No more!”, just as you do.
    We got these idiots OWS who don’t even know what the heck their doing, too bad they don’t have a brain among them, huh? Had they any sense they’d be sitting in front of the Federal Reserve Bank on 33 Librty Street in NYC.
    I’m glad you commented.

  3. We need to seize the assets of the Federal Reserve NOW! Hold everyone, INCLUDING Herman Cain, and ALL others who have been partners to this assault on America responsible, and begin seizing ALL of their assets to try to recapture some of the American wealth they have stolen.
    Just by shutting down the FED NOW, we dump 16Trillion of our debt! I HOPE everyone reading here is aware that JP Morgan and Bank of America have joined forces to foist over 79 TRILLION in foreign debt onto the backs of Americans through the U.S Treasury and the F.D.I.C.?
    Sorry, OPOVV, but this time you’re flat out WRONG! I’m NOT willing to wait till 2013!
    (Love ya, Buddy!)