Chris Christie – or the Dream Team


by Nicholas Purpura, blogging at Conservative News and Views

Nicholas Purpura is a plaintiff in the Purpura v. Sebelius lawsuit, which challenges the health care bill and Obama's eligibility

(Oct. 28, 2011) —In my previous article (Is Gov. Christie A Trojan Horse?) I suggested that Governor Rick Perry (R-TX), on his visit to New Jersey, whispered in Christie’s ear about his becoming VP. Thereafter, the Republican cheerleaders touted Christie’s name as the perfect candidate for President. Strategy and timing is everything. Chris Christie played out his part, crying “I’m not ready, well for now, that is for President.” But Vice-President does bring a tingle of excitement, doesn’t it? (And every promise he made about staying in New Jersey to “finish the job” will be out the window.) What better training for a future Presidential candidate.  God help us!

New Jersey may have a Republican Governor, but make no mistake, the Democrats are in charge, and run Trenton. Chris Christie was a lame duck from day one, and he knew it. The Governorship in New Jersey is a stopover for Blunderbuss on the move to national public office. That office could be VP or Attorney General. God help us if he’s ever appointed Attorney General. Goodbye to the Second Amendment!

Chris Christie is not conservative

Before the establishment sells you on Blunderbuss being a conservative, beware! Or as Thomas Jefferson might have said, look at the facts. He shot blanks concerning the illegal redistricting map that violates the statutes, and thus assured that Democrats would keep control of the legislature. He let a liberal Democrat Attorney General appointed by Corzine stay in office. He accepts a liberal judiciary legislating from the bench. He has supported the who’s who of liberal New Jersey. He has failed to campaign publicly for conservative candidates. Shall I go on? Why not; one more.

Chris Christie as United States Attorney. Photo: US Department of Justice

Remember when free speech was a constitutional right? Well Blunderbuss on CNN expressed his view that “homosexuality” is not a sin. I have no problem with his belief, but I certainly have a problem with what he said next. Chris Christie actually said, publicly, that he found it “disturbing” that New Jersey high school special education teacher Viki Knox posted on her Facebook that she believed homosexuality was a sin and described it as perverted. Since when is free speech “disturbing”? Should Americans accept only progressive opinions? America doesn’t need any more PC advocates in any public office. We need constitutionalists!

And, if any across the fruited plains believes Chris Christie cut the budget in New Jersey, someone is blowing smoke where the sun doesn’t shine. Did you also know Blunderbuss is another wacko environmentalist? He uses taxpayer monies for windmills. God forbid that he support nuclear, drilling or gas exploration. Why drill when you can watch his windmill turn in the breeze? Would you believe this guy has pawned himself off as a conservative, following his endorsement of flip flop Romney, while becoming the frontrunner for the slot of VP. Hmm. Oh, did I forget to mention his take on illegal aliens? Oh he has no take. Never mind the cost to the taxpayers of New Jersey. Why, we hold the record on the highest taxes in the country. That makes him no better than Romney.

The good ole’ boy establishment, not wanting to lose momentum, are hedging their bet. They are playing up the “Trojan Horse” Chris Christie for VP. Perry and Romney are both the same to the good ole’ boy, large government, taxes and bureaucracies establishment.

Chris Christie for Vice-President?

I haven’t enough print space to go into pretty boy, flip flop Romney in this article. But I will in coming articles. Beware the establishment elite’s arrogance as they orchestrate and manipulate who will be on the ticket. They believe the rank and file sheep have no choice but to follow, even to accepting two RINOs, Romney and Christie. They’re betting most Americans won’t accept another term with Obama in office, and therefore Americans have no other choice but to accept their choice. Like the Marxists Democrats they still haven’t learned that the status quo is no longer acceptable. There is an alternative.

The Dream Team

Herman Cain addresses the Tea Party Summit in Phoenix, AZ. Photo: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic License

At this time only one ticket makes sense and would serve the American people. The American public can look upon these two exceptional men with respect. They show what a free and capitalist society can offer. And their names? Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich.

  1. Herman Cain as president brings to a ticket understanding and real business experience exemplifying the American dream.
  2. The second half of the ticket, Newt Gingrich, brings legislative knowledge needed to leverage legislation. Along with a keen knowledge of history, Mr. Gingrich knows that history often repeats itself, when people ignore the errors of the past, including his own.

The pundits will tell you, “Herman Cain lacks governmental experience.” And what does that have to do with the price of rice? Did Obama have experience? Did most of the 535-reprobates in Congress who brought the United States to the dire straits we are now in? These self-serving goons have brought the most productive nation in the world to ruin. Venezuela, where Progressives crashed its free-market system, is where we’re headed. Or maybe Argentina, a country that once rivaled the United States in the 1900s but is now a failed socialist state.

Common sense tells you these are the most inept bunch ever to represent the American people in history. Mr. Gingrich knows the ins and outs of the legislature. Mr. Cain’s knowledge of business from the ground floor up would be a breath of fresh air prayerfully keeping these idiots in line.

Yes, I know: Gingrich has some baggage. Can you name anyone who doesn’t? In any event, can anyone suggest that Gingrich would not surely abide by the Constitution? Does anyone believe Mr. Gingrich would put up with all this political correctness that has aided and abetted the changing the landscape of the United States, and relegated us to a third world nation. I think not.

Some Good Cabinet picks

Ron Paul speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference, February, 2010. Photo: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic License

Also on the stage, attempting to garner the nomination, is Ron Paul. Would not such a knowledgeable man make a great Secretary of the Treasury? Herman, are you listening?

There are so many Americans that should head key positions. To irk the establishment even more, why not name Momma Grizzly Palin as Secretary of Interior? Yeah, you got it: drill, baby, drill, become energy independent and an exporter of oil, gas, shale, and coal. What deficit? America will again see a surplus. We have more reserves that all the camel jockeys combined, and a knowledgeable work force to deliver it! You want employment, you’re looking at no less than 12-15-million jobs, almost immediately. Herman are you listening.

America needs change, not the socialism, communism, fascism, but more “Patriotism”. No longer can we accept the changes America has experienced since Roosevelt, Johnson, the Bush[s], Clinton and now with the current Marxist holding office.

2 Responses to "Chris Christie – or the Dream Team"

  1. "Zeb"   Friday, October 28, 2011 at 3:43 PM

    Newty’s baggage according to Devvy Kidd:
    Most troubling is Gingrich’s ties to the CFR.

  2. 2discern   Friday, October 28, 2011 at 3:05 PM

    Interesting comments to ponder. However, none of mentioned candidates will address the 800lb. gorilla in the room, the illegal putative POTUS barry soetero.

    The candidate that attacks that crime against “we the people” will win. The Slap-insky method works both ways. Facts with force will beat a name calling insult any day. It’s like a plumber playing cards “a flush beats a full house”.


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