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by Cheryl Denise Simmons, M.B.A.

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III has uncovered endemic corruption within the Tenth Judicial District in Tennessee, but no one in law enforcement throughout the state has taken action. Fitzpatrick is currently being held unconstitutionally in solitary confinement by the Monroe County Sheriff's Department.

(Oct. 13, 2011) — Make no mistake about it; our beloved country is at war within. Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT a war between left and right, Democrat and Republican, conservative and liberal. Rather it is a war decisively making you choose between slavery and freedom. The issues are AMERICAN issues, not POLITICAL issues. This war does not care what color your skin is or how much money you make. Do not be fooled. The choice is evil slavery or righteous freedom.

On one side we have criminally corrupt usurpers of the Constitution and those complicit with the crumbling of the United States of America into a Sociamarxommunist Regime looking to assimilate us into a global tyrannical rule. This side will continue to strip us of our rights, liberties, and resources. This side perverts the Constitution through deception, spinning a web of entrapment by inciting race, class, and religious wars among the American people. This side vilifies men, exploits women and children, and demonizes our military and law enforcement of all stripes.  This side twists history and exploits heroic icons to stir our emotions, all the while promoting victimization, hatred and division among us. These people sport big, bloated government as the tool with which to control us.  Here we will find economic destruction, the indoctrination and dumbing-down of We the People to include our children. They must make us dependent upon them for everything while taxing the life out of us to pay for our own imprisonment while invoking redistribution of wealth and automatic guilt without due process or fair trial. Everyone is exactly the same, collectivism over individuality. Their ultimate goal… to divide America into black, white, and brown now, generating slavery for ALL through violent revolution and dependence.

On the other side we have those who uphold the US Constitution as the law of the land, embracing the rule of natural law under God, seeking to restore our freedom- enriched Republic in our forefathers’ vision. This side wholeheartedly believes in American exceptionalism and wants us to be successful, amassing wealth and resources while providing a plethora of opportunity for all Americans. This side wants us to be educated, resourceful, and self-sufficient with the free will to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness on OUR terms. This side honors men and women alike, appreciates our military and law enforcement of all stripes, where we are empowered to decide for ourselves what life will look like. Here we will find a smaller constitutional government where we get to keep the majority of what we create. We the people have the power and are innocent until proven guilty through due process and fair trial. We get to make our own individual choices rather than being forced to accept what a small group of others decide for us, where the American dream and our individual dreams are alive, well AND attainable. Our ultimate goal… to unite America into red, white, and blue now, generating freedom for ALL through peaceful protest and independence.

Are you for evil slavery or righteous freedom? Every American must choose. Which side are you on?

This war has already taken political prisoners, many of which are military personnel, honorable men tried and punished as criminals when the reality is they are oathkeeping heroes. One of them is LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick, III. Walt loves the USA and honors the oath he took so many years ago to protect, defend, and uphold the United States Constitution as the rule of law. Walt is an honorably retired high-ranking US Naval officer who took lawful action… REQUIRED action, under oath to protect and defend the Constitution and the United States of America. He chooses freedom and continues to fight for ours. Right now he is UNCONSTITUTIONALLY INCARCERATED in retaliation for honoring his oath and rooting out Tennessee Tenth Judicial District corruption. The treatment LCDR Walt Fitzpatrick has received is a hideous display of “elites” not giving a damn who they trample as long as their corruption is not unearthed too publicly. He is locked up and silenced after all these years of dedicated honorable service and continuing service to this great nation. LCDR Walt Fitzpatrick fights for your right to an impartial jury so that you will not be UNJUSTLY jailed as he has been. He has taken a courageous and honorable stand to PROTECT and DEFEND this country from the illegal infiltration which has taken place in the people’s White House. It is CLEAR LCDR Walt Fitzpatrick’s loyalties lie with the USA! Where do your loyalties lie, with the usurper and slavery or the USA and freedom? Upholding the US Constitution is the only way to keep freedom alive! Do not allow our freedom fighters to be trampled anymore! Stand with LCDR Walt Fitzpatrick. He has honored his duty in having your back; now show him that you also have his back in return.

Please watch this video, arm yourself with knowledge, and take the actions included on behalf of our fallen hero LCDR Walt Fitzpatrick http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a7d_1318292790 LEAVE NO OATHKEEPING HERO BEHIND! OOH RAH! (from a Marine’s Mama)

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  1. Walt is a larger than life hero, no question, but has not fallen. Walt is alive and well in solitary confinement in the Monroe County gulag and looks froward to testifying next Wednesday against the corrupt jurisprudence system in the TN 10th District and state. However Walt is prevented from communicating otherwise, so it is up to us to continue that part of the fight for him.
    The emphasis is changing from violations of the constitution, which are rampant, to plain racketeering. When writing to your congressmen and those in TN, stress the fact that what the corruption has now progressed to is racketeering, straight up. Point out how all this negative publicity has effected tourism and real estate. TN has regressed to the 1800’s in terms of kangaroo courts and good old boy politics.