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by Creg Maroney

The symbols of Liberty and Justice hold up the shield in the New York State Great Seal

(Oct. 13, 2011) — The following letter was sent to the New York State Board of Elections (NYSBOE) after many previous attempts to correct their statement that the constitutional requirement for president is “born a citizen” rather than “natural born Citizen.”

From:  Creg Maroney
Sent: Wed 10/12/11 7:51 PM

To: info@elections.state.ny.us (info@elections.state.ny.us); cpi@nyintegrity.org (cpi@nyintegrity.org); dutchesselections@co.dutchess.ny.us (dutchesselections@co.dutchess.ny.us); fknapp@co.dutchess.ny.us (fknapp@co.dutchess.ny.us); lpatricola@co.dutchess.ny.us (lpatricola@co.dutchess.ny.us); jconklin@elections.state.ny.us (jconklin@elections.state.ny.us); vperry@co.dutchess.ny.us (vperry@co.dutchess.ny.us); aforman@co.dutchess.ny.us (aforman@co.dutchess.ny.us); jpagones@co.dutchess.ny.us (jpagones@co.dutchess.ny.us); cdurland@co.dutchess.ny.us (cdurland@co.dutchess.ny.us); jshort@co.dutchess.ny.us (jshort@co.dutchess.ny.us); weisenbergh@assembly.state.ny.us (weisenbergh@assembly.state.ny.us); Governor.Cuomo@exec.ny.gov; MolinaroM@assembly.state.ny.us (MolinaroM@assembly.state.ny.us); Rep.Chris.Gibson@mail.house.gov (Rep.Chris.Gibson@mail.house.gov)
Cc: sheriff@co.dutchess.ny.us (sheriff@co.dutchess.ny.us); buffalo@ic.fbi.gov (buffalo@ic.fbi.gov); ny1@ic.fbi.gov (ny1@ic.fbi.gov); nyspmail@troopers.state.ny.us (nyspmail@troopers.state.ny.us)

October 12, 2011

To: Communications Director John Conklin, The NYS Board of Elections and The Dutchess County Board of Elections,

I have written you repeatedly since 2009 seeking a response as to why you have not provided accurate information to voters on your website regarding the qualifications for candidates for the Presidency of the United States. To date, you have not provided any reasoned response.

I have also written repeatedly since February 2011 questions regarding elections that have gone unanswered by the New York state board of elections and the Dutchess county board of elections to date. I will once again submit my election questions to those in charge of transparent far elections in the state and county I reside.

[[ Section 1401 of Title 8 of the United States Code defines “[c]itizens” of the United States at birth. ]]

1) Are those citizens defined in Section 1401 of Title 8 United States Code eligible for the Ballot and will be placed on the Ballot in New York State to run for The Presidency and Vice President of The United States?

2) Are those citizens defined in Section 1401 of Title 8 United States Code eligible for the candidacy on any Ballot in New York State [[ EXCEPT ]] for The Presidential and Vice President?

3) Can a child of two Illegal Aliens that is born in New York State run for the Presidency of the United States and will be placed on the Presidential Ballot in New York State since that child is ” born a citizen ” as written by John Conklin on the NYS Board of Elections website, even though Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of The United States Constitution shows a distinct difference between a citizen and a natural born Citizen?

4) ARTICLE 2 SECTION 1 CLAUSE 5: ” No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;…”

Is it true only a natural born [C]itizen is eligible and will be allowed on the ballot in New York State if he/she is running for the office of the United States Presidency at the present time since all the “citizens” at the time of the adoption of the Constitution are not alive?

5) Is it true that one of The United States Constitutional requirements to run for the office of The United States Presidency is a “natural born [C]itizen” and not “born a [c]itizen”?

6) Is it true that in basic grammar a lower case [c] in “citizen” and a upper case [C] in natural born Citizen have two entirely different meanings? Being election “officials,” why is there that basic grammar difference in the 14th Amendment U.S. Constitution/8 USC Section 1401 [c]itizen and the natural born [C]itizen requirement for U.S. President in Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of The U.S. Constitution?

7) What is an Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 “natural born [C]itizen” and why did the founding fathers put that specific requirement in The United States Constitution for one to be eligible for the Presidency of The United States?

8) Is it true that an Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 U.S. Constitution ” natural born Citizen ” is NOT the same as a 14TH Amendment U.S. Constitution/8 USC Section 1401 ” citizen.?”

This is to formally request that you immediately amend your website to accurately reflect Constitutional law regarding the eligibility requirements for someone to be able to be elected as President of the United States.

Your website currently states that to be eligible to be elected President, one must be “born a citizen”. The Constitutional requirement actually is that:

No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

Your website, therefore, is inaccurate and misleading. Because you have been informed of the Constitutional requirement, repeatedly, in the past, yet, you have not corrected the error, one can assume only that you intend to mislead the general public about this requirement.

This is official notification that you stand in violation of the Constitution of the United States of America, and potentially you stand in violation of various state and federal statutes regarding conspiracy, fraud, misrepresentation, and corruption, among others.

Therefore, to avoid further potential legal liability, you are strongly urged to take corrective action immediately to amend your website to accurately reflect Constitutional law.

I eagerly await your response.

Creg Maroney


Editor’s Note:  Mr. Maroney reported the following response to the above communication following its publication:

Dear Mr. Maroney,
Thank you for contacting the NYS Board of Elections concerning various elections questions.
Your inquiry has been referred to the Counsel’s Office for any reply.
Thank you for your interest in the NYS Board of Elections.
Sincerely yours,
John W Conklin
Director of Public Information
NYS Board of Elections
40 Steuben Street
Albany, NY 12207

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  1. It has seemed to me that elected officials and other government hirelings only respond to money, fear, and embarrassment. Unfortunately, Creg Maroney didn’t have any of these options to offer, so he was completely ignored.

    Our dilemma is that we are no longer a country based on Judeo/Christian morals, and our government reflects this fact. Without a moral government, representing a moral people, there will be tyranny and oppression.

    This story isn’t over yet. The problems seen by Creg Maroney will be exasperated and worsened before they get better. The government thinks it is in charge now, and until the people convince it otherwise, it will do what it wants to do, regardless of law and civility.

    The moral people in America have to realize the sociopaths in government don’t think like they do – the bureaucrats only respond to bribes and threats, just as is done in any communist and/or totalitarian regime.

  2. Greg Mahoney;
    This is a where you get the attention of a third party to do the bidding for you.
    The New York Board of Elections could care less who you are.
    However, you get the Chairman of some party other than liberal associated, and, you get the Party Chairman to write the same letter to the New York Board of Elections and see what happens at that point.
    A Secretary of State here in Florida, I will spare the Name for Privacy and only use the initials, Jim Smith, in the early 1990’s wrote a letter to all County Supervisor of Elections, which basically used untrue language. The Independent Party of Florida wrote a correcting letter back to the SOE of Florida as well as the County SOE’s who followed Jim Smith advice, and the problem was immediately corrected. You see, when you follow the pecking order, you subject the idiots in charge to criminal charges. They know that. (Incidentally, JS had already been replaced by the time this occurred). OOPS: I got those darn initials backwards.