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by John Sutherland, ©2011

The U.S. Constitution was created by representatives of the original 13 colonies

(Oct. 6, 2011) — Dear Governors all,

Unless there was massive voter and/or election fraud in your state elections, each and every one of you has been elected by your citizens to manage the executive branch of your state’s republic form of government to the best of your ability, and, according to the terms of your sworn oath of office, to defend and protect both your state constitution and the Constitution for the United States.

It is your oath of office and your commitment to your citizens that I want to address here.

People of your state are in the midst of witnessing the complete and utter destruction of our federal republic and several state governments at the hands of many dedicated progressive and Marxist enemies within our state and federal governments.  Although this is largely happening at the federal level, and is happening after many years of preparation by our country’s enemies that include the international bankers, the wealthy and powerful elite, and several foreign governments, by your silence, you are complicit with this destruction.

Be aware, aside from passage of the errant, and, some would argue, lawless Seventeenth Amendment, the states have never acceded to giving up any part of their sovereignty to the federal government. Certainly none of any state’s citizens have ever gone to their state government and said ‘We want to give up our state sovereignty to the federal government.’

In fact, in The Federalist No. 32 [Alexander Hamilton] – Concerning the General Power of Taxation (continued), we have this statement:

An entire consolidation of the States into one complete national sovereignty would imply an entire subordination of the parts;  and whatever powers might remain in them, would be altogether dependent on the general will. But as the plan of the convention aims only at a partial union or consolidation, the State governments would clearly retain all the rights of sovereignty which they before had, and which were not, by that act, exclusively delegated to the United States.

As you well know, every state is under intense pressure to survive and thrive in today’s intense ‘social fairness’ environment.  As you also know, every state which participates in promoting or supporting this progressive agenda of social fairness over constitutional law and order is doomed to failure.  Every state which has chosen to violate the founding principles of this country is suffering in direct proportion to its internal lawlessness.  Every state whose government is acceding its sovereign authority and its borders to illegal aliens and interlopers will fail as a sovereign state.

So, when a Marxist, and probably alien, usurper POTUS states publicly that he wants to ‘radically transform’ the United States, and his every action subsequent to his alleged election as POTUS follows through on this pledge to destroy our system of government, why do you stand by and watch?  Why do you, through your official capacity, do nothing to stop the wanton destruction of our sovereign states and our free republic?  Are you involved in the destruction?  Are you afraid of challenging the first mulatto POTUS?

Why  are you not looking out for the best interests of the legal citizens in your  state – the people for whom you are working and for whom you owe  allegiance?  Why are you not helping by  resuming control over the lawless and unconstitutional federal government that  the states themselves created in 1787?

Look,  I know these are tough times, but they don’t have to be this way, nor do they  have to stop us from practicing reason, logic, and common sense in protecting  and defending the sovereignty and self-sufficiency of our states.  I’m not a governor, nor would I ever be  elected as a governor, but I do have a few suggestions.

  1. If, indeed, the Federal Reserve Bank, i.e., the central bank, is the root of all financial evil as many  charge, why do you choose to use the Fed for your state banking?  There is nothing to prevent you from creating  your own state bank as North Dakota has done successfully, and simply assume  financial control over your own state’s economy.
  2. Remove the  unconstitutional state regulations and restrictions from your citizens and from businesses in your state.  Nothing supports success like the concept of individual freedom and liberty.  Why do you hold back your people and your businesses and not let them flourish in freedom?
  3. We are all quite aware  that the federal government is hopelessly corrupt and unlawful in its operations.  The congress is corrupt.  The executive branch now Marxists and is hopelessly corrupt.  The SCOTUS does not decide constitutionally on legal matters any more.  The states created the federal government – the states must make it perform legally, or replace it with a lawful federal government.  Maybe you can’t do this unilaterally, but certainly a combination of states have huge control over the federal government.  Just do it.  Do it for your people in your state.  Stop the federal madness.
  4.  Some states are showing  token resistance against the federal tyrants, but that isn’t enough.  The feds have to be stopped in their tracks.  The federal agencies that now rule state individuals and businesses are circumventing our laws.  Nullify their actions.  Tell the feds to go away and come back when they are lawful and constitutional.  Control the errant agencies – don’t stand down and let them run amok in
    our states.
  5. Force your state’s senators and representatives and courts to abide by your state’s laws.  Do the same with your towns and counties.  The criminal lawlessness and corruption in Monroe County, Tennessee against an honorable American veteran are shameless, and a pox on the whole state of Tennessee.  Don’t allow this kind of corruption to happen in your own state.

There are obviously many more suggestions that I or any other thinking person can make, but the message is clear – we are suffering as states and as a country because our laws are not being obeyed by members of our government.  The progressives and the communists have made  their point clearly – they can successfully penetrate and destroy our country, and they are doing just that.

Don’t let this happen.  Abide by your oath of office and become a lawful freedom fighter for your people.  Your time in office is limited – be  remembered as the governor who did the right thing for his/her people.

Remember, if the people’s elected representatives don’t solve problems within government, and the people try to solve the problems themselves, things will get resolved in a much messier fashion.  None of us want that.

Forget the party politics and the control wishes of your party leaders and the unelected power elite, and just Do The Right Thing For Your Citizens.  Obey our laws.  Enforce our laws on state and federal government agencies and individuals.   Lead from the front!

The people will do the rest.


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  1. Lucas D. Smith,

    Thanks for your comments. It would probably make more sense for the citizens of the various states to modify and personalize the letter and forward to their own governor. I am only represented by one governor, and the other 49 governors could legitimately tell me to take a hike. Not so with their own citizens… well, thinking about it, they could also tell their own citizens to take a hike, but that’s a different problem, and not very likely to happen.

    The really valuable thought process here is that the governors ARE powerful, and they CAN do something about the lawless and unconstitutional actions in the federal government. The fact that the governors are doing nothing about these crimes is appalling and unbelievably irresponsible to their own citizens.

    Each one of us needs to call our own state governments to task for not doing the job for which they were hired. Absent the threat of force, if necessary, from the state governments, the Marxists in power in Washington will continue to ignore all resistance and continue enslaving the American people to their ideological one world government.

  2. Lemzia,

    Regarding forwarding this document to others, you clearly have my permission and encouragement to do so. My FB account has a copy referenced, and you can forward via FB also.

    The message that the state governments are not serving their own people lawfully must get out and become widely understood by citizens everywhere. obama and the progressives will try to clutter the media with their bull crap, and to a large extent they are being successful. Distract and mislead is the preferred style of all frauds. Once they are discovered, they are defeated.

    Nothing helps beats a criminal like the exposure of his actions to the bright sunlight. This is something we-all can do with dogged persistence and religious ferocity.

    Do it. The Founders would approve.

  3. This is EXTREMELY well written. I wish there was a way to AUTO-Send to my Gov.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: You can print it using our printer-friendly icon and fax or mail it to your governor.