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by WTPOTUS, blogging at WTPOTUS, ©2011

(Oct. 6, 2011) — Ruh row…your nephew is not going to be happy about this!  Will a call to the White House help in this instance?  “Unclegate” and “Auntiegate” are just the beginning.  The “con” genes seem to run in this family.

George Obama, the son of Barack Obama Sr.’s third wife Jael, was a convicted robber in Kenya and spent time in prison.  He straightened himself out and now lives  close to the slums helping  troubled youth.    When located in 2008, George lived in an African hut on $12 a month.  His name was not listed on his half brother’s 2009 tax return for having received any charity monies.   He wrote (?)  a blockbuster hit in 2010 entitled Homeland: An Extraordinary Story of Hope and Survival that revealed his “remarkable”  life as a high school dropout,  a gangster in the hood, and his rise as a prison rights organizer.    From those troubled beginnings, he now works with gang youth in the Kenyan ghettos where he feels comfortable.

Perhaps those book sales allowed him to move into an apartment, or maybe his connection to Barack helped his financial condition.  (Writing books seems to be a genetic trait too.).   As an aside, the price for the hardcover has been drastically reduced and it is now $1.30 (shipping not included).  People, this is a savings of 95%!   Now you can see why it is a sellout!  If you are a collector of all things Obama…this book is for you.  We are talkin’ bargain basement prices.

Next we have Malik Abongo Obama aka Roy  (born March, 1958)  who set up a charitable U.S. foundation in his father’s name to raise money for himself and some undisclosed recipients.  For a few years,  he was unable to find anyone in the U.S. to assist him in  preparing the proper IRS forms for the Barack H. Obama Foundation.   During this time, his website fraudulently told  contributors that they were donating to a legitimate and legal tax deductible foundation.   There was a recent request for an IRS  investigation into the foundation, and Malik  was apparently  cleared of any wrong doing that included the charge of mail fraud.  The IRS was kind enough to not only prioritize  his request designating his  foundation as a charity, but they even made the  status retroactive for a couple years.  Oh, to be an alien with so many rights.

Malik is so fortunate  to have his “best man”  in the White House.   Oh, I was mistaken.  Malik was the best man in his half-brother Barack’s wedding, and not the other way around.   Then again, he was really fortunate to have his  half brother be tax cheat Timothy Geithner’s boss. You know him, he is the person in charge of the U.S. Treasury and the IRS.   Tim just might have overseen that foundation problem that Malik was having.  Malik and Timothy have somethings in common, both are accountants, and neither can tell you where your money is going.   It has also been reported that  the Geitner and Obama families have been friends for a long, long time, so we would expect that the IRS would give him a break.

Malik Abongo Obama

Yes, Malik, a confirmed Muslim, is lucky his brother is in the White House.  Because anyone else who has associations with Muslim radicals might be an immigration risk.   Speaking of immigration, do you suppose that Malik has a social security number too?   It doesn’t seem to matter to this family that only American citizens are issued social security numbers while aliens are issued ITIN numbers.  Malik’s half brother, Barry or Barack H. Obama, has a social security number that he shares with a guy named Harrison J. Bounel.   Aunt Polly Zeituni has her very own number.   Don’t you think it will be  interesting to see how many social security numbers Malik  has been assigned?  Will we have a “Bro-gate” shortly?  Stay tuned.

Let us concentrate on Unclegate.  Like his nephew, Barack,  Omar also has multiple names.  Omar Okech Onyango Obama and its variations along with a different surname, Dnyango. What is it with this family that they have multiple names also called ALIASes?

Again, unlike Barack, who has a multitude of social security numbers,  Omar only has TWO.    (Hey, we’re talking 39 social security numbers are linked to the unpresident!).    One belongs to him and the other belongs to a woman named Paula.  How strange is that?  Did Omar go to court to  get a name change to Paula?     We know Omar is an alien because it was reported that Omar was ordered deported a few years back in  1989 or 1992 depending upon which story is correct.  Instead he chose to stay in the U.S. even though he had no legal permission to do so.

Omar is also a working stiff and has returned to  his job at  Conti Liquors store after being released from jail for a DUI.   (Is he paid under the table or by the bottle?).  A news report said that his boss had no idea that Omar was related to the president and he didn’t know that Omar was here illegally.    He does now…and he still employed… a confirmed illegal?  Hello Boston!  Does anyone in law enforcement read the newspapers or their own arrest records?

Are there laws in Massachusetts for harboring a known immigration fugitive?  Is there a law that covers employers who hire an alien who can’t pass the government’s E-Verify system?  Did the owner of the liquor store ever verify his status?  He showed a social security card and that was good enough for him?   Does Omar have an accent?  What happens to someone who commits a felony by  using a social security number not assigned to him by the government even though the federal law doesn’t allow him to have one?  What if the scoundrel uses two different numbers?  How about the guy that uses 39 different numbers?   Aren’t identity theft and social security fraud both felonies?  Do they have a Sheriff Joe in Boston?

Let’s look at the proof of Omar’s fraudulent use of social security numbers.  These findings were discovered by the Obama Hustle.   We at WTPOTUS can vouch for the screen shots that you are about to see, as we watched the information as it was pulled up on Al’s database.   He provided the screenshots to Obama Release Your Records who put them up on Scribd. They can be downloaded and sent to your senator or representative or another official of your choice.  Not only are immigration laws in question, but social security fraud and identity theft are shown in the following documents.  Yeah, we know, those guys are wearing ear plugs and blinders!

The first document shows when Omar’s name is pulled up, that he has two different social security numbers. It also gives address locations and the dates that reports were confirmed for each address.   It also shows that  he has  two last names, Onyango and Dnyango.    Between December 2004 – June 2007, Uncle Omar,  the illegal alien,  was known to some as Obama Dnyango using a social security card that starts with 023-38-xxxx.    Does his name change coincide with another deportation notice?

Note that he started using the first  Massachusetts issued SS #027-38-xxxx  between  1964-66.   Another interesting address is 1760 Dorchester Avenue. We will look at that in a second.

Did you also see that his gender is classified as a U?  Gender unknown.   That sure makes it easy for Omar to disguise himself as Paula or sister Polly, now doesn’t it?   Oh sorry,  I haven’t mentioned Paula and his relationship to her yet.  The Polly story is saved for another day.

Here’s Paula! Amazingly, Obama Dnyango just happens to share a social security number with an unknown Paula.  Relationship unknown, but I’d be willing to bet Paula has no idea that Omar’s alias  is using or has used her social security number.  This might have been the time he was struggling with gender identification issues.  Most likely though, it is a felony case of Identity theft!  Now how do we know that he stole the number?  One big indicator is that Paula was still using the number as of July, 2011!  Believe it or not, Paula only has one number, but she is most likely an American citizen.

It is a real coincidence that these  unusual social security problems are  occurring within the same family.  I mean really,  what are the chances?  Now I wonder, did sneaky Omar tell his employer that he needed to change his social security number on his books or in his records? Did he make out an I-9 form and turn it into his boss?  What do you think it might say?  Personally, I am concerned about Omar’s lack of gender identification.  Think about it, would you want to be a U, a M or a F?    Count me in the F category!

Another interesting fact is that Omar was an corporate officer and designated as the Treasurer in a U.S.  (monkey) business, Wells Market Inc.  No, they didn’t sell monkeys.    Did Omar live where he worked?  The address given to the State of Massachusetts are one and the same, 1760 Dorchester Ave. Did they run some business out of his house?  How did an illegal alien get to be an officer in a US corporation?

Also note that the Dissolution of the Business occurred on May 31, 2007 and a month later Omar stopped using Paula’s social security number.  (See the above photo of information). When I attempted to get the case information from Massachusetts for the reason behind the dissolution, it was refused.  They only give out information for the previous 10 years.  I don’t know, but I think a case from 2007  requested in 2011 is only four years.  Yet it is hard to argue with a “programmed” computer.

As the evidence grows, the criminality and immorality of this family is also evident.  We could start with Granny Sarah who liked to have tea and crumpets with the Libya’s despotic leader, Ghadaffi.

Her step-son, Barack H. Obama Sr., was a liar as can be easily seen when he professed to having received his doctorate from Harvard when he didn’t complete the work.  He blatantly lied when he stated he only had one son, Roy, when his new son Barack was born a few weeks prior to his declaration as an alien.  We are sure that he just forgot the new baby when he made out the government forms!  He was a woman chaser and a known drunk.  His one habit came at the expense of another human  being, Adede Abiero, that he killed while driving his friend’s Fiat into another car.  His womanizing habit produced  multiple off-spring with multiple mothers, allegedly Barack Jr. is one of them, even though they share absolutely no common features.

There is George, the black sheep ex-con, still hanging out in the slums doing good.  Malik, Roy, Abongo or whoever he is this month is still busy siphoning off money from unsuspecting, duped US citizens who donate because of the Obama name.  Who wouldn’t want to help some poor Africans get some newly fabricated latrines?   He appreciates every penny received.  It gives him the wherewithall  to fly back and forth between continents.    Not having to account for monies received, donors won’t know where the Muslim radical  sympathizer is sending the cash.  No worries, it is now tax deductible.

Next we have two more liars and frauds and immigration fugitives  in Uncle Omar and Aunt Polly, who came into this country somehow and never left even though both were ordered deported by the government.  They picked up some social security cards wherever illegals do that, and took advantage of our country’s resources to which they weren’t and aren’t entitled.

Aunt Polly lives in US public housing, taking taxpayer monies to live, and had surgery on her knee that was most likely paid by taxpayers.   She arrogantly believes we are obligated to take care of her!  Omar has gone to school in the U.S. sponsored by some unknown, was ordered deported and chose to flout the law and stayed.     He has worked and his taxes have gone to some entity that owns the social security cards that he uses.   He nor she never took the opportunity in all those years of becoming or applying to become  U.S. Citizens, yet he and his sister want all the benefits.   Why should they apply when they get by the illegal way?   Omar is 67 now.  Is he receiving social security and medicare benefits from his use of a fraudulent social security card?

These are just a few of the broken branches on the Obama family tree.  But as we’ve seen these rotten apples don’t fall to far from the tree.  This is a family of cons, and sooner or later they are all going to have the name “con” listed next to their names, as in “CONVICT”.   Those  numbers following their names will be real identification numbers  with lots of zeroes to  signify their real status in society.  You can be sure they won’t be social security numbers.  At that time, George won’t be the lone convicted black sheep in the family any longer, but he’ll be able to tell them what to expect if they ever get to be an EX-CON.  Perhaps he wrote about it in his book.     A new bestseller might be coming from behind prison walls, The Cons are Us.

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  1. From Fox News website in a story titled “Washington Injects Another $120 Million Into Marriage, Fatherhood Programs Amid Skepticism” –

    “The Administration for Children and Families, (ACF), which is part of the Department of Health and Human Services, announced Monday that it was awarding $119.4 million in grants to 120 organizations — $59.9 million for 60 marriage programs and $59.3 million for 60 fatherhood programs. Among the recipients are religious organizations, state departments of family services and nonprofit groups.” (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/10/07/washington-injects-another-120-million-into-marriage-fatherhood-programs/?test=latestnews)

    Religious organizations and nonprofit groups. This is how organizations like OLTC, MCAN, and ACORN get payback for getting Obama elected. It’s all about the money and redistribution of wealth. Community Organizer organizations main goal is to elect politicians who will raise taxes, take that money from taxpayers, and give it to their members via government programs and government employment. People should earn their money, not use the heavy hand of government to steal it. Barack Obama is a classic example of a gangster using unions, psuedo-churches, and community organizers to gain the power to redistribute wealth otherwise known as stealing.

  2. I don’t remember where, but I recall that Barack and Michelle also used “U” as sex on some document….wondered at the time what that meant but no explanation. Why would anybody list their sex as “U”?

  3. These MCAN and OLTC community organizer organizations in Boston appear to be fronts that use tax-exempt churches, not for religious purposes, but to conduct liberal progressive political campaigns for the Democratic party. For instance, here is a quote from Lew Finfer, former director of OLTC:

    “I’m now 54. I hope I live long enough to see more substantial accomplishments by community organizations and unions at the national level and I can play some small part in such events. It certainly would be easier to not be facing a government whose President, Congress, and Supreme Court are all now controlled by the Republicans.” (http://www.mcan-oltc.org/docs/Finfer_paper.doc, 2004)

    These pseudo-religious organizations (MCAN, OLTC, ACORN) in cooperation with public-employee labor unions (AFSCME, SEIU) are Barack Obama’s foundation and they played a major role in getting him elected.

    Is it any wonder that Barack Obama’s illegal alien uncle gives the MCAN headquarters as his address?

    These pseudo-religious churches need to lose their tax-exempt status, since they are nothing more than fronts for the Democratic party. In addition, their illegal alien members, BHO included, that use stolen social security numbers and stolen identities need to be deported.

  4. Omar Okech Onyango Obama’s address of 1760 Dorchester Ave., Boston, MA, according to maps.google.com, is Maria’s Market, which is across the street from Massachusetts Communities Action Network (MCAN). Let’s see, who else do we know is a “community organizer?” Hmmm.

    From MCAN’s website (www.mcan-oltc.org) we have this:

    “MCAN-OLTC is affiliated with the PICO National Network of community organizations. Go to http://www.piconetwork.org for more information about PICO.”

    This “community organization” has some interesting quotes on their quote page (http://www.mcan-oltc.org/quotes.html):


    “So pharonic oppression, deliverance, Sinai, and Canaan are still with us, powerful memories shaping our perceptions of the political world….
    We still believe, or many of us do, what the Exodus first taught, or what it has commonly been taken to teach, about the meaning and possibility of politics and about its proper form:

    –first, that wherever you live, it is probably Egypt;
    –second, that there is a better, place, a world more attractive, a promised land;
    –and third, that “the way to the land is through the wilderness.” there is no way to get from here to there except by joining together and marching.”

    -from Exodus and Revolution by Michael Walzer

    “the only way to recapture the promise of the Civil Rights Movement is bite by bite through community organizing.”

    Blessed the agitator; whose touch makes the dead walk;
    Blessed the organizer; who discovers the strength of wounds;
    Blessed all fighters.
    There’s even a quote from Barack H. Obama.

    Hmmmmm. Makes one wonder. This sounds more like Black Liberation Theology and revolutionary socialist New World Order thinking to me.