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October 3, 2011

Why will the media say nothing about the many software experts who have stated unconditionally that this image does not represent a real birth certificate?

The following has been sent to the White House Correspondents Association, AP, Bloomberg, CBS News, The Chicago News Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, Fox News, National Public Radio, The New York Times, The Wall St. Journal, The Washington Post, The Seattle Times, and The Seattle PI.

I have two questions, not for the President, but for the White House Press Corps. 

1. Why is Barack Obama using a Social Security Number, issued out of Connecticut in 1977, when he was 15 years old and living in Hawaii? Keep in mind that if you are over 12 years old you have to apply for your SSN in person.

2. The President held a press conference on April 27th, 2011. He announced that he had requested a waiver from the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH), in order to obtain a photo copy of his original, long-form, Certificate of Live Birth instead of the computer generated Certification of Live Birth per Hawaii DOH policy. He gave the press a letter from his lawyer Judith Corley requesting the waiver and a letter from Hawaii DOH Director Loretta Fuddy granting the waiver. This waiver allowed the President to get a photo copy of his original birth certificate. But he did not post a photo copy on the White House website he posted a computer generated document. You don’t need a waiver from the Hawaii DOH to get a computer generated birth record and scanning a photo copy in to a computer does not turn it in to a computer generated document. So where is the photo copy of the President’s Certificate of Live Birth and why did he lie about posting it?

Press Challenge: Forget about whether or not the President will answer these questions. Can YOU answer them?

Linda Jordan,  Seattle WA  Contact: d.lizzy@comcast.net

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  1. The President of CNN claimed that his news organization did research and found out that all Hawai’ian long-form birth certificates from Obama’s era were destroyed.

    Hawai’ian governor Neil Abercrombie said he thoroughly investigated the issue and he could not find a long-form birth certificate for Obama.

    Obama claims his lawyer went to the Hawaii DOH and obtained his long-form birth certificate.

    Who’s lying? Why are they lying?

    Obama – Abercrombie – CNN (and the rest of the major media) – all liberal progressives. All criminals.

  2. Excellent Linda! There may be one journalist with integrity to follow up on your concise questions. I noticed George Lopez brought up the subject today regarding the birth record,quote, “why do we need to show one if Obama doesn’t”?

    The clever diversion continues to obscure the real issue of not being “natural born”, fraudulent SS# (as mentioned in the article), the time lapse to reveal the forged birth document on April 27th from the beginning of campaign spending mucho $$ in legal fees blocking any discovery. Along with that, incarcerating Lt.Col Lakin (boy will he be compensated when the final verdict is in, lost wages, restored military status, defamation suit, etc.)

    We need some legal answers to the monumental question, how to indict corrupt Supreme Court justices? We need to start at the top with counsel how to proceed into these uncharted waters our country faces namely, a complicit corrupt CONgress, a corrupt DoJ, a bought off Supreme Court and the lower appellate. The only power left is civilian grand jury (filing indictments to whom? another corrupt court?)or county Sheriffs. Movement of county Sheriffs would be expedient and more mobile in acting on behalf of crimes committed against “we the people”. Per capita the Sheriff jurisdiction must mobilize NOW.

    As you aptly apply sensible pressure to the Fourth Estate to at least address the questions with demanded factual response and Orly keeping her diligence judicially and every concerned citizen writing, calling, faxing the various authorities ONE unified message keeps drumming like a rock band. The message is “ILLEGAL BARRY SOETERO” fraudulent occupier of “the people’s White House”.