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by Ron Ewart, ©2011

(Oct. 2, 2011) — “Every revolution evaporates and leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy.” Franz Kafka, a culturally influential German-language novelist

Article I, Section 1 of the U. S. Constitution says that: “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.”

This means, without argument, that all law-making authority comes from the Congress, since “legislative powers” means the power to make law.

As America grew in scope and population, the Congress could no longer handle the day-to-day requirements of governing and law-making.  Consequently, they started passing on some of their law-making authority to agencies that were run by bureaucrats and these agencies became known as bureaucracies.

Bureaucracies were given the power to promulgate rules and these rules have the same force as legislative laws, accompanied by fines, penalties and even jail time if the rules are violated.

But like any political body with power and staffed by humans, these bureaucracies took on a life of their own and their power has risen exponentially over time.  Since most bureaucracies fall under the executive branch of government, the rising power of the bureaucracies increased the power of the executive branch and eroded the power of the legislative and judicial branches.   This is why you see Obama circumventing the Congress by issuing executive orders, or by issuing directives to his cabinet secretaries that control the bureaucracies.

This rising power of the executive branch has played havoc with the “Separation of Powers” doctrine as instituted by the Framers of the Constitution, where the three main branches of government were supposed to act to limit the power of any one branch.  With the advance of bureaucracies throughout all levels of government, the chief executive of any political jurisdiction, from the President, to the governors of the states, to county executives, to the mayors of cities, have all increased their power over the people by virtue of their authority over the bureaucracies.  The executive branch has taken on the trappings of a king.

But here is the rub.  Bureaucracies are staffed by people who come out of our liberal colleges.  Thus, the staff of the bureaucracies has a liberal mindset and promotes liberal policies, liberal philosophies and liberal agendas, and this liberal mindset falls under the authority of the Executive Branch of government.

Consequently, any rules that are promulgated by the bureaucracies and come before the legislative bodies for adoption, or adopted within the bureaucracy itself, will always have a liberal bias in them.  This results in an institutionalized liberal bias in all rule-making by bureaucracies and forces the people to live under liberal policies without any other positions being considered.  Liberals have essentially become a “Force Majeure” (superior force) throughout all levels of our government, not to mention the mainstream media.

From this we have very powerful bureaucracies like the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, the Department of Agriculture and many more.  They adopt rules without legislative authority and without a constitutional test, in direct violation of Article I, Section 1 of the U. S. Constitution.  Only actions by a legislature or a court can undo bureaucratic rules.

If Americans do not start rolling back the power of the predominantly liberal bureaucracies, America will morph into a country where every man, woman and child is a law-breaker and where a police state will rise to enforce all of the rules passed by the bureaucracies.  We’re at that stage now and there are incidents of a growing police state every day, all across the country.

Just recently federal agents from the Justice Department raided the Gibson Guitar Company in Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee over some trumped-up claim that they were using prohibited woods in their guitar manufacturing facilities, which the company emphatically denies.  What is of interest is that the Martin Guitar Company uses the same woods but they weren’t raided.  Some have alleged that the owner of the Martin Guitar Company is a heavy Democrat contributor.

When Obama nationalized the car companies, hundreds of dealers all across the country were closed by order of the Car Czar.  However, it appears that Democrat-supporting dealers faired much better than Republican-supporting dealers when it came to selecting which dealers would be closed.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) came down like a ton of bricks on an Idaho couple who bought a lot near a lake to build their home.  The couple obtained all the necessary building permits and started construction, when out of nowhere the EPA files a compliance order against them for filling in a wetland and forced them to not only stop work but to restore the site to its original condition and turn it into a park, at a huge cost to the couple.  They are fighting back and that case is now coming before the U. S. Supreme Court, thanks to the Pacific Legal Foundation.

On the East Coast, the Army Corps of Engineers filed federal charges of filling in a wetland against a man and his son, who obtained all the necessary permits to complete the filling, including permits from the Army Corps of Engineers.  In a 180-degree turnaround, the Corps took the man and his son to federal court and was successful in convicting them of a federal crime.  They were sentenced to 21 months in federal prison.  During the trial, the judge denied the right of the defendants to enter into evidence the permits they had obtained.

Los Angeles County has set up a “Nuisance Abatement Team” that is nothing more than a heavily-armed SWAT team.  They descend on rural landowners for purported land use code violations and pile out of their black, tinted-window SUV’s with guns drawn and haul terrified landowners to court, or to jail.

We could go on and on with stories just like these but the point has been made.

This is America?  No, this is a police state run by out-of-control bureaucracies.  “The Parallax Prophecies” predicts that if we don’t do something now to stop them and the politicians and special interest groups that aid and abet them, the police state grows with every passing day and, ladies and gentlemen, you “ain’t” seen nothing yet.  It only gets worse from here.

If you care about fighting back against the politicians and the draconian bureaucracies they support, you might consider arming yourself with our 20-documents-to-freedom, compiled together under our S-O-S Kit.  You can find the S-O-S Kit at: http://www.narlo.org/sos.html.

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