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September 29, 2011

Rep. Michele Bachmann is the founder of the Tea Party Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives

Dear Michele,

You can scream from the mountaintops that you are the Tea Party’s candidate, but the fact is, that would be a LIE on your part. You just don’t seem to be getting it.

If you want to move ahead in the polls, and WIN……there is only one way to do it. It’s very plain, and VERY simple. You MUST honor your Oath of Office.

Michele, I would like to think you are a “Firebrand”, but the fact of the matter is…..you’re a BIG FAT ZERO! You have REFUSED on numerous occasions to honor your Oath, and Tea Partiers are sick of the complicit tactics of EVERY member of the 111th and 112th Congresses.

Do you remember how the Donald rose like cream to the top? No one wanted to hear about his economic plans, or his experience, they wanted Barack’s ineligibility addressed. Americans are no longer fooled. Barack’s father was NEVER an American citizen, and even when a resolution was passed in Congress to certify John McCain eligible, the resolution stated CLEARLY that BOTH of his parents were U.S. citizens at the time of his birth. Michele, I don’t care if Barack was delivered in the Oval Office by JFK, he is NOT and NEVER can be eligible because of his British citizenship at birth. Barack has freely admitted he was British at birth. He cannot ever change his birth status, and therefore, can NEVER be eligible.

Americans want him indicted, tried, and punished for his HIGH crimes and treason against our Revered Constitution and all Americans, he, and EVERY SINGLE aider and abettor, Nancy Pelosi included. Eligibility aside, he has committed so many other crimes, SS fraud, Selective Service fraud, declaring war without the approval of Congress, legislating by Executive Order, and placing enemies within the highest positions of our government. Until you can actually understand and commit to the ideals of honoring your Oath of Office, and stand strong for our Constitution, you are and always will be TOTALLY INSIGNIFICANT! In fact, you risk being charged with the same crimes as Barack and all others who have refused to honor their Oath. You have had numerous opportunities to stand tall with the Tea Parties, and at each and every opportunity, you have refused to do the Constitutional thing and name Barack as the fraud and criminal he truly is. May GOD have mercy on you for keeping silent and allowing this to continue.

As long as you do maintain your silence and refuse to stand with Constitutionalists, you will continue to dwindle in the public eye. You are and always will remain just one more Congressional COWARD and traitor to the memory of every single American who has placed his/her life on the line to keep America free, including Walter Fitzpatrick III, and Terry Lakin.

Short of heeding the demand of Americans to rescue the Constitution from the grip of the criminals who are usurping the current putative administration, you will continue to be NOTHING! You have been warned……..I can only PRAY you will ACT!

GOD Bless,


The following letter was sent to Bachmann’s campaign staffer:

Dear Keith,

True to form, you have not addressed a single point I offered in my e-mail to Michele. How sad for all of you. Barack will NOT even be a “one-term” pResident. He is a criminal and a fraud, and Americans who still honor our Constitution, and many who still honor their Oath, (as Michele has FAILED to do) will NEVER allow this usurper’s actions to stand.

You see, Keith, people like Charles Kerchner, Walter Fitzpatrick III, and Terry Lakin understand the full scope of the Oath they took. They understand that doing the right thing is NOT always doing the easy thing. Michele has much to learn, and until she does, she will remain inconsequential. Not only will she and her term in office be nothing in history, but she may well be held as accountable as Barack, Biden, Pelosi, Reid and ALL of the members of the 111th and 112th Congresses, and the current members of SCOTUS for this treasonous action against Our Revered Constitution.

Regardless of the concocted CRS memo, and “marching orders” to ignore the situation, Americans are NOT going to let this tyranny stand. Back when true Constitutionalists were labelled “Birthers” to denigrate and stall them, few Americans knew or understood what was going on. But through the work of unrelenting Patriots like Mario Apuzzo, Charles Kerchner, Joseph Farah, Miss Tickly, Orly Taitz, Terry Lakin, Rev. James Manning, Amb. Alan Keyes and MANY others, the numbers who know of Barack’s criminal activities has not diminished, it has GROWN substantially!

With aid from ordinary people like Linda Jordan, working with the E-Verify program, and numerous private investigators, and graphics specialists like Douglas Voigt, and Mara Zebest, even MORE Americans now know the scope of the illegal activity being perpetrated against America from within our own White House by the band of criminals who are attempting to subjugate our Revered Constitution and are determined to toss it to the trash heap. NOT!

With or without Michele, Americans stand poised to remove the criminal element in D.C. That element may end up including Michele if she continues to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the evil cabal that calls itself “The Administration of Barack Obama”. As her campaign manager, you should be directing her to show America that the Constitution still stands as the law of this land, and that unless and until she makes a serious commitment to her Oath of Office, calls out Barack and company over their illegal activities, and demands justice for each and every American who has suffered at the hands of this putative POTUS, she will never be taken as a serious contender in the 2012 campaign cycle, or ever again.

The time to 2012 is short. Michele’s window of opportunity to present herself as a true American hero is even shorter. As her campaign manager, I HOPE you work quickly to set her campaign on the right track. Otherwise, I fear America’s best days may be behind us……..

GOD Bless,