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September 28, 2011

Will a county sheriff from the Heartland step forward to launch an investigation?

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent to an Iowa sheriff:

From: Neil Sankey
Sent: Wed 9/28/11 2:38 PM
To: lpulkrab@co.johnson.ia.us

Dear Sheriff,

So far, the collective record of American Law Enforcement is pretty abysmal. You guys are responsible for public safety, you have failed because of your ignorant, “holier than thou” attitude. This Country is fast going down the tubes, on YOUR watch, YOU are responsible . YOU are a FAILURE because of your misconception of your own importance..

Open your eyes, man, LOOK at what is taking place around you.

Let me explain some more.

I am an Investigator. I was twenty plus years in the British Police, I was a ranking Detective, Scotland Yard. I got to investigate the effects of the extreme Left on the Prison population. What we found was that the left, the Marxists, Maoists, Trotskyists, Communists etc, were actively indoctrinating the Career Criminal “fraternity” of groups like the Provisional IRA, knowing that their bombing and killings would get most of them imprisoned. The theory, which was amazingly effective, was that the imprisoned criminals, now fully indoctrinated and active subversives, could then work on the prison population to produce  a massive population of left/subversive activists who would turn on society and further spread their cancerous dogma, undermining the societal framework and providing a path to “Communist domination.”

Oh yes, for your information, we did NOT win the cold war, THEY changed tactics. CONFRONTATION became INFILTRATION.

It was called “Revolutionary Criminality.”

It was succeeding in Great Britain. It was blunted, to a degree, only because we “wised up” , “woke up”, fought, and defeated, the “Irish problem.”

I can tell you, from my own experience, that the entire “Irish” problem was fueled by the extremist left. They wanted a Marxist State in the center of Great Britain. They were already in our Schools, as teachers, hence the  “Storming of the Barricades” by International Students in May of 1968, when they over-ran and occupied Sorbonne University, in France, the leftist “liberation” had begun.

Cuba, Castro and his “personal executioner”,  “Che Guevara” were very active at this time.They hosted the Tricontinental Conference in 1966, attended by representatives from every terror group Globally,  then, with a few American Subversives, like Maoist, Mike Klonsky, SDS founder and Marxist, Carl Davidson, Tom Hayden and Bill Ayers assisted Castro in building the Terrorist training camps right under our noses. Yes, that’s what the “Venceremos” Camps really were. Terrorists from all over the world, every Terror Organization sent representatives to both teach and be taught in Cuban Terror camps.

WHY is all this relevant?, you may ask.

Because, dear Sheriff, Barrack Hussein OBAMA is a self professed, Saul Alinsky, Cloward & Piven, National Socialist – MARXIST.

Barack Obama SHARED Office space with Klonsky, and Ayers for several years at 115 South Sangamon Street, he was not a “mere acquaintance” he was a close friend and fellow “traveller.”

That is not supposition, it is FACT. Very PROVABLE FACT. (You have been sent just a small sample of the evidence).

A fact that the great American Law Enforcement has either concealed, ignored or dismissed in its usual “We know best” attitude. and look where we are now.

The Country is in ruins, and decaying fast.

Do you think that is because Mr. Obama is having some bad luck??

He knows EXACTLY what he is doing. Read Cloward & Piven “Strategy of a Manufactured Crisis” it will show you exactly what he is doing. You see, Marxists believe that they have to break and destroy everything, down to nothing, so that it can all be re-built in the Socialist style.

And, PLEASE, don’t get Socialism confused with the act of being social’ Socialism is the economics of MARXISM, purely and simply.

Now this is FACTS Sheriff, NOT ideology, NOT fantasy. I have watched this develop over forty years of my life.

Now, please re-read the material that you have received.

Your Oath was to protect the people, NOT the President.

Obama is not a legitimate President, he is clearly NOT eligible as his father was NEVER an American Citizen. He cannot qualify for President and can therefore be removed.

Please do so.

Citizen of the United States.