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by Sharon Rondeau

The U.S. Air Force was launched on September 18, 1947, having its roots in the United States Army Air Force

(Sep. 28, 2011) — On September 26, 2011, former U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Daryn J. Moran had announced in a video that he had decided to arrest Obama for being “a criminal and a known forger.”

The Post & Email had scheduled an interview with Moran prior to the release of the video and had no advance knowledge of it.

In the video, Moran stated, “This is a national issue down to everybody, everywhere” and referenced the most recent arrest of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, whom he stated “has been fighting by himself for three years against this illegal president.”

Moran tells the military in the video to “Stop hiding Obama.  Stop protecting him.  He is a criminal.”  He also referred to the lift of the ban on homosexuals in the military and directly addressed outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen, stating that homosexuality is a sin.  “If I sound angry, it’s because I am,” Moran said.  He added, “Call your Secret Service, coward…wimp…coward…You have no proof of who you are.”

He also accused Obama of “turning us into a Third World country.”  Moran contended that he should have been court-martialed for the stance he took against homosexuality, Obama’s policies and alleged forged birth certificate earlier this year while still in the U.S. Air Force, but he was honorably discharged instead.

Moran asks in the video, “Did he (Obama) go to Columbia?  Who are his fellow students?  Did he go to Harvard?”  Last week he distributed flyers to public officials in his community to raise awareness about Obama’s birth certificate being a “proven forgery” but stated in the video that none of them have taken action.  One official refused to take the flyer.

Moran had served four years in the U.S Marine Corps before serving most recently in the Air Force, which he joined following the 9/11 attacks, serving for nine years.  He had been interviewed on The Manning Report with Dr. James David Manning prior to his discharge from the Air Force.

Moran told The Post & Email that two Secret Service agents escorted by a county sheriff visited his home this morning at approximately 3:30 a.m.

MRS. RONDEAU:  What are your needs since your discharge from the Air Force?

MR. MORAN:  There’s not a lot of precedence involving my situation.  A number of people have called my phone and expressed support, and I know I’m not alone in my feelings about the country. But look at the people in the military who have had issues before.  There hasn’t been a lot of help for them other than that I know Mr. Lakin had the Terry Lakin Action Fund.

As it relates immediately, my wife and I are still in our home; we’re not going to be thrown out in the next 30 days or anything like that. For me personally, as far as a job, I’ve been involved in what’s going on here and working hard in Omaha and then this trip planned. So I’ve been tied up, and I’ve been concerned about how an application for a job would go over when I go in for an interview and I have to explain the whole story, and I might need to tell them things that they might not like.

I’m not sure how important it is to be a Christian anymore.  I don’t know if we’ve discussed the high-schooler in Texas who was suspended from school just because of his religion.  He thought homosexuality was wrong.

There’s always a lot more to it than just what we’ve said in a few words, but I don’t know what the future brings for the next three days as far as prospects go, or whether it will be three months or three years.  I wanted to focus on the things that I was doing while I could before I was absolutely forced to take any job that I could to be able to support my family.  I actually did ask an individual for some support, and I gave him a plan, and I’m talking about monthly financial support.  I haven’t gotten a response, but it’s been only a few days.  The expectation on my part is not extremely positive that it will be able to happen.  However, this is new information on what’s happened today as far as the data I described to you earlier about the visit in the middle of the night.

I have a personal responsibility to my family, but as a person and a citizen who was deeply involved from the separation from the military and as a citizen here in the state, we have only so many resources.  As far as the country itself, people who are involved in politics or who are concerned about some of the things going on in the country, there isn’t any reason why they can’t put their money together and support military people who have spoken out.  Mr. Lakin is one, and there’s me, and there are others.  I don’t see anything wrong with that.  I’m really hesitant to ask people because it just seems kind-of wrong, but if anybody was willing to help us, my wife and I would accept it.  But by the same token, people need to be clear about what I’m doing right now and what my mission is.

MRS. RONDEAU:  Are you at a point where there is no income at all coming in to your household?

MR. MORAN:  Yes, there has been no income since approximately August 18, when I was discharged from the military.

MRS. RONDEAU:  I believe your two biggest objections to staying in the military were the lifting of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the allegedly forged birth certificate of Obama?

MR. MORAN:  Yes, and that’s the same story that I told you before we started the recording:  that two Secret Service men came at 3:00 or 3:30 this morning.  They were escorted by a county sheriff.  Fortunately, this meeting was important because “this was the night,” you could say.  I hope your readers and listeners will understand that what it boils down to is the job that these two Secret Servicemen did.  Their job and full concern was the protection of the President of the United States.  I did allow them to take a photograph of me because I don’t mind anybody having my photograph.  That doesn’t bother me at all.  But they said their job is to protect the president, and that’s the only reason why they were here, because my video brought up the president by name, and in my video, I said I was going to DC to arrest him.

So I’ve had some time to think about it afterward, and even saying that you’re going to arrest somebody is partly a threat. Let me explain to you why they took the position that they took today.  The reason they came was to present to me the fact that “You’re not going to get anywhere near the president, and you’re not going to be able to arrest him.”  And of course I agreed with them that that was obviously most likely the case and that I was not going to be able to personally do it, but I still felt I needed to go do what I had to do. So that being said, the important point of this was that I did tell them what I’m going to do now.  We talked about the idea if it was 58,000 Americans or whatever else, and obviously, the president’s safety and security is their concern.  I don’t have a problem with his personal safety and security.  An arrest has nothing to do with somebody’s safety and security because you’re not harming anybody.  That’s an extremely important point.  So they understood that my video was specific and clear as far as non-violence.  I wasn’t going with a gun or a knife or a rope or any other kind of thing.  I’m not a terrorist.  I’m just an American that wants the law enforced and was concerned that laws were broken by him.

So what does that bring us up to?  What it brings us up to is what can come next in the future.  I said today was a “nice” visit.  My wife and I were discussing whether or not we should still take this trip.  In a way, they’ve already met me and told me, point-blank, “You’re not going to get anywhere near the president.” As I said, they have my face now and they can see me a million miles coming, and they’ll be prepared and ready, which is perfectly fine.  That is what we all expect of the Secret Service.

That being said, if I was to continue and make a plan or find support, due to the seriousness of what I’m involved in, the second time around, the visit might not be as “nice.” The news today specifically was that I was not a threat to take any more action than the visit that they paid to my house.  And this is important.  As I said, the gentlemen today came to my house and sat down at my kitchen table and were nice.  They were polite.  I was never threatened with any arrest or anything.  They just had some questions for me, and I told them I was there to help and answer their questions.  I was actually quite glad that they were there because that means that somebody was listening to my video.  That was the purpose of the video.

How the conversation went with the Secret Service is that they asked a few questions as to how I planned to bypass security – a few other security type of questions.  They came to understand that what I would do is if I could meet the president, I would walk up there and say, “I want him under arrest; he needs to wait with me until I can turn him over to law enforcement, and people are going to be able to judge him in a court of law.”  The American people and those who read your paper must understand that the arrest itself is not the ultimate goal.  Harming the president is also not the goal.  I can call him a coward and say he’s a criminal; those things are not physically threatening to the president. The goal is not just an arrest; the goal is to get him before a court of law and determine if he is a criminal, and if so, whether he can be tried.

I explained clearly to the Secret Service, “Look, millions of American people are on one side of this issue called the “birther” issue, and then you have the millions of Americans who are on the other side of it.  So we can talk for 75 years until we’re blue in the face.  That’s been proven by the last three years that Obama’s been in office, and I haven’t been truly involved with much about it until this past summer.  So that’s already been proven.  So the point is, the only way to settle it is in a court.  I made them understand that I expect and want Barack Obama to be brought to trial in a court.  That’s the ultimate goal.  It’s not to harm him or his family; it’s not to be a terrorist.  It is extremely important that people understand that, because in no way am I a terrorist or a threat to myself or to others.


Editor’s Notes:  A continuation of the interview with former Staff Sergeant Daryn Moran will be published in the near future.

The Post & Email opposes any type of violence or physical harm to any human being at any time.  Given the preponderance of evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is a poseur to the presidency and might be involved in serious crimes such as wire fraud, election fraud, forgery, social security fraud, and obstruction of justice, we would like to see a full criminal investigation launched by someone who takes his oath to the U.S. Constitution seriously.  If Obama is found to be innocent of the charges, then there is no issue.  If he is guilty, then he needs to be brought to justice, as any other American citizen, if he is one, would be.