A Citizenship Primer for the Common Man


by Adrien Nash, ©2011

According to this document, who can be President, or Chief?

(Sep. 22, 2011) — Citizenship is a fundamentally simple thing.  Individuals are a member of any  group or nation by either of two options.  These options can be stated in various ways.

Version 1.  One is either a member by natural law, or one is a member by human law.
Version 2.  One is either a member by right of inheritance, or one is a member by grant.
Version 3.  One is either a member by birth to members, or by permission of members.

Membership by permission can include automatic membership at birth if certain conditions are met.  Those who are members by permission, by law, fall into four categories, which are:

  1. Membership by naturalization (through the process of renouncing their previous foreign membership)
  2. Membership by transference, from naturalized parents to their children born abroad before naturalization.
  3. Membership at birth, granted to children born within the group’s territory to non-naturalized parents.
  4. Membership to children born to parents of mixed and various types, members and non-members alike, outside the territory.

There’s another category that seems like a fifth category but is not because membership is not by permission, but rather by right.  It is: Membership by birth for children born into the group by naturalized parents.  Their parents became members by law, but they themselves are members by right, by birth to those who are now officially also members.

Most individuals,  99%, are members by the principle of natural law, following the pattern of nature.  In nature it doesn’t matter where a creature is born.  What matters is to whom they are born.  Creatures reproduce their own kind.  Eagles produce eagles.  Their offspring are eagles by and at birth.  Similarly, members produce members.  Their offspring are members by and at birth. They are natural members.  All other members (1% or less) are not natural members.

Citizenship by Birth vs. Citizenship at Birth

All who are members by birth were also automatically members at birth, but not all who were members at birth were also members by birth since one or both of their parents were not members.  For membership to be conferred at birth, the conditions are simple:

Born within the group’s territory to parents who are subject to the authority that governs the group.  When applied to children born to outsiders, satisfying those conditions is taken to be evidence that the outsiders have chosen to join the group.  The group may therefore grant membership to their children, but not to them, unless they are purified of their membership in a previous group (a membership which their children never experienced) and swear loyalty to the group they wish to join.  After becoming members, any children born to them are natural members, but they themselves will never be natural members because they were not born to members.

Non-natural situations require membership to be by the permission of members, by human law, by decree.

The typical non-natural situation is birth to a father who is not a member but merely a visitor.  His offspring is not a natural member because the principles of natural law and right of inheritance are not applicable.  Therefore his offspring requires permission to be a member even if that permission begins automatically at birth through the rights of the mother.  (This was not always allowed, but became law in the 1920s when the citizenship of mothers was allowed to be passed to their children born of foreign fathers who were absent.)

Barack Obama did not inherit membership from both his mother and his father but instead was born in the non-natural-situation category, and therefore was not a natural member.  Rather, he was dependent on permission to be a member, even though that permission began at birth (that permission was via the 14th Amendment through his link to his mother, but not through his father since he was merely a visitor).

Such members are equal to all other members except in one regard.  No one who is not a natural member, but is a member solely by permission or decree, is permitted to ever be Chief.  No non-natural member is to ever wield the power and authority of the very top level of leadership.

“NO person, except a natural born Member, shall be eligible to the Office of the Chief” – See the Membership Constitution, Article II, Section 1, paragraph 5.