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by poisontolibs, ©2011, The Right Planet

(Sep. 19, 2011) — I recently have been writing about the Rights with which we are endowed by our Creator–the Unalienable Rights enumerated in the Declaration of Independence. In so doing, I have spent many hours considering how the other Rights the Constitution enumerates, as well as those enumerated by the Bill of Rights, interrelate.

For interrelate they do–dependent upon each other … the Rights specified and their attendant Obligations weave a beautiful tapestry of Freedom.

As in any tapestry, there exists the master cords. In this instance, they are the Unalienable Rights. These are the master Rights that together with their attendant Obligations serve as the pattern from which all of the other enumerated Rights depend. What is the Right to Free Speech but a refinement and explanation of a part of the Unalienable Right to Liberty? Or, the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms? Is it not a refinement and explanation of the woven-together Unalienable Rights to Life and to Liberty (and some would aver the Right to the Pursuit of Happiness)? So it goes with the remainder of the enumerated Rights in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

As I wrote in “The Pursuit of Happiness and Incurred Obligation“:

“One cannot experience this third enumerated Right without the existence of the previously enumerated two–Life and Liberty.  For without Life, there can be no Liberty or Pursuit of Happiness; without Liberty there cannot be a Pursuit of Happiness. Thus, the three are tied together for all eternity–recognized by man or not.[…]“

The interwoven nature of the remaining enumerated rights are similarly entwined–interdependent and inseparable. Also worthy of mentioning in any review of our Rights and Obligations is the validity test for any supposed Right: is it applicable to all equally and does the attendant Obligation apply to all equally? For if both are not applicable to all, but only a subset of the entire population, then it is not a valid Right; it is mere legislative social engineering.

Part of Liberty is the Freedom to Fail. Liberty gives us the Right to freely attempt any endeavor, bound only by the attendant Obligation to grant and respect that same Right in everyone else. There is no guarantee that you will succeed, nor should there be. There must, however, be an even playing field wherein all are guaranteed the Liberty to attempt to achieve their goal (the Pursuit of Happiness).

Sadly, the Cultural Marxists through the media and other propaganda efforts are disingenuously planting seeds of divisiveness and entitlement that pervert the original intent of the Founders and Framers to convince people that they are entitled to a guaranteed outcome … that they are somehow owed a specific standard of living, or advantage over another, because of some perceived victimhood.

These are invalid perceptions and beliefs.

Anyone who promises a guarantee is deceiving you, as there are only two guarantees in life: that God loves you and that you will die. Nothing else is promised. All else is earned through your own efforts.