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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Two U.S. embassies were bombed on August 7, 1998 in Tanzania and Kenya, respectively, believed to have been carried out by the group Egyptian Islamic Jihad.

(Sep. 18, 2011) — No, seriously, what will it take? We’ve been through the Marine barracks suicide bombing in Lebanon, the Lockerbie plane crash, the embassies in Africa blown to bits, the World Trade Center in 1993, planes flying into things in 2001, Fort Hood and so forth, yet Americans see nothing to be concerned about the Muslims amongst us as more and more arrive daily, some via planes, others sneaking over borders. Americans turn a blind eye to the fact that that our prison system is nothing more than Muslim recruitment centers and remain complete oblivious to the mortal danger that we are putting ourselves in.

From Michael Savage on the West Coast and James David Manning on the East, and from people like me in the middle of America, explaining, telling, cajoling fellow Americans to please pay attention, business isn’t business as usual, politics isn’t politics as usual, and the news isn’t the news as usual: America, in fact, is in the unusual condition of having our enemy in every facet of America, from the head of government, to the cashier at our local Target store.

Thus far, it hasn’t done any good pointing out that the dumbing-down of Americans has directly resulted in electing a Muslim president and of electing members of Congress who have turned their backs on the Constitution. Stating facts has been a complete waste of time: “Oh, he showed his birth certificate; it was posted on the web.” Some Obama supporter did post Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth on the web; the only trouble was that it was proven to be a fake. Too difficult? Well, then, how does one explain away the false Social Security number the clown in the White House is using? Can one explain Obama’s multiple aliases, addresses, and Social Security numbers?

But this Obama clown isn’t funny, not by a long shot. He has been backed by billions of dollars to make the United States Constitution nothing more than an asterisk in some future publication which some censor missed, because if the Muslims take over, our libraries will be decimated, our advancements in Civil Rights will be for naught, and all of the deaths to protect liberty and freedom will have been in vain.  But try telling that to the hostesses on The View, for instance.

There will be no prizes awarded to anyone who finally understands, after Sharia becomes the law of the land, that it will be too late to save our country. How many women will have to be “honor killed” before they all understand that wearing the hijab is not optional? How many fingernails will have to be pulled out by a pair of pliers before women stop using fingernail polish? How many members of NOW are just as in the dark as the majority of American Jews? How many? Thousands? Millions?

We plead: we offer facts, not opinion. It is not my opinion that Islam is our enemy.  It’s not my opinion that the Muslims in the United States are not here for the freedom to wear a miniskirt or go to a local microbrewery or to assimilate the American dream.  It’s not my opinion that the educational system in America is graduating people with LESS knowledge than ten, twenty, or even thirty years ago, and it’s not my opinion that the Main Stream Media do not report the news, but rather the garbage that the Obama regime wants you to believe. Facts are not opinion. So what will it take to convince people of the truth when they refuse to believe in Truth? To believe that Obama is nothing more than a cheap lie? What will it take? Yet another tall building rammed with innocents? Another Fort Hood? When we finally wake up and realize it’s too late, is that what it’ll take?


Update, September 19, 2011:  The following comment came in from a reader:

Dear One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet, I stand with you What is it going to take?  If we lose America have you considered where you are going to go, or are you going to roll over and play dead.  I want to be buried in the Mass Grave at Valley Forge, Chester County, PA with my 6th great grandfather that died during the 2nd Battle of Brandywine Revolutionary War June 1778 under the command of General George Washington, the 10th Virginia Regiment Company 7 Continental Army.  My 3rd great grandfather Capt. George Washington Brown of the 7th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Civil War that went on to be a State Representative. In short a direct blood line grandparent has served in every war defending my liberty and freedom.  I feel as if a few lazy bums just sold me down the river to a life of socialism and corruption. My first relative came to America in the year 1691, therefore I most assuredly am a Natural Born Citizen.