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by Dwight Kehoe, blogging at TPATH

(Sep. 15, 2011) — Obama has begun a web site that requests the people report on what is being said about him.  That’s kind of like Jesse James asking who knows which banks he’s robbed.

Here is the URL if you would like to turn yourself in.


When you sign on they first try to get money from you.  I have given you a link that allows you to go directly to the “SNITCH” page.

TPATH will turn in many people in the coming days.

Here are just a few  of the reports TPATH has filed.

Report 1
“It has been reported that Bill Ayers, a guy in the neighborhood, is responsible for Obama having to hide all his Social Security records.  It seems President Bush told Obama that Ayers could give him a safe Social Security number that couldn’t be traced.  It is imperative that the White House thought police look into this shadowy character, apparently this is not the first time this scoundrel has caused problems for Obama.  And while you are at it, you better look into that Ayers guy too.”

Report 2
“While minding my own business I came across a document, and it appears to be everywhere, that has been written buy a group of extreme radicals. In reading this vile work, it is evident that the authors wrote it in an effort to curtail Obama’s agenda.  Clearly this can’t be allowed to continue.  The next thing we know people may start thinking this thing is actually the law and could even have school children brainwashed by it.  I’m doing my duty, as citizen of Obama and reporting this document, the US Constitution.  Please help stamp this out before its too late for Obama.”

Report 3

” It is understood that the birth certificate Obama released on the White House web site last April is a forgery.  But it’s not Obama’s fault.  He was duped by a very scurrilous forger who most likely destroyed the real, legitimate, authentic, actual, official document, then snuck into the Oval Office, and placed this forgery on Obama’s desk.  It is also understood that this forger needed to wait a long time for Obama to remove his feet from the desk before he could set this horrible attack on Obama into motion. The White House “thought police” will have to keep this next piece of information secure until you have had a chance to verify it, but word is, George Bush is very proficient with Adobe.”

TPATH will be submitting more reports in the coming days.  It is hoped that any citizen aware of scoundrels trying to undo the great work of this President, would take the time to report them to the our leader.  Even if you have to turn yourself in, you know, in the long run, the People’s Republic of America will benefit.

TPATH  “Doing our duty at the request the People’s Leader”


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