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by Sharon Rondeau

The courthouse in Madisonville, TN posted a notice on September 9, 2011 mandating that no recording equipment could be brought into the courthouse

(Sep. 12, 2011) — A Monroe County court clerk has admitted that there is no valid appointing order for a person who has been signing indictments as foreman issued by the Monroe County Grand Jury.  Faye Tennyson’s signature appears on indictment documents issued against both Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III and George Raudenbush, both of whom have been convicted of crimes cited in the respective indictments.

If the foreman signing the indictments is illicit, are the indictments valid?  Have other indictments been signed by a person who has not actually been appointed or voted in to the position?

On January 5, 2011, Gary Pettway, who had been grand jury foreman for the last 20 years in Monroe County, was again seemingly appointed foreman, but a local newspaper had reported on January 31, 2011 that Pettway had been replaced by a “Faye Tennyson.”

However, the appointing order signed by Judge Amy Reedy misspells Tennyson’s first name and appears to conflict with the appointing order for Pettway.  There is also no effective date for Tennyson’s presumed appointment.

Judges in the Tenth Judicial District have appointed and reappointed the same grand jury foreman for decades, as in the case of Mr. Charles Snow of Roane County.

Fitzpatrick had issued a subpoena to Tennyson for her to appear as a witness for his June 23, 2011 trial, but the subpoena was returned unopened, as were those sent to the court clerk and several judges who had appointed grand jury foremen during their careers.  During the trial that day, Fitzpatrick advised the judge that the grand jury foreman who signed the indictments against him on which he was being tried was not legitimate and that the grand jury itself had operated illicitly in producing them.

Monroe County Grand Jury indictments against Walter Francis Fitzpatick, III for assault and resisting arrest produced in January 2011. But who was the foreman?
"True Bill" indicting Walter Fitzpatrick on two charges signed by "Faye C. Tennyson" as Grand Jury Foreman without a legal appointing order on file

Fitzpatrick and George Raudenbush, the defendant whose trial took place on August 24 when Fitzpatrick was illegally ejected from the courtroom, went to the court clerk’s office on September 9, 2011 to request the appointing orders for Faye C. Tennyson as grand jury foreman.  Fitzpatrick spoke first with Renee Ezell and later, Darlene Moser.  Moser told Fitzpatrick to fill out a request form, directing it to her attention, and stated that court personnel would be leaving the courthouse to attend a funeral, returning “in the afternoon.”  DS400354_A]     [DS400354_B_A]

Of Ms. Moser’s admission, Fitzpatrick said:

The significance of what Ms. Moser said is this, and I’m paraphrasing:  ‘Yes, we know that the appointing order naming a person named “Fay Tennyson” is defective; its’ wrong; and no, we haven’t done anything to remedy or to cure that defect.  We know there’s something wrong; we know that name is not right, and we haven’t fixed it yet.’  Specifically, Ms. Moser said, ‘There has been no correction in that name.’

This is huge.  They’ve just admitted that the woman named “Faye C. Tennyson” is not a legitimate grand jury foreman, and she has been operating in that capacity since January, and the court was put on notice in January.  Actually, who knows?  We know she was there in February.  In January, the foreman is known to us as Mr. Pettway.  Ms. Faye C. Tennyson has not been placed under oath.  There’s no document that shows that this woman, Faye Tennyson, is properly installed as either a juror or grand jury foreman.  The document which I received in January is the same document which Darlene Moser admits was given to me on Friday, and you’ll hear her saying – and this is the first admission –  “Faye Tennyson is not lawfully installed, and we haven’t fixed the problem.”

The judges know this, too.  So George Raudenbush’s case goes right out the window.  It wasn’t heard by a proper grand jury.  It was Ms. Tennyson who on February 2 signed out the indictment against George Raudenbush.  Ms. Tennyson was not the grand jury foreman on January 5, 2011, but she signed out the indictment anyway.  The person who was announced as the foreman at that time was Mr. Gary Pettway.

[Editor’s Note:  The charges against Raudenbush are here.  He was convicted on all counts plus an additional charge on August 24, 2011, at the conclusion of a 15-hour trial.]

Although we have asked for them, we have yet to see an appointing order with Gary Pettway’s name on it.  I know why, and this is another reason why I sent the McMinn County appointing orders in chronological order to you.  McMinn County appointing orders are evidence of conspiracy, collusion, criminal conduct of an extraordinary type and kind and the exposition of how the judges have been operating something that is not a jury system in the state of Tennessee.  It’s political patronage; it’s handpicking.  If we were to get the Monroe County, TN appointing orders, it would show as well that different judges have been picking the same person for over 20 years, which means that it would be incriminating the judges, as do the five documents from McMinn County.  The same judges work here in Monroe County.

Appointing order naming Gary Pettway as foreman of the Monroe County Grand Jury which Walter Fitzpatrick procured from the courthouse on January 18, 2011. The announcement had been posted publicly on the courthouse bulletin board.
Appointing order naming "Fay Tennyson" to the foremanship of the Monroe County Grand Jury dated January 3, 2011 but without an effective date. How could both Tennyson and Pettway be the foreman concurrently?
First page of "Inspection/Duplication of Records Request" which Fitzpatrick completed to obtain the appointing order for Faye Tennyson
Page 2 of records request
Appointing order provided to Walter Fitzpatrick on September 9, 2011 pursuant to his request which has been acknowledged by a court clerk as deficient and uncorrected

Fitzpatrick and Raudenbush then proceeded to Mayor Tim Yates’s office, where they spoke with Ms. Amy Tallent to request a meeting with Yates.  Fitzpatrick had called the day before to open the subject.  [DS400354_B_B]  Ms. Tallent called in the mayor’s assistant, Paulette Summey, as evidently  Yates was not in his office that day.

Deputy Bennie Byrum, who had removed Fitzpatrick from the courtroom on August 24 and is accused of having thrown Fitzpatrick down the courthouse stairs on September 7, 2011, followed Fitzpatrick’s movements on September 9, 2011 as described by Fitzpatrick on his recording of the day’s events.  [DS400354_B_B]  Byrum has also committed perjury by swearing under oath to Judge Carroll L. Ross that there was a sign outside the courthouse prohibiting recording devices when there was not.  Moreover, a reporter for a local newspaper had been allowed to remain in the courtroom on August 24 with a recording device in plain view despite Fitzpatrick’s removal when he had had no recording device of any kind on his person.

The First Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that citizens can video- or audiotape police while performing their official duties.  But why was Byrum following two citizens throughout the courthouse and to the mayor’s office?

Fitzpatrick further described the police surveillance which he and Raudenbush experienced on September 9:

George and I were walking together on Friday so that we could be witnesses for each other.  Wherever we were in the courthouse, there was a sheriff’s department presence.  The attempt to intimidate, to instill fear, the threat of arrest, of physical harm, is always there.  There is always an attempt to try to block us from what we’re doing.  This is 1930s Germany.  This is the repeat; the only thing that’s different is the uniforms.

When we were upstairs, at first, Bennie Byrum was there.  George and I went into the mayor’s office, and after I was speaking with Paulette Summey, Byrum walked in.  I said, “We’re being followed,” and they said, “Oh, no, no; he comes in here all the time.”

When George and I returned to the courthouse in the afternoon, and that’s when George saw the sign attached underneath the A-frame sign.  It was during the lunch hour that they put up that sign prohibiting recording devices.  They did that because of us.   We were being set up so that they could throw us out or place us under arrest.

Look at the reaction we’re getting from the court.  These recordings and reports from The Post & Email are turning these guys inside-out.  It was after Darlene Moser said what she said that the sign went up, and I didn’t know what she was going to say.  It was after George and I were confronted by the sheriff’s department and Ms. Moser gave up the game about the appointing order being defective.  They don’t have a grand jury foreman in place properly today; they didn’t have one with Mr. Pettway.  And they’ve known about it since January.  They were put on notice, and yesterday, Moser said, “We haven’t fixed that problem yet.”

We know everything we need to know about this corrupt system.  There is nothing about it that’s lawful.  Ms. Tennyson was the one who ordered me out of the courthouse on Wednesday.  That didn’t have to happen.  That was an ambush.  Pat Wilson was standing to my right at the counter as I walked in, and Morgan was sitting down to my left.  They were set up in ambush, and then standing behind them and Ms. Ezell, who was right in front of me, and over to my right was Sara Arp, and Ms. Tennyson was standing farther back.  I looked up at her and said, “Are you Faye Tennyson?” and that was when Wilson went off on me.

On Friday, we could have walked right past the new sign and not seen the new sign put up.  We told them that we were coming back, and they knew we had recording equipment with us. That was another ambush.

After we put away our recorders, we went to the mayor’s office first and dropped off the two articles from The Post & Email and the business cards of the FBI agent with whom I met on Wednesday, and we were joined in the office by Morgan and Byrum.  They were waiting for us to walk in and were sitting there.  Morgan had been dispatched again.

Then we went upstairs, and Travis Jones was there.  Byrum and Morgan followed us up, so there were three deputy sheriffs in the building after we were told not to bring in recording equipment.  This is all captured in recordings which we did afterward.  I was there to pick up the paperwork that I had requested that morning, and Morgan was there with Byrum in the clerk’s office, and he was interfering with the transaction of business that I was lawfully conducting.  Sara Arp was there in the afternoon, as was Renee Ezell, and the two sheriff’s deputies.  Sara Arp brought back the three pages.  Pages 1 and 2 were the request for documents.  She asked for identification, which I gave her, and she made copies of that.  Then she gave me the request sheet, and I said,”Excuse me, but this isn’t right.”  By this time, Morgan said, “You got your paperwork, now get out!” and I said, “No.”  What was missing was a signature on the application by a court official.  There’s a place which says “Request answered by…” and that’s when I said, “You haven’t signed this yet.”

Now Morgan had interjected himself in the process.  He insisted that I leave.  He’s involving himself in a process that doesn’t involve him.  I had wanted the appointing order last Wednesday, when I was assaulted by Wilson and Morgan.  Again, these two deputies, under threat of arrest and trying to intimidate me, are involving themselves in a process which do es not involve them or require their presence.  This was the same thing Carroll Ross did on April 1, 2010.  These men are trying to protect themselves because they’ve been caught.  They know they’ve been caught, and they’re feeling the heat and doing everything they can to marginalize people who are bringing them to a criminal consequence.  Carroll Ross is scared to death.

The Post & Email asked, “Do you know who put the sign up?”

That sign was set up for just George and me.  They know that people like us who are coming in to to capture evidence of criminal conduct are going to be placed under arrest in our pursuit of that information, and we know that TV stations and grand jurors and attorneys – it doesn’t apply to them.  This exposition that Ms. Moser spoke is huge.  They know that they’re breaking the law, and they don’t care.

We have nothing for 20 years that shows that there has been a legitimate foreman installed in the Monroe County, TN grand jury.  There’s nothing in 2011 that represents that this woman, “Faye C. Tennyson,” was lawfully installed in the grand jury for 2011, but she’s signing out indictments.  I think Pettway was there in January to serve as a teacher to Faye, to show her how this process works.  That’s my speculation.  but what we know by fact is that he was announced as the foreman for January 5, 2011, and Ms. Tennyson signed the indictment with my name on it.  That indictment is void.  She not only was not appointed; she was not identified.  The public announcement was that Gary Pettway was there for 5 January.  Tennyson signed out the indictment for 5 January, and it’s defective for a couple of reasons:  (1) Pettway was the foreman for 5 January, not her; and (2) she hasn’t been the foreman yet.  She hasn’t been sworn in; there’s no effective date.  There’s nothing that shows that she is even a juror.  And we don’t have any documentation to show that Gary Pettway was lawfully installed, either.  We’ve asked for that documentation to show us what the appointing orders look like for Gary Pettway over the years, and they have not been given to us, and there has been no response, no answer, no explanation as to why.

What’s going on here at the local level about the papers that are required to show the authenticity and the authority of and the proper placement of a government official in a position of foremanship of  a county grand jury – the paperwork, the identification, is all missing.  In other words, Mr. Pettway has not shown that he was lawfully installed.  The paperwork isn’t there.  It’s not legal.  Now, since January, we have recognized that this problem with the identity of the proper positioning of, the proper swearing in of whoever that person is supposed to be for 2011.  Again, the paperwork is missing.  Faye is an imposter.  She’s not authorized to act in a situation where she’s signing out indictments.  She’s not allowed to take law enforcement action against anyone.  She can’t order somebody arrested; she can’t order somebody locked up; she can’t sign indictments.  She can’t sign the paperwork that she’s signing.  OK; that’s right here in our own back yard.  We know this is going on in other places as well.

We’ve talked about how the grand jury is the most powerful law enforcement agency known in human history.  So this position of foreman of a grand jury is a very big deal.  It’s very important that we make sure that the foreman and everybody else is lawfully under oath as it is represented in the announcement that we’ve talked about.  If it’s been brought to their attention they need to go look at it.  Well, they’re not doing that, and Ms. Tennyson’s identity is questioned.  Now, it’s no longer questioned, because Ms. Moser gave up the game.

Let’s say that you walk into a federal courtroom and you’re dealing with a judge, or any other office that would be appropriately involved in certifying Mr. Obama and his eligibility as commander-in-chief of the United Stated of America and you’re talking to an official who is in a position to know:  Judge Royce Lamberth or Chief Justice John Roberts.  This is the analogy.  You say, “Excuse me, but I”m here to challenge the legitimacy of Mr. Obama. For whatever reason, the paperwork hasn’t been filled out properly here.  Is he really under oath?  We’re not sure.”

In fact, isn’t it interesting that Chief Justice Roberts messed up the oath of office and they had to do it again?  Remember that?

With regard to Obama, the oath of office was done publicly.  Chief Justice Roberts was there; Obama was there; Mrs. Obama was there; everybody was there.  And he messed it up.  He did not pronounce the right words giving Obama the oath, so they had to go back and do it again.  Judge Roberts was required to speak the right words in the oath and then testify in writing that the oath had been properly administered.  So they went back and fixed the problem immediately upon discovery. And Judge Roberts re-issued the oath.  Now let’s say that Judge Roberts then messed up again and misspelled Obama’s name…

The Post & Email asked, “If Obama was never sworn in properly, despite the questions about his constitutional eligibility, is it just like the appointing order of Faye Tennyson?”

Correct.  They recognized the problem immediately and that they needed to fix it, and they went back to do that, and the question now is whether or not Mr. Obama is eligible for other reasons.  But certainly, if he had not taken that oath properly, he would not be in the office today.  The oath needs to be administered properly.  Now Mr. Obama perjured his oath; don’t get me wrong; Mr. Obama perjured his oath because he’s not eligible. That is a separate issue altogether.  But the attention to detail with regard to the oath that was administered to Mr. Obama is inarguable.  It happened.  Judge Roberts made a mistake, and he had to go back and do it again to make sure that all the bases were covered.

You have to be duly sworn in to operate in the office which you are assuming, because if you do something illegal, you can be brought up on charges.

To administer an oath, you’re supposed to check identity and other things, and of course, that didn’t happen with Obama, either.

The Post & Email said, “Some have said that Obama could not have passed a security clearance.”

I know that he would not have been able to pass it, because it would have been the same security clearance process I had to go through.

“I’m sure you had to show your original birth certificate with a stamp on it.”

Oh, you bet.  The little picture is that we see the same thing going on here.  Ms. Tennyson – “F-A-Y-E” – has not been properly installed into the job of foreman of the grand jury.  They didn’t fix the problem.  So coming back to the analogy, let’s say that we go in today and we’re speaking with Chief Justice Roberts or somebody else someone who is in a position to act upon the information.  We walk in and say, “Excuse me, Mr. Obama was not born here; he was born in Mombasa, Kenya.”  And then Judge Roberts comes back, and in a slip of the tongue, he says, “Yeah, we know about that.  We didn’t fix it.  We know that, but we haven’t cured the defect.” Uh-oh.

It’s just as important here locally as it is nationally.  Instead of removing the person from office and fixing all the problems that are attendant with that, the government blocks anybody from pursuing the issue any farther to the point where they have uniformed thugs threatening you to instill fear about locking you up.  So what we’re seeing here on the local level is identical to what we’re seeing on the national level.

Fitzpatrick summarized as follows:

  • Court records announce Gary D. Pettway Foreman to the 5 January 2011 term of the Monroe County Tennessee Grand Jury.
  • There exists no Judicial Appointing Order naming Pettway Foreman for 5 January 2011. There exists no court record memorializing Pettway’s oath of office for 5 January 2011.
  • Monroe County Tennessee court officials refuse to release Judicial Appointing Orders from 1985 to 2010. Appointing orders and oaths of offices–if they exist–are intentionally concealed.
  • There exists no Judicial Appointing Order or any type or kind naming “Faye C. Tennyson” as Foreman to the Monroe County Tennessee ever. There exists no court record memorializing “Faye C. Tennyson’s” oath of office.
  • The Judicial Appointing Order naming “Fay Tennyson” as Foreman to the Monroe County Tennessee Grand Jury is mortally defective. No one going by the name of “Fay Tennyson” is to be found in public court records. There is no record memorializing “Fay Tennyson’s” oath of office. Also, the “Fay Tennyson” Appointing Order gives no effective date of office.
  • Copies of Judicial Appointing orders received from the Court on 18 January 2011 and 9 September 2011 are attached for ease of comparison (shown above).
  • The Monroe County, Tennessee criminal Circuit Court within Tennessee’s 10th Judicial District was placed on formal notice regarding the fatally flawed Appointing Order bearing the name of “Fay Tennyson” was made on 18 January 2011, 21 July 2011, and on 9 September 2011.

Monroe County Tennessee government operates now for 21 years that we know of an unlawful assembly that replaces what is supposed to be a Grand Jury, appropriated the title of Grand Jury, and is in fact a government organ operating in outlawry against the citizenry of the County of Monroe.


Fitzpatrick has also related the crimes being committed in Monroe County to the website HearUsNowUSA.com.