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by David F. LaRocque

Is there anything in the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights authorizing the creation of the Internal Revenue Service?

(Sep. 9, 2011) — The fraudulent income tax is perhaps the most frightening and significant manifestation of the corruption which has overtaken our government, as described so well by Colonel Lawrence Sellin in his September 3 article at Canada Free Press:

The present United States Government is riddled with corruption, complicity and complacency. As such, America will not survive.

Sarah Palin, during her speech at the Tea Party of America’s “Restoring America” event in Indianola, Iowa on September 3, 2011, described it well:

It’s the collusion of big government and big business and big finance to the detriment of all the rest – to the little guys.

The United States is now ruled by an oligarchy, where power effectively rests, not with the American people, but with relatively small elite, who enhance their personal wealth by looting the country and maintain their control by adjusting the levers of government and regulating the press.

The oligarchy owns the politicians and the mainstream media, a political-media complex, which assists them in maintaining the status quo…

The Democrat and the Republican parties have violated the Constitution, subverted the rule of and lied to and betrayed the American people.

The most despicable lies foisted on the American people, the most outrageous violations of the United States Constitution by those sworn to support and defend the Constitution, the most horrendous attacks on the rule of law by our elected representatives in Congress and the judiciary in whose trust we have placed the protection of the Constitution, are those associated with the massive hoax that is the federal income tax.

This stuff takes some effort to get your head around.

It requires concentrated reading and reflection to achieve comprehension of the complex information you are absorbing.

It forces you to confront the fact that long-held beliefs about the integrity of our government and the federal judiciary have been seriously misplaced, and that your own government has been ripping you off for your entire working life.

It leaves you with no alternative but to conclude that the Internal Revenue Service is, in fact, a powerful criminal conspiracy; and that IRS personnel in mid-level to senior positions in that agency cannot be unaware that the very purpose of the IRS, as well as the tactics it employs to intimidate and terrorize the American people, are in direct violation of the United Sates Constitution and various related rulings of the United States Supreme Court.

The mind-bending complexity of the facts concerning the income tax uncovered by Peter Hendrickson and others (including writer Devvy Kidd, Attorney Tom Cryer, and former IRS-CID Special Agent Joe Banister), and the stunning distortion of the English language that is employed to disguise the truth, did not come about by accident. Hordes of government lawyers spent their entire working lives creating and maintaining the fiction of the legality of the income tax.

This is not easy to accept. Nevertheless, I urge you all to read Peter Hendrickson’s latest article, as well as the preceding article sent out by Peter in July titled A Critical Look at Selected Trolleries.”

In truth, this problem is ultimately the most serious of all the constitutional problems we are facing. This is the where the money comes from to feed the progressive monster. The entrenched interests, the members of the oligarchy who have been looting this country, controlling the levers of government, regulating the press, and spreading the wealth to buy the votes needed to remain in power, will not react well to being exposed for the traitors they are.

If we are to save our country, to “have a new birth of freedom” so “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth,” then:

We must understand the true severity and the full extent of the problem, and we must act to restore our Constitution. Removing an illegal, unconstitutional, and ineligible president must be just the first step.