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by Ron Ewart, ©2011

(Sep. 4, 2011) — “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”  Thomas Jefferson

Talk about paranoia, the left is coming unhinged.  Ninety-nine (99%) percent of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) (Allen West being the sole holdout and threatening to quit the CBC) is so petrified by the Tea Party movement in this country, that they are resorting to reverse racism and inflaming rhetoric.  One member of the CBC even shouted that the Tea Party wanted to see blacks as 2nd class citizens and hanging from trees.  Representative Maxine Waters of the CBC told the Tea Party to go to Hell!  How desperate can the CBC get?  We know there are many fine black people in America.   Hopefully, the CBC does not speak for them.

The mainstream press piles on vilification after vilification and pillories the Tea Party people night after night.  The relentless attack on a spontaneous grass roots movement that essentially is calling for a return to the principles of freedom, liberty, self-reliance, independence and personal responsibility, may be unprecedented in American history.

What is it that the left is afraid of?  As if we didn’t know!   The ever-expanding gravy train the left politicians and their lazy constituents have been riding at taxpayers expense, is finally being exposed through the rising debts and deficits.  Americans, you know, those hard-working folks that pay the bills, are saying “enough is enough!”  Too bad those Americans that are finally wising up to this socialist scheme, didn’t see this progressive movement towards a government mandated, cradle-to-grave society a hundred years ago, before it became entrenched in our institutions and our culture.

Go back fifty years and start checking the yearly budgets of every level of government and you will find that the piece of the budget pie that has been unconstitutionally taken from a shrinking number of taxpayers and handed out free gratis to non-payers and you will find that piece has grown exponentially in those 50 years.   Why?

Let’s take just a few statistics to prove our point.  In 1960, some 50 years ago, federal health care costs were 1.54% of the total U. S Budget.  In 2010, federal health care costs had risen to 19.2%.  In contrast in 1960, defense spending was 54.8% of the federal budget and dropped precipitously to 26.25% in 2010.  This isn’t just gross negligence on the part of government, it borders on treason.  (source: http://www.usgovernmentspending.com/us_budget_pie_chart)

We can only conclude that buying votes by the left is much more important than protecting our shores and American citizens around the world, against foreign, out-of-border ambitions.

And those of you that are concerned about the growth of government, here is another statistic that should send smoke blowing like a steam kettle, out of your ears.  In 1960 the cost of the federal budget was just $542.04 per man, woman and child in America.  In 2010 the cost per person was $10,486.26, based on the U. S. Census Bureau numbers for 1960 and 2010.   How did hundreds of millions of Americans allow the 545 leaders of the American federal government, ever allow this explosion in the growth of government?  Perhaps it can be explained by the fact that millions of those Americans were personally profiting from that growth and in exchange for their largess, they were loyally giving their vote to those who were responsible for the growth and were handing out the “goodies”?

The result of this unconscionable transfer of America’s massive wealth to a segment of the society that produces nothing and pays no taxes, is a national debt that now exceeds the Gross Domestic Product and an annual deficit that rises into the stratosphere into the foreseeable future, leading us almost certainly to national bankruptcy and growing civil unrest, just as Europe is experiencing now for the same reasons, egged on by die-hard believers in Keynesian economics.

(see http://www.investopedia.com/terms/k/keynesianeconomics.asp#axzz1WuGc25yk)

But the other result of this irresponsible transfer of our wealth is purely political.  The left has literally bought off a huge segment of the electorate with your money with premeditation, in exchange for their votes.  That is why the Congressional Black Caucus is scared to death of the Tea Party that just might finally muster the political influence to cut off their welfare spigot.  Their 95% block vote for Democrats could come to naught.  No wonder they are shaking in their boots, as are other free loaders that could find themselves in the same boat.

The spontaneous, almost overnight rise of the Tea Party movement could have been predicted half a century ago, given the trend of social spending and ever-expanding entitlement programs by the left.  None of what the left has accomplished in the last 80 years and by Obama in his 2 and a half years as President, was given the cost /benefit or constitutional test, or easily determined that it was totally unsustainable.   Their socialist policies, from FDR to BHO, were destined to fail and fail miserably.  Welcome to 2011, 2012 and beyond.

The Parallax Prophecies” predicts that the growing tsunami bearing down on the liberals in this country, fed by the enigmatic energy of the grass roots Tea Party movement, will slowly but surely overwhelm an ideology that was doomed to failure before it even got started.  If this momentum continues, and “The Parallax Prophecies” expects that it will, there is a strong chance that American freedom will rise out of the ashes of the progressive movement that was spawned in America 100 years ago by those who saw the U. S. Constitution as an impediment to their grand utopian scheme for an Absolute Democrat Monarchy.

May the Tea Party movement sweep, like a wind-driven grass fire, across the fertile plains of a nation in turmoil and restore the spirit of freedom in the hearts and minds of America’s people once again, as that same spirit emboldened the brave inhabitants of a new land to take on the then most powerful nation on Earth in 1776, Great Britain.

The idea of freedom, something you cannot even see, is stronger than all the military might of the most well-armed country that resides on this third planet from our Sun.  Freedom for all living creatures is like bubbles in the sea that are driven by some unknown force to escape into the air of a bright new day.  No matter what the time, place, or politics, freedom will, in the end, win out over tyranny, arrogance, corruption and even terror, whether foreign or domestic.  Keep in mind however, that there will be sacrifices along the way.  May those free Americans that long for liberty, as endowed by their creator, have the courage to endure the sacrifices.

Next week “The Parallax Prophecies” will add its take on the 10th Anniversary of 911.

Check out the “Tea Party Has Arisen” at: http://www.narloltd.com/teaparty.html.


Ron Ewart is President of the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO).