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by Sharon Rondeau

Are there more illegal alien family members of this man in the U.S. Is he himself here legally?

(Aug. 31, 2011) — In recent days, not even the mainstream media has obscured the fact that Barack Hussein Obama has an uncle who was arrested for drunk driving and had been living in the United States illegally for 19 years.  “Uncle Onyango” has been “held without bail” by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

In 2009, Onyango’s nephew in the White House had reportedly instructed ICE to “put on hold” deportations of illegals employed by U.S. companies.  An article dated August 31, 2011 states that “Obama’s illegal alien uncle, now locked up on an immigration detainer, could be a beneficiary of his nephew’s new go-easy policy on foreigners facing deportation.”

The organization FAIR has questioned Janet Napolitano on the “sweeping changes” advocated by her department after Congress failed to pass the DREAM Act earlier this year.  The Obama regime had announced the “new policy” without approval from Congress.

The website for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement claims that “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has a vital responsibility to enforce the law and engage in effective worksite enforcement to reduce the demand for illegal employment and protect employment opportunities for the nation’s lawful workforce. ICE employs an effective, comprehensive worksite enforcement strategy that addresses both employers who knowingly hire illegal workers as well as the workers themselves.”

The Immigration Policy Center states that the Obama Department of Homeland Security had simultaneously attempted to enforce deportations in accordance with federal law and advocate for “comprehensive immigration reform” at the same time with “mixed results.”

Barack Hussein Obama’s half-aunt had been an illegal alien living in government-subsidized housing in Boston, MA and was later allowed to remain in the country despite her violation of a deportation order in 2004.  Zeituni Onyango had also been collecting public assistance.  How can an illegal alien receive public assistance in the United States?  Did she have a social security number when she applied for benefits?

Who paid for the attorneys who won her grant of asylum?  Does Aunt Zeituni have to return the money she received as an illegal alien to the taxpayers?

Uncle Onyango had also previously been ordered deported but, like Zeituni, failed to obey the order to return to Kenya.  There are questions about how he obtained a driver’s license and social security number in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

How can illegal aliens possess “valid social security numbers?”  Were the numbers they are using assigned to them, or are they valid for someone else?  Were the numbers stolen?  Did Zeituni and Onyango commit identity fraud?  Why did they not return to their “home country” of Kenya?

ObamaReleaseYourRecords has reported that Uncle Onyango has been using a social security number issued in Massachusetts, and Zeituni Onyango has a social security number from the state of Indiana, where she reportedly never lived.  Atty. Orly Taitz discovered that Barack Hussein Obama is using a social security number issued from the state of Connecticut, where he never lived or worked.  Can a pattern be among these family members be denied?

Does Barack Hussein Obama have any other illegal alien relatives residing in the United States?  Is he an illegal alien himself?

What about Obama’s half-brother, who has been accused of “mishandling donations” made to a fund in their common father’s name?  The father who also was ordered deported from the country in 1964 due to his polygamy, a fact which did not emerge until earlier this year.

If Obama himself was born in Kenya, as affirmed by the Kenyan ambassador to the U.S. as an “already well-known” fact and was born to a foreign father, why is he occupying the Oval Office as a “natural born Citizen?”

On August 30, 2011, Judge Royce Lamberth of the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC dismissed a case alleging that Barack Hussein Obama is

Judge Royce Lamberth issued an opinion dismissing the case "Taitz v. Astrue" stating that Obama's social security number should not be revealed due to "privacy" concerns, even though the number has already been made public

using a stolen social security number which included the statement of a licensed private investigator asserting such.  The first page of Lamberth’s opinion reads, in part:

“Ever persistent, plaintiff has once again come before this Court in an effort to uncover “the biggest cover up in the history of this nation…She believes that the President is using a “fraudulently obtained” social security number and that the Social Security Administration — among other agencies — is involved in a scheme to “cover[] up social security fraud, IRS fraud, elections fraud and possibly treason” committed by the President…As her numerous filings with the Court demonstrate, plaintiff will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of this alleged conspiracy.  Unfortunately for plaintiff, today is not her lucky day.”

Where did Lamberth obtain his legal training? Since when is a judge’s opinion based on his perception of the “luck” or lack thereof of one of the parties to the case?  Is his sarcasm enough to show that he is not impartial?

Where was Lamberth when the defendants’ allotted time to respond had elapsed and the plaintiff had requested a default judgment?

His biography states, in part:

“Judge Lamberth is also former Chairman of the Professional Ethics Committee of the Federal Bar Association. The Federal Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct for Federal Lawyers, finally approved in October 1990, were drafted by Judge Lamberth’s Committee.”

But has Lamberth acted ethically in this instance?  The plaintiff, Orly Taitz, did not seek the social security number of a living person, but rather, had requested a copy of the application filed by the original holder of the number which is now reportedly being used by Obama.  Private investigator Susan Daniels has stated that the number has been used by Obama since 1977 but was not assigned to him.

Was Lamberth’s opinion issued in a professional and ethical manner? Is he following all of the rules of judicial ethics?

Are his sarcastic tone and character judgments about the plaintiff normal procedure?  Is Lamberth using Saul Alinsky tactics to dismiss a case of identity fraud committed at the highest levels of government?

On page 2 of his opinion, Lamberth stated that the Social Security Administration could not release Form SS-5 because the number in question belonged to a living individual.  However, Susan Daniels, the licensed private investigator whose sworn affidavit stated that the number had been assigned to a person born in 1890 from the state of Connecticut, had stated that social security numbers are never reissued and therefore Obama was using it fraudulently.  Why did Lamberth ignore this evidence of a crime?

When evidence of Barack Hussein Obama’s constitutional ineligibility to hold the office of president was presented to him, Judge Royce Lamberth refused to review it.  While the Fifth Amendment to the Bill of Rights allows for “a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury” as evidence of a crime, Lamberth relied on the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, which declared presentments “obsolete.”

Do Federal Rules passed by Congress trump the Fifth Amendment?  Were the rules passed to take away the people’s power over government?

Have the people lost control over their government?  Do they care?

If no one charged with law enforcement responsibility in Tennessee will act against a judge who has broken the law there, what are the chances that a federal judge will act against Obama, who has been accused of violating the War Powers Act and is being sued by members of Congress from both parties?  Which federal judge will hear the case, and what opinion will he issue?

What about Obama’s knowledge of Project Gunrunner? his alias, “Barry Soetoro,” and possible other aliases?  Why has the U.S. State Department refused to release information on Obama’s mother’s travel records?

And, like his illegal alien relatives, why is Obama using a social security number which could not have been assigned to him?  What about the birth certificate which he claims is official but has been termed a forgery by many and the media’s failure to scrutinize it?

Is our government completely corrupt in refusing to act on these questions?  If the government cannot be trusted to police itself, whose job is it to do so?

If no one acts, are we relegated to another Third Reich, or totalitarian state?

When the government is the enemy, what should the people do?


Update, September 1, 2011:  The public interest group Judicial Watch has released emails and other documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request “detailing behind-the-scenes efforts by the Obama administration to bypass Congress and grant amnesty at least one million illegal aliens by suspending immigration deportation proceedings against “DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act kids” and other illegal aliens. The records include internal DHS strategic documents, as well as extensive email communications within the DHS and with the Obama White House. The documents were obtained by Judicial Watch as a result of two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits filed on March 29, 2011.”