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by Sharon Rondeau

A former candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, and President, Cody Robert Judy is running for President in 2012 as a Democrat challenger to Barack Hussein Obama

(Aug. 30, 2011) — The Post & Email had interviewed Mr. Cody Robert Judy, a resident of Utah and former candidate for several national offices, in June 2011 regarding his plans to run for office.  At that time, he had not yet filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission to become a candidate for president, although he stated that he expected to do so within the near future if he could raise adequate funds.

Judy is an entrepreneur and published author.

On August 27, 2011 Mr. Judy contacted us and announced that he had filed all of the forms to run for president as a Democrat, including a link to a CNN article entitled, “Should Another Democrat Challenge…Obama for the Nomination…and if so, Who?”

The author of the article, commentator Jack Cafferty, cited the economy, Obama’s sagging poll numbers, and a 9.1% unemployment rate as factors which might encourage the Democrat Party to seek a primary challenger.  He also stated that Obama “hopes to extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits; spending additional hundreds of billions of dollars we don’t have.”

Mr. Judy produced a video on August 14, 2011 critical of current politicians’ spending levels and what he sees as the “core breakdown” of the U.S. economy.  Judy also questioned Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president, citing a nexus between Republicans’ and Democrats’ refusal to deal with the eligibility question and its negative impact on the economy, consumer confidence and U.S. national security.  “That should tell you that they are complacent with fraud and forgery as an ideal,” Judy said.  He also explains why he believes he is qualified to serve  even though, or perhaps because, he has not been elected to public office before.

Judy’s campaign website is here, and he has a Facebook page.

The Post & Email asked Mr. Judy about his now-official presidential candidate status, how he will challenge Barack Hussein Obama on the eligibility issue, and his own electability.  In his opening statement to us, Judy said:

I have filed all the necessary papers a candidate is required to file with the Federal Elections Commission and am as qualified and entered to run and receive contributions and donations to my campaign as any other candidate in the presidential race. People can go to my website, www.codyjudy.us, and find out how to make contributions there through PayPal or by sending a check in the mail. I’m very thankful for the heartfelt and generous contributions I’ve received from people across the country that have gotten us this far. Without them we wouldn’t have a candidate representing the interest of The Birther Movement as I am now and have consistently done since 2008 with action in the Judicial Branch and now continued in the 2012 race. The only transparency I’ve found about Obama has been his integrity problems: Constitutional qualification demands problems, long-form birth certificate discrepancy problems, social security card problems, draft registration problems, law license resignation problems, and of course the absence of any confirmation that his book Dreams From my Father should not be put in the fiction category rather then the autobiographical section because he was Barry Soetoro from kindergarten to Occidental College and how you register for college with one name and register for the draft with another, along with the lost integrity that surrounds every major identity problem I’ve mentioned here, is, well, to put it bluntly, something every single major player in the Republican field of candidates has ranked somewhere below the spotted owl extinction issue.

Q.  What made you decide to run for president as a Democrat?  Haven’t you previously run for various offices as a Republican?

A.  No…I haven’t ever run for office as a Republican.  In all my experience in running, I ran either as a Democrat or an Independent. I did say I hoped Republican candidates would bring up the eligibility issue and that they ought to be given a chance to do so. That being said, none of them have, and I think that largely rests on the fact that McCain was the first worm to crawl out of the eligibility hole, having been ‘naturalized’ by a Congressional Act due to his birth in the foreign nation of Panama in the Panama Canal Zone as well as the “good ole boy” club in the non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution 511. You see, natural born Citizens don’t need Congressional Acts or non-binding U.S. Senate resolutions to declare them natural born Citizens. I’m a natural born Citizen, having two citizen parents and being born in the state of Idaho well within the parameters of the United States, and I’ve had no such problem and never had to appeal to Congress over and over again during the span of my life. Minor vs. Happersett was the precedent case regarding this matter in the U.S. Supreme Court, and I’ve done a video on that.

I also made a video responding to Obama’s release of his purported long-form birth certificate where I debate his statements about it.  At approximately 11:48, I address the 20th Amendment’s provision for removal of an acting president due to disability.

Getting back to the focus of your question, I ran as a Democrat in 2002 for Congress and 2004 for U.S. Senate. in 2008 and 2010 I ran as an Independent write-in candidate. There are many good things about the Democrat Party I like, the ACLU being one of them. Standing up for our Civil Rights really is about defending our Constitutional Rights. Right now the two major parties in our United States provide the vehicle and opportunity for a candidate’s platform to be heard fair and square in our election system and primary process. My hope is that by standing up for the Constitution and our Civil Rights even as Martin Luther King Jr. did, the Democrat Party will remember the call towards our Constitution which Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed about:  that all men are created equal and should be treated equally under the Supreme Law of the United States. Parties are aptly made up with the principles that the candidates coming out of them are voicing. In the Republican Party right now, who is the voice about Obama’s eligibility? None of the above. In the Democrat party? I am and I’m happy to do so, even if I am thought ill of for doing so. I know in my heart, Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy dreamed and loved our Constitution, and I refuse to let one man come in with a wrecking ball and destroy the dreams they had fought for, lived for, and died for.

First page of FEC forms for federal office asking "Name of Committee," address, website, and email address
Page 2 of FEC form indicating party affiliation and office sought
Page 3 of FEC forms listing Cody Robert Judy as Custodian of Records and "Candidate/Treasurer" of his campaign
Page 4, which asks for the name of "Banks or Other Depositories"
Page 5, Statement of Candidacy with signature and date of August 25, 2011

Lt. Col Terry Lakin’s discharge is something that has to do with military discipline rather then an “oath” to the Constitution that he took very seriously, simply asking for integrity and upholding of the principles for which he of his own free will placed his life on the line and had represented with honor.  I have supported those principles as you reported here. This was an easy call for me, but the call was never made by any Republican candidates in the 2010 race. I was very moved by the honor Lt. Col. Terry Lakin had given our country over his lifetime which you can see in this video from September 2010.

Q.  As CNN references, are you that Democrat candidate who would challenge Obama “for the nomination?”  Would you challenge him on the eligibility question?

A. I believe so.  On July 16, 2011, CNN’s iReport article, “Could The Birther Debate Explode In The Democrat Party on Obama?” which I can’t find now on the internet seemed to suggest that the eligibility question was a pressing one. The report you are referring to easily could have been influenced by that report.  Although it did not mention my name, the timing of the article is certainly on point, isn’t it?  To the follow-up of your question, “Would you challenge him on the eligibility question?” the answer is, “Certainly.”

Congressman Ron Paul has called this “irrelevant,” but remember, the Watergate break-in occurred in Washington, D.C. on June 17, 1972 and President Nixon resigned on August 9, 1974.  That was 26 months, and Barack Obama doesn’t have the conscience Nixon did.  President Ford pardoned him, but I think that was given on ‘grace and mercy’ of Nixon’s conscience. Barack Obama’s conscience exists on a far lower level of deception and he’s involved so many people that any ‘wrongdoing,’ or maybe even criminal motivation, exists on a plane that surpasses Nixon’s Watergate by leaps and bounds. Remember, Nixon ran against Kennedy and lost the first time but refused to ask for a recount in Texas and Illinois, where voter fraud had been reported, on the basis that he felt it would divide the country. That action demonstrated his conscience which also was manifested in his resignation.  While his actions of wrongdoing were subjects of debate, his actions many times demonstrated that he wanted ‘integrity’ in the political contest and for America to reign supreme, and for future generations to get involved.

So many politicians now are running on a platform of the economy and putting people back to work, forgetting that the principles of our Constitution are what does that and when you abandon the Constitution, you abandon the economy. If you elect someone like Mitt Romney or Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann, who in sacrificing their principles and respect for the Constitution have participated in the biggest cover-up in our history by allowing Obama to stay in the White House, that should be a witness to you that their policies will ultimately fail. If you don’t think the two are linked, talk to me about what those candidates represented when you’re paying $20 for a small bowl of potato salad. Look at the $800 Billion that disappeared in the stimulus. If that isn’t a witness to you of what I’m talking about, I don’t know really how you could have a bigger one, but I suppose if they don’t ‘get it,’ we’ll get bigger ones.

Q. Do you think the American public considers Obama re-electable based on his performance and the eligibility question?  Whether yes or no, what makes you a better candidate?

A. Well, re-electable based on performance on the economy should be a “no,” and re-election based on principles of integrity towards the Constitution’s demands for qualification of President should be a “no.”  The question, sadly, is the question of the American people’s heart right now and whether it is so callused that it is beyond feeling that when fraud and forgery are represented in one’s identity at the highest levels of Government and transparency is swallowed rather than hallowed, candidates for that office, and I’m talking about the office of the President, see it as a refuge for being excused from the Constitution rather then a point of adherence by oath.  Then something has gone terribly wrong in our country. If people reading this have so little faith in candidates anymore that when they see someone who has fought for our Constitution, and fought hard for the eligibility standard and pillar on which our economy and national security rest, and still they refuse that gut instinct to send them a contribution for whatever they can, even if it’s $5, then I think Obama is definitely re-electable.

I’ve already faced a storm of resistance within the Democrat Party itself from people who are blind to any corruption or wrongdoing, maybe even criminal action, by Obama in our election system. In Iowa, as I announced my candidacy, I requested from the Democrat Party an email list of Democrat voters so that every Democrat could at least recognize my candidacy as official and begin to familiarize him- or herself with my campaign, and then make a decision during a primary or caucus.  Instead I received a horrendous response from one who asked me to take her off the mailing list. Now if Ms. Sue Seedorff-Keninger is responsible for holding in her palm the education and investigation on the eligibility issue of all the Democrat citizens in Hardin County, are they going to have a choice? No, they won’t, because Sue has made it for them already. That is not what our election system is about. It’s about choices, and I’m going to discuss and articulate everything I know in the most polite way I can so that citizens can have an informed and educated choice to make their own decision.

Q.  What makes you a better candidate than anyone else?

A.  My experience with injustice and a broken system of Constitutional Principle certainly has played a major role in my decision to run for office. If our system of government was not seen with the likes of Barack Obama in the White House because everyone revered the Constitution, then of course I don’t think I would ever have felt it necessary to run for office. Sadly, there is nothing like losing America’s United States Constitution that will drive you to honor and respect and promote those principles. The eligibility standard for our President was forged with great struggle and the deliberated counsel of wise men who themselves had been deprived of the rights they felt were inalienable rights by a king. If the king had been righteous, the list of usurpations and deprivations of rights would not have existed as it does in our Declaration of Independence. The founders and framers of our United States were motivated by deprivation of those rights for which they pledged their talent, fortunes, and lives, feeling that without them, their lives and those of future generations would not be promising. Those experiences are not easy to go through, but the lessons are invaluable. I believe, if you recognize this in a candidate, that a person elected to the office of the President has within him or her an ingrained reverence for our Constitution, you’ll make a good choice.

I hope for The Birther Movement that I represent what we are standing for and that it goes far deeper then eligibility. It goes into our economic pockets that are simply extensions of our Constitutional Principles. I want your vote and I would be pleased to accept and to thank God for your contributions that will make us stronger.

I was so moved by a man I spoke with on the phone who wanted to make a contribution to my campaign. He’d been unemployed for quite a while and had been pursuing his own business with an idea he had. His family had gone through havoc during this transition and I was thinking after speaking with him that he might send me $5 or $10, which I would have been honored to have received. He said all he could send was $100, and I about fell off my chair and had to remind myself that this was his effort to be blessed in what he was pursuing. I was so deeply honored to receive his contribution in two weeks’ time as he had promised. I called him personally and told him so and he said, ” Just do us proud.” I took that to heart and certainly realize that in these hard economic times, the value of the widow’s mite is so appreciated even as a big contribution is from someone who can afford a couple of thousand. There are many times that I reflect upon that conversation, and it would really devastate me to think about letting that man and his family down. I pray to God that I would make him proud to be an American and I pray to God that he will bless that man and his family with that great Spirit of Intelligence that comes to those who feel their backs against the wall, gripped with fear and uncertainty, to put one foot in front of the other and take the step necessary to prosperity, because it does exist. We who cling to those pillars of principle will find the rewards and blessings; even the smallest point of light can penetrate the expanses of darkness.

Q.  Do you have any closing remarks about how to bring the eligibility question forward during the campaign?

A.  My feelings are we have got to unite The Birther Movement within the Presidential Race in order to gain traction from other candidates.  If we cannot do this, we are marginalized as not cohesive and that is sad, especially when over 75% of the Republican Party was ready to throw their hat in with Donald Trump when he was raising the Birther issue. That tells us The Movement is there, but we have to fight hard and fight where we can make a difference. Imagine a general election where the Republicans didn’t have to worry about Obama.  Isn’t that something we could agree they would like? So, let The Birther Movement unite and fight in the Democrat Primary!