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August 29, 2011

Sen. James Inhofe has a long history of public service, including Mayor of Tulsa, OK; minority leader of the Oklahoma State Senate; U.S. Congressman, and U.S. Senator

Dear Editor:

The following letter has been sent to Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma:

Dear Senator Inhofe,

Although I have tried repeatedly for about three years now, I will try once again to break what seems to be a “vow of silence” by the Republican Party.

I am well aware that for the better part of a decade, Congress has been trying unsuccessfully to amend the Constitution and when that failed, it appears they just chose to IGNORE IT!

You have “waged war” with the EPA and other government bureaucracies for years with varying degrees of success; but you seem to ignore the greatest enemy our country has ever faced!  Not al Qaeda, nor the Muslim Brotherhood, militant Islam, the Taliban, China, Russia, Hitler or Tojo can compare with the damage that Barack Obama / Barry Soetoro / Barry Soebarkah (or WHATEVER his REAL name might be) has already done and continues to wreak on our nation.  He and his fellow Marxists are diligently destroying our economy, our military and our very way of life while Congress with its inaction aids and abets these goings on.

Does it NOT bother you when a person arrives on the scene and spends some $2 MILLION hiding his past, then finally presents a phony birth certificate (which he is STILL using the courts to prevent forensic testing to validate its lack of authenticity); using a phony Social Security number and a fraudulent Selective Service registration; and despite the diligent activities of several investigators, NO ONE can find anyone who knew this guy from kindergarten until he arrived on the scene as a Chicago agitator (excuse me “community organizer”).  No one can find a person he had a beer with, dated, car pooled, had a class with, nada, zip, zero!

Now I am NOT asking you why you are ignoring your oath of office by overlooking Obama / Soetoro / Soebarkah’s lack of eligibility for the office of the presidency; I am asking why you will not tell us WHY YOU ARE REFUSING TO ADMIT THERE IS A PROBLEM?

Perhaps I shall be fortunate enough to get a reply THIS time?


Richard H. Irish