Citizen Activist Exposing Monroe County, TN Corruption Receives Death Threat


submitted by the Citizen Activist

What kind of judge denies a defendant a defense attorney, suborns perjury, and purposely omits parts of court proceedings so that they are never entered into the record?

(Aug. 29, 2011) — Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ms. Rondeau,

I posted the following (also attached), on August 27, 2010 after starting this forum and posting the first comment about the courtroom corruption on August 25, 2011 in the case involving the Christian Missionary.  You recently referenced this forum in your article on The Post & Email on August 27th, after I made you aware of it via your website.

Then in the early morning hours of Sunday, August 28, 2011, posting #13 was written by username “redneck with a badge n gun”.  See below.  He is telling me to “have fun sleeping with both eyes open.”

I then responded to this threat with posting #14 and # 15.  In my response, I made a number of comments of opinion and/or fact with regard to several cases involving corruption in Monroe County, of which I thought you would be interested.

Below is the copy and pasted postings I am referencing above. Please advise on what you think I might need to do with this information. I have never had my life threatened, and don’t know where one would go other than the police about this issue.  However, it is they that appear to be the ones threatening me.  What would you do if you were me in this situation?  Please advise.

Judge Carroll Ross

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InfoJohnson City, TN Reply » Report Abuse Judge it!  #1214 hrs ago

See details via this link on corrupt courtroom conduct and illegal judicial harassment by Judge Ross.……
Additional info on this poor defendant, a Christian Missionary in TN. These articles will give honest info on the false charges, ongoing judicial harassment, and abduction and torture of this Christian Missionary.

As well as info on other victims of the corruption by the a number of Monroe County government officials.

redneck w badge n gunKnoxville, TN Reply » Report Abuse Judge it!  #137 hrs ago 

have fun sleeping with both eyes open

No one is above the lawJohnson City, TN Reply »  Report Abuse Judge it!  #1412 min agoredneck w badge n gun wrote:

have fun sleeping with both eyes open

First, since you chose the username “redneck w badge n gun”, you want me to believe you are a cop since cops are the only ones that have a combination of a badge and gun… And I do believe that,

Second, your comment to me about my having fun sleeping with both eyes open sounds to me like a threat of physical harm, especially considering the fact that you chose the username “redneck w badge n gun”. Is this not true?

Now, from what I understand, corrupt cops don’t do their own murders unless they have to. In that instance, they use their corrupt county courts and good-ole-boys to cover it all up. This cover-up includes falsely charging a “down on their luck” resident for the murder. Is this not also true? I believe it is.

But, when premeditating a murder, as you appeared to be doing with your threat to me, this usually results in the corrupt cop hiring a criminal thug off the street to do this for him. The corrupt courts cover that up also by falsely charging a “down on their luck” resident with murder in a rigged trial by a corrupt Judge and a bunch of local good-ole boys… and girls as jurors.
This is why so many real criminals in TN are allowed to remain on the street. The real criminals on the street are left free to do the dirty work of corrupt cops when someone is exposing the corruption and they need to be shut-up.

This is what I understand has gone on in Monroe and other Tennessee counties before. It is what I believe happened to Jim Miller. That poor “down on her luck” woman got falsely charged for this murder. Yes, indeed, that false charge appears to be a cover-up for something far more cynical.

Clearly, you do not like the exposure of Monroe County’s corruption taking place in this forum. So what do you do? You threatened me with your “badge n gun” by choosing that as your username, and telling me you hope I have fun sleeping with both eyes open. Interestingly, you choose the word “redneck” to describe yourself. You sound like a home grown terrorist to me! Perhaps I should report you to the FBI in Knoxville. Opps… I forgot. The FBI in Knoxville appear to be ignoring complaints from citizens against corrupt cops and illegal court proceedings conducted by corrupt Judges. Therefore, I am on my own.
Therefore, Mr. Redneck with a gun n badge, go ahead and hire your hit man to come and kill me. Since you are a cop, I am sure you can find out where I am through topix,com with your unjustified court orders. Go ahead and do that. Kill me if you what. I know where I am going when I die, and it is a lot better place than the corrupt state of Tennessee.

But until that day comes, I will not allow redneck cops with a badge and a gun like you scare me with physical harm to shut me up from speaking out against Monroe County corruption and advocating for it’s victims. Give me liberty or give me death! Just do me a favor, have your hired killer aim real good as he stands over my bed while I am sleep with both eyes closed. Because I don’t sleep with both eyes open. I don’t have that much fear of you and your thugs. But I do have a husband that sleeps next to me with his own weapon of protection under his pillow. So you will need to hire two killers with two guns, one for me and one for my husband. Our bedroom is upstairs and to the left. Also, don’t kill us with one gunshot to the head and then set our house on fire, because that will be a true indication that it was not just some common thief.
Better yet, pick a murder date when my husband is out of town on business. That way you are sure to kill me, because I will not defend myself against a murderer hired by a corrupt Monroe County cop, like you. I’ll just let you kill me as I would rather be in dead than to be put in the Monroe County jail on a false murder charge for defending myself while sleeping in my bed at night.

continued on next post…

No one is above the lawJoin the communityJohnson City, TN 1 min agocontinued….

From what I hear, the very poor conditions of the Monroe County jail are worst than hell! And since I am going to heaven when I die, I prefer that over the Monroe County jail. Especially since a trial in Monroe County about a woman defending herself from a hit from you, would find me to be a murderer, instead of the situation being accurately assessed as an incident of “self defense”. Which was the case in the Jim Ellington trial!

Now, I think I have made a number of accurate points for this forum. Have a good day “redneck with a badge n a gun”. You may want to save some money for your defense, because the corruption in Monroe County is going to put a whole lot of your corrupt officials in your own hell hole that you all call a jail. Shame on Monroe County for keeping over 200 men in that hell hole with no proper ventilation, food, water, clothing, etc. What are you all doing with the money that should be allocated for the care of the inmates there? Lining your pockets with it. I believe so. How many of those men are innocent and kept there without any right to due process under the law as just happened to that Christian Missionary? How many of those men are sick from the awful conditions of that jail and not getting proper medical care? How many Mr. Redneck with a badge n gun? And who are these men? The citizens of this state will never know because the Monroe County jail will not make public the names of those inmates, what they were charged with or any other relevant information that would give an explanation as to why they are being held in that hell hole of a jail. Sounds like human trafficking to me! How much money does the Monroe County jail get from the federal government for each one of those inmates. If any, than perhaps this is all for profit because we know that very little of that money is being used to properly take care of these men and women.
Now, from what I understand several of the people responsible for this deplorable and ungodly behavior attend The Lighthouse Christian Church. Perhaps someone needs to get this information to the pastor there so he can counsel the sinners in his church to turn from these evil ways. After all, the bible that they use in this church states that the Word is to be used for teaching and rebuking. And I believe that some appropriate Christian rebuking is in order…. Mr. Redneck with a badge n a gun, you were not being very bright when you threatened me with your last post. Clearly, you are out –of-control and out-of-your-mind. And… you did that with such open confidence that one might wonder if you don’t believe that those in higher state government have your back. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be making threats like this, would you?

Interestingly, your post came from Knoxville (in Knox County). So the question now is this.., is the redneck with a badge n gun in Knoxville? If so, why would a cop in Knoxville be so upset with me addressing issues of corruption in Monroe County?

Maybe someone should contact the FBI in Knoxville who also have badges and guns and let them know that “you” are in “their” county threatening people. Unless… you are actually with the FBI. Surely… that is not the case… is it? Please confirm or deny. I will be waiting at my computer for an answer, or in my bed waiting to meet my maker with the help of your bullet. Don’t forget to bring your badge and leave it on my nightstand for evidence. Opps, forgot. People like you manufacture evidence, they don’t leave it at the scene of the crime.
Have a blessed day “redneck with a badge n gun”.

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Editor’s Note:  The Post & Email has advised the citizen whose life was threatened to contact the Knoxville FBI office at 865-544-0751 and ask for the duty agent.