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by Jeff Lichter

Has Article II, Section 1, clause 5 been abrogated completely?

(Aug. 27, 2011) — Truth seekers know that Marco Rubio, just like Barack Obama before him, is not a natural born citizen. Trying to forecast what the groups still fighting over the true status of Barack Obama will do when and if the same issue confronts them again will be very interesting.

The first group, the “Birthers,” continues to vigorously and correctly protest Barack Obama’s lack of Natural Born Citizenship. How strongly will they continue to object and will they object with the same force and outrage which currently characterizes their Constitutional fight? So far most of them have been very consistent in also stating that Marco Rubio is not eligible and there is no reason to expect that to change.

The second group, the OBOT/Dems, has protected their candidate and their party by  obscuring facts and distorting the traditional meaning of the natural born citizen term. They have done this in spite of the fact that five of them co-sponsored Senate Resolution 511, which employed the definition that the birthers ascribe to.  However, they will be severely challenged when and if they have to face the identical question as to Marco Rubio.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the group Jerome Corsi calls the “original birthers” who, prior to the SR 511 deal, were screaming the loudest about John McCain’s lack of natural born citizenship switch positions for the third time?  For them, it was not okay when it was John McCain, perfectly okay when it was Obama, and now they may have the opportunity to switch back again.  Talk about flip-flopping !

Maybe even more interesting will be to see what the lamestream media will do.  They have the same opportunity as the OBOT/Dems to flip-flop for the third time.  My bet is that they won’t be able to help themselves especially since they get to ask, not answer, the questions in all the debates.  So no one, at least on TV, can accuse them of flip-flopping.

However, here is a final thought in terms of a sports analogy.  If the OBOT/Dems and the media somehow recognize their hypocritical exposure and manage to remain silent about a Vice President Rubio, it reminds one of a bad baseball trade.  They succeed in getting a President Obama while the Republicans who have been silent about Obama (i.e., the SR 511 trade) succeed in getting a Vice President Rubio.  Of course, they will think it a good trade because Rubio will be an “outstanding future prospect” as a future President.  Either way, it is the Constitution and the USA that are the outright losers under such a scenario.