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by Will, blogging at GiveUsLiberty1776

(Aug. 18, 2011) — The whole sorry British adventure with the EU and open borders is exactly what our politicians are doing to America. They want it to happen. They planned it, and are slavering for the end of freedom in America. Why did the British citizenry allow it?…because they were the most civilized nation in the world where courtesy and respect for law and tradition deluded them into thinking that their government was doing what was best for them. This article explains what socialism and global government ideology wrought in that green and pleasant land.
The WWII camaraderie of the British and American people has been split asunder under our very pampered noses. The communal civility of both nations has been turned into a viciously contentious national monster. We have been programmed to be divided ethnically, religiously and politically. While we are fighting with each other and entirely occupied with these divisions, our politicians are criminally enriching themselves financially, extending their power bases and their licentious amalgamations with the enemies of our nation. All of the laws and regulations which shackle our endeavors to right the ship of state were created by them.
The Constitution outlines our rights and our remedies, but we are still expecting something or someone to lead us. The last place to look is to the government or the judiciary. The Electoral College is being destroyed as we speak. Governor Jerry Brown has decreed that all of California’s 55 votes will be cast for the winner of the popular vote. Thirteen states have now changed their laws in the same way. We are a Republic, not a Democracy, specifically designed to prevent majority rule. The white Anglo-Saxon population whose birth rate is now almost infinitesimal cannot survive the explosive expansion of the profligate minority and illegal populations.
We cannot survive the loss of the Constitution. The very first step to taking control of our country is to remove Obama from office. We have the right – do we have the will? He must not be impeached (those politicians who are considering it are merely leading us down the garden path) because that will mean we legitimize his status as president. Meanwhile we are fed our daily “emergency” or “crisis” to keep us occupied and with our head in the clouds. Obama out first. Closing the borders tight is second. Eviction of all illegals is third. Criminal charges against all elected officials and judges who have aided this conspiracy is fourth. Ruthless downsizing and elimination of all government departments, committees, and presidential appointees not sanctioned by the Constitution is fifth. The abolishing of the two-party system and establishment of a Constitutional Congress to govern until morality and the rule of law are reestablished is sixth.