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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

The Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building in Washington, DC was built in 1937

(Aug. 14, 2011) — As any first year economic or accounting major will tell you, the bottom line is debits and credits. That’s it. You can list derivatives, options, and points until the cows come home, and it all comes down to whether you are in or out of debt. If you take in more than you put out, you’re in the black. If you overspent, you’re in the red and you owe money because you lost money. Money spent or borrowed over what you made is lost money, money that you don’t have, money that you owe. And if you don’t pay, your credit rating drops down to the cellar; on any future borrowing you will pay a substantial penalty in the form of additional interest for being derelict in the first place.

Welcome to Stimulus 101, or as it is called in the world’s financial circles, “Deferred Bribe Payments.” Remember how the economy was manipulated prior to the 2008 elections? And how one side was complaining about the economy taking a nose-dive, even though they caused it? The same thing is happening now all over again. Look, there are no raging volcanoes in every country spilling ash all over, and the whole east coast of America didn’t get hit by a tidal wave because some island collapsed.  No, America’s financial meltdown is a well-planned and well-executed event. There are no surprises here. If there was a surprise anywhere, it would be how easily members of the United States Congress have been willing participants in America’s destruction.

America has many enemies, but the most insidious of them all is the Federal Reserve Bank and the harm it has done, is doing, and will do to America’s economy. I wouldn’t want Alan Greenspan to balance my checkbook after his devastating tenure as the Fed’s chairman. Advocating the continued use of a worthless currency, commonly known as a Federal Reserve Note, is nothing short of lunacy. In actuality, a Fed note has no backing, and is only worth what people think it can be traded for. Today $1,700 buys an ounce of gold; next week it’ll be $2,000. Picture Germans in the 1930’s buying a loaf of bread with a wheelbarrow filled with worthless Marks and you get the idea.

Welcome to the window of opportunity to Fascism. Welcome to Socialism, where there are two classes:  those who rule, and those who pretend that they have a vote, that they have freedoms, that their Constitution is meaningful, when it was really trashed three years ago when they still recited the mantra “Hope and Change.” Welcome to Oblivion, the planned destruction of the world’s hope to spread freedom across the globe. Dead in the water.

The United States of America has no need of a private enterprise telling us what we can and cannot do with our money. The Fed is out to make a profit, and even though the United States has been losing money, how is it, then, that the Fed has always shown a profit? Just a reminder:  What are the chances of our inept and totally despicable Congress renewing the Fed’s charter which expires in December 2013? The Fed answers to no one, as exemplified by Congress’s refusal to audit it recently. We don’t need no snake in the grass.