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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Well-known "Mexican-Americans" portrayed in an article in Wikipedia

(Aug. 12, 2011) — Mindless, uncontrolled, unsanctioned immigration will be the death toll of America. Our illegal immigrants, and legal immigrants, such as those from Puerto Rico and the Middle East, have not had, do not have, will not have, and refuse to have American history as their history.  They are determined to not be Americans but rather to categorize themselves as Pakistani, Mexican, or whatever.

But then there is absolutely no incentive for foreigners to learn English when all the signs are in Spanish and every store has an interpreter. Government offices have papers with multiple languages, and the American taxpayer is paying for the refusal of its legal and illegal immigrants to learn how to read and speak English. In other words, the American taxpayer is paving the way to its own destruction because the one main reason for a country imploding is the lack of communication between sides. If you want proof of what I’m writing about, just read about the riots in England during the first week of August 2011.

But it gets even worse. We actually have Muslims within our armed forces; I kid you not. Even though the civilized world is at war with Islam and vice-versa, we allow Muslims in the military to be classified as conscientious objectors against “fellow Muslims,” citing that they are forbidden to kill other Muslims, but they are allowed a free pass on the Quran saying that it is their duty to “kill Jews and Christians.”

American patriotism is, nowadays, if one believes the hot air from Congress and Homeland Security, akin to terrorism. Displaying the American flag may “offend” somebody, as is a display of support for our troops by hanging a flag with a star on it in the front window. When I was growing up, every house that had a serviceman serving in Korea had such a star, and one house had three. If it weren’t for our troops, there wouldn’t be an America.  How simply can you put it?

Our immigrants, legal or otherwise, do not embrace America, but rather mourn for their homeland, and, as a consequence, try to remake our country into their country. I personally don’t subscribe to that philosophy. Me? If they don’t like our country, they are free, unlike the Soviet Union of yesterday (Berlin Wall, anyone?), to leave at any time. And if they need assistance leaving, I’m sure we can find a way to help them vacate the premises.