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by Ron Ewart, ©2011

(Aug. 7, 2011) — Some may call the rising of the Tea Party Movement, at this historical moment, as providence.  Others might say that the time was right for them to appear on the scene, as government grew more fiscally irresponsible and corrupt.  And still others might proffer that it is merely random probability that a freedom-loving, grass-roots movement suddenly was born in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans to take hold in the body politic.

No matter what the reason, there is a new political force in the land that appears to be unstoppable.  Liberals, progressives and the left seem to be in a state of denial, but this new force will fundamentally transform America, just as those rag tax farmers of 1776 snatched freedom out of the clutches of rising British tyranny.  In a repeat of history, the tea party of today will re-kindle the fire of freedom in a people who looked the other way as government took advantage of their apathy and expanded government’s power way beyond the intent of the framers of our constitution.

The American Tea Party has done more to change the direction of America in just three short years, than all the HOPE, HYPE and CHANGE that Barack Hussein Obama has inflicted upon our great country in his efforts to destroy her. The Tea Party movement has altered the dialogue at all levels of government, to trim its size, stop passing draconian laws on business and private property and initiatives to repeal such laws, inhibiting the increase in taxes and to institute a balanced budget amendment at the federal level, just as all the states are required to do.

For the Tea Party’s efforts they have been called racists, terrorists, bomb throwers, destroyers and every other derogative comment that the left can dream up, all parroted by the shameless mainstream media.

But just the opposite is true. The Tea Party members are patriots through and through and should be applauded and rewarded for their efforts, not vilified and pilloried. They are no less patriots than the colonials who sacrificed everything to give birth to American freedom some 235 years ago. They are equals to the Founding Fathers that pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor in the defense of this new found freedom.  No such movement in America, since the Revolution, has had such a rapid influence on American politics, than the current members of the American Tea Party.

Born out of anger and frustration at what politicians of all stripes (but mostly progressives) have perpetrated upon this Republic for the last 100 years, the crescendo of discontent propagated throughout the land like a fast-moving tsunami, sweeping across the ocean.   With the help of the Internet and social networks, that anger and frustration has manifested itself into action.   The 2010 mid-term election was a direct result of that manifestation.

The so-called debt crisis in the spring and summer of this year would never have occurred had the Tea Party representatives, sworn in after the 2010 mid-terms, and the grass-roots Tea Party Movement itself, not faced down the putative president and his liberal counterparts in Congress.  No, the compromise they came up with wasn’t a win, but it was a step in the right direction, albeit a tiny one.  If the liberals and Obama had gotten their way, the debt ceiling would have been raised over $2 Trillion, taxes would have been increased and out-of-control spending would not have even been on the table for discussion.

The fight is on to restore our great country to the foundations of its birth in freedom and liberty and the Tea Party is leading the way.  Socialism and communism will not win out in a land where the freedom gene has been implanted in the DNA of almost every American.  The road forward is going to a bumpy one because the powers that be will pull out all the stops to defeat the ideals and principles of those great patriots that wear the Tea Party label.  We are calling on all Tea Party Members to wear that label with pride and honor that they so richly deserve and to pay no attention to the wave of insults being hurled at them, because these insults are hurled in desperation and fear of what is to come.

If you are a member of a Tea Party group, you should be proud of what you and the millions of others who raised their voices against business-as-usual in Washington, DC and in other state capitols, counties and cities across America, have accomplished.  What you have done is to awaken a sleeping tiger.  The tiger is angry, restless and hungry.  His appetite for freedom will not be satisfied until the failed and false ideology of liberalism and progressivism is purged from this great land ….. forever.

To assist the “tiger” we have created two (2), 2-1/4″ pin buttons that carry the Tea Party message.  One is a declaration that the “Tea Party Has Arisen … To Save America” and the other is “I Am A Proud Member of the Tea Party“.  You can click on the hyperlinks of their names above, or log onto our website at http://www.narloltd.com and click on the “The Tea Party” link.  Show YOUR support for the Tea Party.  Either join a tea party group near you, or send the tea party some money so that they can continue their vital work!

Ladies and gentlemen, there can only be one America and that America is steeped in freedom, individual rights, independence, self-reliance, reasonable compassion  ….. and absolute sovereignty under the U. S. Constitution.  Millions of men and women have paid the ultimate price so that she will remain free.  Those who reject this one America need to be shown the error of their ways, or give up their right to vote, or if that doesn’t work, promptly escorted out of the country.  America will not survive as a free and prosperous nation, if liberalism and progressivism are allowed to prevail.  The Tea Party has arisen to assure that doesn’t happen.