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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Can Americans experience a resurgence in national identity, pride and traditions?

(Aug. 3, 2011) — Mistakes? Are you kidding me?  The word “mistake” is now the politically-correct definition of “grievous felonious mortal failure”? Whatever the bum, meaning, of course, our de facto “Scorch America” president, signed into law will be rendered null and void when he is finally hand-and-ankle-shackled, in what is now infamously known as the “LTC Terry Lakin Shuffle,” out of the White House.

Here’s an accounting joke: boss is interviewing for an accountant, calls the first one in to be questioned.  The boss says, “Okay, now tell me, what’s two plus two?” “Why,” the applicant answers, “Four!” with a big smile.  The boss calls “Next!” He asks the same question to the next guy, who jumps up, lowers the blinds, goes and locks the door, comes back to the chair, leans over, and whispers, “Whatever you want it to be.”  And that, everyone, is the true story of the birth of the Federal Reserve Bank. The American people have been swindled for far too long to endure any more of this bogus “National Debt.”  It doesn’t exist; it’s nothing more than a simple scam to gouge your money out of your pocket. It’s not make-believe money, however; it’s real money that’s been lining the pockets of crooked judges and politicians for almost a hundred years..

There are no comparisons with the Democratic Party of JFK with the Democratic Party of today, save the name.  Okay, fine; if the Democrats of today want to be associated with those of yesterday, then all I’ve got to say is prove it, prove it to the American people that you can make this a better America. How? Easy; before JFK was gunned down, he signed Executive Order #11110. I say put it back on the table, bring JFK’s legacy alive. Put up or shut up.

I don’t cotton to the idea of the United States selling any of its assets to foreigners, and that includes our Chinese friends. Okay, so we allowed the Chinese to get, not a toe, nor a foot, but a whole knee into our economic system, but there’s an easy, fair, and equitable solution: tariff imported Chinese goods the exact amount they tariff our exported goods, which should apply to all of our trading partners, by the way. Competition and innovation are admirable traits, but let’s keep the playing field fair, everyone. Slave and child labor is cheating; there’s no other term for it. Well, actually there is: immoral. That’s right, we’ll pay back the Chinese from the money we collect from placing tariffs on their goods.

NEWS! America is not an entitlement society. Now, I know some of you may disagree, but hear me out. First off, just because people got to sit around collecting money from their fellow taxpayers, or rather, stealing money from those of us who earn it does not mean that they get to do it anymore: the rules have been changed. Bring back the draft; no deferments, sorry. Even the most die-hard conscientious objector certainly can have no qualms about being a school crossing guard, or, for that matter, a hall monitor for first graders. Meaning, of course, that everyone can contribute something to his country. Reinstitute the WPA. Clean up the trash, bury power and communication lines, revitalize our railroads. Buy their ticket to VA healthcare, too.

With a major reduction in what some call the Judiciary System and others call the “Revolving Door Justice” system, no matter what, the end result will be a major reduction in law enforcement. It’s easy. Stop the repeat offenders; then you eliminate half the problem.  Deport illegals, another 25%. A piece of cake. A world where there is no such animal as a “repeat child molester.”  With me? Get the picture? Institute a nationwide drug program; it’s either that or cold turkey in jail. No parole boards because there will be no parole. Our prison system will be modeled after the prison system in Japan. End of story.

I’d like to say a few words about a subject a great number of Americans don’t care about and don’t even want to think about, but I’m going to say it anyway: Patriotism. Thanks to my time in the U.S. Military, I got to travel to many different countries throughout the world, from Southeast Asia to the Mediterranean and Europe, and I came away from that experience with a new-found respect for America that I hadn’t had before. In every country to which I traveled, and there are more than 20, I always met at least one person who expressed admiration and the hope that someday they would get to experience the American dream, even if in their own homeland. Our good fortune was only possible  through the efforts of patriots who fought and died for us; that’s right, for us.  Are we not a following generation from those who fought in the Revolutionary War? We are now in a life-and-death struggle between the Constitution and Islam. It behooves all Americans to reflect on their freedoms, freedoms so dearly won, yet so easily lost.

We have Sharia Law creeping into the American way of life. It starts out by prayers in the public schools and from there spreads its insidious hate for all things non-Islam, backed by the full power of Homeland Security, doing its best to destroy America as per direct orders from the White House. Such actions have included removing the Pledge of Allegiance from schools and courtrooms, removing prayers from high school football games, listing Patriots as Traitors, and not showing Old Glory for fear of “offending someone.” Just remember this: it was wrong to import Muslims into the United States, and it will be right to deport each and every one of them.