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Aug. 1, 2011

Rep. Andy Harris is a medical doctor whose father was also a doctor. Both of his parents were born in formerly Soviet-bloc countries

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent to Rep. Andy Harris from the First District of Maryland and copied to the Baltimore FBI office:

From:  Redacted
Sent:  Mon 7/25/11 6:22 PM
To:  Representative Andy Harris (MD01AHima@mail.house.gov)
Cc:  Baltimore@ic.fbi.gov

Dear Congressman Harris:

As our state of Maryland representative, I emphasize to you, that our chosen representatives of The People must carry out the removal of Barack H. Obama now – or The People will be forced to have a true Revolution.  I’m sure you realize that this uprising has been brewing.

There are no more excuses for Congress or the FBI not to remove this man from The People’s Oval Office for Fraud and Treason along with other High Crimes against the United States of America. Examples of a few are:

  • While as a Senator – Obama has committed Wire fraud – reportedly in the 2008 campaign received contributions from outside sources of the USA ($700 million).
  • Illegally taking office of the USA Presidency – Constitutional Ineligibility
  • Falsifying Certificate of Live Birth – proven by many experts.
  • Usage of an illegal Social Security number from Connecticut – proven by extensive investigation
  • Obama’s total lack of respect for the US Constitution.  (A constitution is not the act of a government, but of a people constituting a government – a government without a constitution is power without right.)
  • The Expansion of government – Socialism is unconstitutional
  • Bailouts – Banks and Auto Industry – Unconstitutional – using taxpayers’ money to buy distressed assets, and taking an ownership position in private financial institutions.
  • Engineering the redistribution of wealth in the GM stock catastrophe is unconstitutional
  • Causing the highest Unemployment since the Great Depression
  • Czars -The appointment of the many czars by the Obama administration are unconstitutional
  • Libya Act of War – No Congressional approval
  • *Fast & Furious – Lethal weapons transported – Mexican border patrol murdered.
  • American Economy – deliberate bankruptcy
  • ObamaCare – unconstitutional
  • Illegal Immigration laws to support & educate illegal immigrants with American Taxpayer funds.
  • Outrageous Federal Spending – USA Deficit $$$ Trillions $$$
  • Attempts to remove citizens’ civil liberties

Quoted from a January 21, 2011 article in The Post & Email.com (by Gary Stevens)

  • The Congress is negotiating the economic future of America with an illegal president.
  • The ALARMING INSANITY:  the liar-in-chief commands our military.
  • The ASTOUNDING INSANITY:  the Director of Homeland Security has a boss that is “THE” breach of all security.
  • The ASTRONOMICAL INSANITY:  he is still in office with no disclosure of who he really is!



There is no room for empathy when justice is blind.

Proud to be an American Patriot,