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by Sharon Rondeau

Fox News Radio launched in 2003 but used Westwood One and Clear Channel Communications to reach more markets

(Jul. 28, 2011) — Gary Wilmott, owner of the Give Us Liberty blog and co-launcher of the One Nation Under Fraud website, called in to the John Gibson radio program aired by Fox News Radio and spoke about Obama’s alleged fraudulent birth certificate and social security number on the morning of July 28, 2011.

Gibson’s promo page states, “John’s all over the big stories, and he’s not backing down.  Dissent is encouraged!”  His show airs from noon to 3:00 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

Before launching into radio, Gibson was host of “The Big Story” on the Fox News Channel at 5:00 p.m. ET.

Fox News Radio began in 2003 by providing short news updates on the half-hour and later  joined with Clear Channel Communications to expand its broadcasting capabilities and audience.

Instead of asking Wilmott why he believes that Obama is using a fraudulently-obtained social security number from Connecticut or why he suspects that the image produced by the White House on April 27, 2011 is a forgery, Gibson and his assistant responded with ridicule and insults toward Wilmott, implying that he was not of sound mind.  Further, Gibson posted an audio clip which is arguably insulting, demeaning, and possibly slanderous directly under the masthead on his website which reads:


We thought all the crazy “birthers” dissapeared, when President Obama released his birth certificate…
Lucky for us, we were WRONG!
Gary in L.A. called in, to remind us all, that Birtherism is alive and well
Watch out for those chemtrails, Gary

Below the text is a photo of a woman obviously wearing a nurse’s uniform.

Gibson’s site promotes well-known Fox News commentators such as Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Neil Cavuto.  Tom Sullivan hosts a daily program, and an ad for Rush Limbaugh also appears at the top of the site.

Gibson or his assistants apparently were in such a hurry to post the audio of Wilmott’s call that they could not spell the word “disappeared” correctly.  Are they running a blog or a professional website?

The call screener is Christine, who is reportedly 30 years old.  Her comments toward Wilmott were condescending and disrespectful.  A clip of her “Greatest Hits” posted on Gibson’s site contains references to “idiot callers” and not being a “birther” as well as John Gibson being a “racist.”  She also jokingly discusses why wives and husbands might decide to be unfaithful to each other.

Is this journalism?

Wilmott reported that Gibson urged his listeners at the end of the show to “go [sic] his podcast and listen to some “OUTRAGEOUS STATEMENTS” from someone out in LA. (that be me).”

There is reason to believe that the image purported to be Obama’s long-form birth certificate issued by Hawaii is a forgery, as several document examiners, investigators, typesetting and Adobe Illustrator experts have come forward to stake their respective reputations on their declarations that the image was created electronically and is not a copy of an original paper document.  The Director of the Hawaii Department of Health has received a subpoena from the U.S. District Court in Honolulu to produce Obama’s original birth record by August 8, 2011, and at least one member of the public was told that she had “left the island.”  However, a resident of the island of Oahu, where the Health Department is located, stated that Loretta Fuddy was working in her office in Honolulu last week and had a full schedule there this week.  The Post & Email has sent a UIPA request to obtain Fuddy’s public work schedule to determine whether or not she was or is away from her office.

Dr. Orly Taitz was told that there were no attorneys who could answer her question as to whether or not the Hawaii Attorney General, David M. Louie, planned to respond to the court-issued subpoena on behalf of his client, the Department of Health.  Taitz told The Post & Email that Health Department matters are defended by Assistant Attorney General Jill T. Nagamine.  A call from The Post & Email to Ms. Nagamine’s office made on July 19, 2011 was not returned.

Private Investigator Susan Daniels has gone on the record on several occasions to state that the social security number Obama is using was not originally assigned to him.  Acquaintances of Obama’s from Chicago have stated that they became skilled at adopting new identities by stealing social security numbers and birth certificates from the deceased.

The exchange among Wilmott, Gibson, and Christine can also be heard here.

In his book Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky wrote that “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.  It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.”

The following communication was sent to Gibson following the posting of Wilmott’s call:

From:  Carl Swensson
Sent: Thu 7/28/11 3:45 PM
To: gibsonradio@foxews.com

Dear Mr. Gibson,

I listened as you used derision, deflection and character assassination to avoid having to honestly answer the questions posed by Gary.


All tools of the left all tools designed for a purpose. What is your purpose here Mr Gibson? Can you honestly answer or address the three issues he raised or have you now been completely brainwashed?


You already answered my first question with the condescension you and your playmates displayed. Now, how about answering the second part.


Bogus SS# is FACT

Bogus COLB posted on the WH website is FACT

“Born on the soil to citizen parents” as defined in Minor v Happersett (1875 SCOTUS) is FACT

 I realize journalism died along with Dan Rather’s bogus document release on Bush but even he said the gravity of the charge alone was worthy of investigating. Not grave enough for you? Come to think of it, you sound very much like the court cases you so love to cite as evidence that this issue has been dealt with. You know all those “Birther” cases that never ever had the merit of the case ruled on (see link above) . According to all those cited cases no one in this country has standing to bring such a  case before the courts. FACT

 Deal with the truth for a change and deal with the preponderance of the evidence or continue to take your own mellow meds and avoid any possibility of conflict.

The rest of us out here in the real world are contiuing to take names of those complicit in contiuing this MOST GRAVE Constitutional crisis.

Can you hear us yet?

Carl A. Swensson

Update, July 28, 2011:  Gary Wilmott has sent the following email to John Gibson:

From: Gary Wilmott <gmwesq@sbcglobal.net>
Subject: Yeah John…I’m a real idiot 75% say Obama born in Kenya That’s a July 28 poll!
To: gibsonradio@foxnews.com
Date: Thursday, July 28, 2011, 6:51 PM

An email to John Gibson (gibsonradio@foxnews.com)

Hey John…check this out – A new Poll shows 75% believe Obama born in….KENYA!


BTW I will debate you on your radio program anytime you are ready…I am sure it will make for great ratings. To make it a fair fight….I will wear my straightjacket!

One hour or 3 hours…we can do the following topics:

1. usurpation of the presidency and the Natural Born Citizen clause (art. 2 sec.1)
2. Forged Birth Certificate
3. Multiple social security #s and related identity fraud
4. Forged and back-dated selective service registration.

I will use no notes because I won’t have use of my hands!

Let’s do it John…your chance to show us your evidence and put the issue to bed! You can even have O’Reilly help you!


Update, Aug. 1, 2011:  An astute reader has informed us, and we have confirmed, that the photo of the nurse shown on Gibson’s website which accompanied the audio and the heading “Medication Time!” is from the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”