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by WTPOTUS, ©2011, blogging at WTPOTUS

Alleged to be Stanley Ann Dunham Note the tell tale neck covering. Photo: NY Times

(Jul. 27, 2011) — Below is a compilation of Barack Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham’s, many variations of her signature.   Like anything else having to do with this fabricated family,  there are just too many inconsistencies in provided information to say any of them are biologically  related to each other or that they even exist.   The felonious crimes of the cabal involved in these crimes are getting too numerous to mention. The apparent forgeries of many documents are being examined by experts in various fields, and the exposure of these fraudulent documents and the crimes of those involved are beginning to reach a fevered pitch.

It is unfathomable to me how so many documents for this family that were completed for the government can raise so many questions,  i.e., social security cards, social security applications, passport applications, petitions, written notes, letters, marriage licenses, birth certificates, school records,  alien documents, and photographs.

Applications are incomplete, blank spaces occur where questions were supposed to be answered, dates referring to specific events are different in various documents, forms are used that were never in use by the government, and form numbers or revisions are erroneous.

Applications contain writing that is noticeably written by different hands on the same page and within the same file of documents.  Handwriting signatures aren’t identical when compared to other examples supposedly written by the same person.  Signatures occurring on the same page for the same day don’t match either.

As you will see below in examples of Ann Dunham’s signatures, the slant of the writing is either to the left, right or straight up and down.  The cursive signature varies in the amount of pressure applied to the paper; it is heavy to extremely light.  When the signature is written it is exactly on the baseline or way above it.  The written letters are either angular or rounded and vary.  Her signature is clear or sloppily written. As her name changes from Dunham to Obama to Soetoro, her first name is written either as Stanley, S., or Ann. Along with her name changes, her cursive handwriting style also changes.  The discrepancies are quite obvious when they are laid out together and seen.

How can these abnormalities be explained away?  The obvious answer is they can’t.  Someone has forged these government documents.  It has been done by those who have conspired to cover-up the usurper and his less than illustrious family. They try, but their deceit has gone too far.  Their forged documents and the information presented are being dissected and examined page by page.

As your eyes can see, Ann’s name as well as her signature varies from document to document.  Which, if any, is the real signature of Stanley Ann Dunham?  In reality, is there a real Ann Dunham that is the mother of Barack Obama or is she a fabrication?  I added the legal term of Doe to indicate another name she may have used but is unknown.

Let’s compare and contrast Ann’s signatures. These are arranged from the earliest dates to the latest. If you have other examples that are missing from this list, please let us know the source and they will be added.

Will a handwriting expert please weigh in!

Signature Variations of

      Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro Doe


Stanley Signature from High School Photo


Stanley Ann Signature from Application for Social Security Number from SSA


Stanley Ann Dunham Obama as written on BHO's LFCOLB in 1961. Recently presented to the US by the White House on April 27, 2011


Stanley Ann Soetoro Signature from Petition for Lolo, page 70


Stanley Ann Soetoro Signature Passport File Page 5


S. Ann Soetoro Nov. 30, 1965 Affidavit, Lolo Petition File, page 117



Stanley Ann Dunham Passport File, Page 3, August 13, 1968


Stanley Ann Soetoro Signature Page 6 Passport File



S. Ann Dunham Soetoro, Passport Application, January 4, 1972



Mrs. S. Ann Soetoro May 1, 1974 Letter, Lolo Petition File Pg 165



S. Ann Dunham Soetoro, June 197? Passport Application, Page 11



Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro Signature from Marriage Certificate - Lolo Soetoro Page 73



Stanley Ann Dunham Signature April 9, 1986 - Note Trip to Philippines Delayed



S. Ann Dunham Passport Application Signature April 27, 1987?


Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro Passport Application – Strunk v Dept of State.

White House Long Form COLB for Barack Obama on April 27, 2011

Lolo Soetoro Petition, Obama Sr. – Ken Allen FOIA Release – Department of Homeland Security

Documents Related to Stanley Ann Dunham – FOIA requests 12/10/2010