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July 24, 2011

How far from the principles of George Washington has his namesake state strayed?

Dear Editor:

The following email was sent to Washington State Senator Adam Kline:

From: “Art Phillips”
Sent: Saturday, July 23, 2011 1:40 PM
To: Kline, Sen. Adam
Subject: You all listen up..Art Phillips has more to say!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Honorable Adam Kline
Room 223 JACB
PO Box 40482
Olympia, WA 98504-0482

The Honorable Adam Kline
3219 37th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98144-7013

CC:  All US Lawmakers

Dear Senator Kline,

I am not a Constitutional scholar nor am I an authority on legislative matters.  I am, however, a tax paying citizen of the United States of America who has served my country and bled for my country.  Many of my family have served our nation and some lost their lives.

I am only one of thousands of American citizens who could write this very same letter to you.  I am confident it would be wise to keep this in mind as you read.  As I have stated many American citizens have sacrificed more for this country than most serving in the House and Senate.  It is without a doubt that almost all American citizens have sacrificed more than Mr. Obama.

Our nation only exists because of the desire of people to be free.  People with the courage to fight and sacrifice all they possessed to be free.  They admired individuals with character traits like Honor, Duty, Loyalty, Morality and Courage.  Men with these traits abandoned their comfort and wealth to accept the challenge of “bringing forth a new nation.”  A nation where men could be who they wanted to be, worship in the ways of their faith, and keep the greatest part of their labors.  There was no end to which these men would not go to achieve this noble cause.  The result of their efforts became known as The United States Constitution, and  the men known as our founding fathers.

Many of our citizens in 2011 hold true to their resolve to be free and are willing to sacrifice their comfort and wealth as well as their lives.  This administration and federal government are pursuing fools folly in many of its actions and attitudes toward the citizens of the United States.

Our founding fathers wrote our Constitution for every citizen of our great nation.  There were no provisions made with regard to a person’s wealth, position, poverty, or celebrity that would elevate one individual or group of individuals over another.  Because our Constitution was intended to benefit every citizen by state sovereignty  and not the federal government, its framers knew it must be written in a way all could understand.  They achieved this goal.

Many of those in this administration, especially Obama, as well as many in the House and Senate insult every American citizen when they act as though the average citizen is ignorant with regard to their own Constitution.  I use “their Constitution” because it was never intended to be the government’s Constitution.  Our Constitution’s primary intent is to limit the federal government’s power and authority, so when it comes to what Our Constitution means “We The People of the states” will tell “you the government” if you do not understand.

However, understanding the Constitution isn’t much of a problem unless you do not want to adhere to the highest law in our nation.  The Obama administration has had much difficulty understanding our Constitution.  They do not understand because our Constitution does not support most of what they are trying to do.  They have made many attempts to redefine our Constitution in Obama’s image.  Often they have simply ignored our Constitution and inserted the “Obama doctrine” in defiance of the highest law of the land.  Any individual with the ability to read, who  possess  a little common sense, has the ability to understand our Constitution. It just isn’t that difficult.

There is a hand full of good legislators in Washington.  These men and women are loyal Americans and they understand what it means to have Honor Duty and Loyalty with regard to our Constitution.  I want them to know that this letter is not intended for them, they already know these things and I respect them. This hand full of good legislators does not include people with the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Biden or any of the rest of the socialist left wing.  When an individual accepts the responsibility of serving in public office they take an oath to protect our Constitution.  It is no wonder that there is so much infidelity among liberals and progressives, they have no Honor to any oath.

This nation belongs to its people and by that I mean those willing to work and sacrifice for it.  I do not include, as American citizens, people who live on the public dole that are perfectly capable of holding a job. This does not include the severely disabled, aged, those with severe mental challenges or any extreme debilitation.   From my experience, and I have watched closely, most of those drawing welfare are simply freeloaders.  These people do not have an ounce of Honor in them.

It makes no difference to them if our nation stands or falls so long as they can get something for nothing.  It is difficult for working Americans to accept the fact that this administration caters to this segment of society.  Those cheating the working American are a big reason our country is financially stressed,  and by “cheating” I don’t simply mean welfare cheats.  If you are in DC and reading this you should look in a mirror and ask yourself, am I one of them.  If you are hopefully you know just how worthless you really are.

Although I was never interested in being involved in politics recent developments in the state of our union caused me great alarm.  Upon my return from the Mid East, serving as a force protection officer for many months, I was shocked to find my country in the condition it is now in.  One could never have envisioned that in such a short time our Constitution could be swept aside and replaced by the desires of a few malcontents.  This administration has deified itself to a point where it believes American citizens are its subjects rather than constituents.

This president, his cabinet and  a large number of those elected to the 111th congress have clearly committed criminal acts against the people of the United States as well as its Constitution.  It is not unfounded to say that their acts clearly constitute treason.  Therefore, why have we not seen any of the checks and balances, all Americans believed to exist, engage .  Many people have asked me “why doesn’t the FBI or any of those who took an oath to protect the Constitution do something?”  I can’t answer them, and I am one of those who took the oath, as are you.  I see the criminals at work destroying our Liberty, Freedom and Constitution, yet I know that if I even mentioned it to the FBI or any other “law enforcement” agency, I would be laughed out of the building.  I know if I took a firm stand to protect our Constitution, as the law requires me to do, I would only be arrested and imprisoned for the rest of my life.

So, just what exactly do law abiding, patriotic American citizens do when they are being attacked from within their own government.  They address their government with peaceful protests, and their  government calls them terrorists.  They form tea parties and march, peacefully, on Washington, two million strong and their government says it didn’t notice.  By what means does a man protect his and his families freedom from tyrants when the tyrants dissolve the very laws intended to provide such protection?

It is truly time for “all good men and women to come to the aid of their country”,  it is now reality that America is in the grips of an unconstitutional president and a dishonorable legislature.  This government knows no depth as to how low it will stoop to achieve its goals and the people of the United States be damned.  I recall the words “from time to time the tree of freedom must be nourished with the blood of tyrants and  patriots”.  This nation has, from its miraculous beginning until now,  been a beacon of hope that freedom is possible and all men are entitled to be free.

Across the earth the burdened and oppressed the enslaved and subjected could see that light in the distance and believe someday it might shine on them and their children.  That light along with the hope it carried around the earth is dimming.  Each time this president and administration acknowledges another tyrant or cheap little dictator, each time this president bows to men that disregard human rights, it dims a little more.  If we allow this president or congress to continue diluting American values and laws with those of other nations that light will no longer shine.  America will not exist anymore, America will not be anything to be proud of and it will slip into mediocrity.  When America is gone, or becomes a part of a one world initiative there will never be hope or change again, this is Obama’s dream world.  As far as the one writing this is concerned it will not happen so long as he is able to write a word or shoulder a rifle.  I support the laws of our great nation and I will defend those laws as well as all the freedoms and rights all American citizens are legally afforded by our Constitution, so help me God.

I hope and pray that our nation never experiences another internal conflict.   Something of this nature would be a sad day indeed.  This is a big reason I keep trying to get through to those with the responsibility of  governing.  No reasonable sane man could ever deny the fact that this administration and the  111th Congress is responsible for the financial disaster our nation is in.  No reasonable sane man could ever deny that Barak Obama has caused more harm to the United States than and single individual in our history.  There is not one individual in the legislature that could look one in the eye, and honestly say , Barak Obama cares for our nation.  I have talked with many of you from both sides of the isle and all of you agree that Barak Obama is completely unqualified and incapable as president.  I have listened carefully to Obama’s words and I consider him one of the least intelligent  and  least honest individuals I have ever encountered.  How those who made a commitment to serve this nation and protect our Constitution can allow this individual to continue down a path that is destroying our country is beyond reason.   I simply ask that all of you stop worshiping your damn party and start saving our nation.  I and thousands of others have paid an enormous price for America what have you done?


Art Phillips

and the following response was received:

From: Kline, Sen. Adam [mailto:Adam.Kline@leg.wa.gov]
Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2011 12:39 AM
To: Art Phillips
Subject: RE: You all listen up..Art Phillips has more to say!

Please do not write any more of this nonsense to me.

The following citizen response was then sent:

From:  Arnie Rosner 
Sent: Sun 7/24/11 5:22 AM
To:  Adam.Kline@leg.wa.gov
Cc:  Art Phillips

Dear Public Employee:

Adam, as per the First Amendment, constituents have every right to address their concerns to you and you are obligated to accept them and to the extent you honor your commitment to your oath of office…respond; less you violate your oath to the Constitution.

Through the generosity of the US Taxpayer, you have been provided with the resources you have obviously thoughtlessly, have begun to assume are somehow belonging to the state of Washington.

Your arrogance is duly noted and this message is to clear up any confusion and to further advise you that as a public servant….It is with confidence, I expect Mr. Phillips, a constituent and American taxpayer, will graciously accept your public apology for the disrespectful manner in which you received Mr. Phillips efforts to address matters of his concern. It is We the People who are providing you the resources with which to do your job.

Thank you for your interest Senator.  Glad we could clear that matter up for you.  There is a very strong chance your disrespectful attitude and comments may end up being made public to the great citizens of Washington State.



Editor’s Note:  The email series above has been published without editing, as it came to The Post & Email as an historical record.