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by Steven Butler

No one from either the House of Representatives or the Senate has stepped forward to investigate Obama's background and likely criminal activity

July 22, 2011

Dear Representative or Senator,

It’s closing in on three years since Congress knowingly allowed an ineligible candidate on the ballot and, without objection, to be elected the putative president of the U.S.A. The insanity that overtook slightly more than half the voters also consumed the common sense and logical thinking ability of our elected officials and mainstream media. America was suddenly a bad country which could make up for the sins of her past by electing the “historic first black president.”

From 2003 till 2007 Congress introduced eight different bills trying to change the “natural born Citizen” requirement for president in the Constitution to something that would fit the up-and-coming One. Rightfully, they all failed to get out of committee, including the two introduced by former Arkansas Congressman Vic Snyder.  After Obama’s speech at the Democrat National Convention in 2004, it was obvious he was considered to be The One who would head the perfect storm for a far-left takeover of America’s government, and absolutely nothing would stand in his way. Once the ball was rolling for the election of the first black president, no one in Congress or the mainstream media dare stand in the way to be called “racist.”  They all either became cheerleaders for Obama or just stood by as the Obama tsunami swept over America, replacing logic and common sense with a universal  “Hope and Change.”  To be critical of hope and change was something few politicians would put their hearts into. The ultimate coup continued unabated.

This unqualified, ineligible, largely unknown (and what was known was anything but impressive) person was going to, among other things; make America a “post-racial” nation where finally everyone was truly equal. The reality is that Obama has set race relations back at least 50 years, as he and his Attorney General Eric Holder and other supporters throw out the race card at the slightest excuse. The card is apparently still valid to many as they scatter and back-track and huddle out of sight until the latest race card is put back in the deck to wait for the next criticism of The One. Mental midgets like Sheila Jackson-Lee blame Obama’s failed pretend presidency on “racist white people,” which means any white person who disagrees with Obama.

Congress fears taking action against Obama. That fear includes both asking for an independent investigation of Obama and of beginning the impeachment process for any of his many violations of the Constitution.  Evidence that Obama is a criminal with a very poorly-forged long-form birth certificate is filed with the FBI and ignored, along with evidence he is using a stolen Social Security number that could not have been issued to him. Efforts to reveal the truth continue by American Patriots around our nation, and thankfully they are making progress as the unraveling of Barry’s faςade continues. People with collectively hundreds of years of graphics and copying experience, some, like Mara Zebest, are not only nationally, but internationally, known as the best in their field, have stated in writing and explained in detail how they know Obama’s long-form birth certificate is, absolutely, a forgery.  Obama is above the law, and Congress is paralyzed from doing anything because they fear speaking out will reveal Congress’s part in getting the Socialist/Communist imposter on the ballot and elected. Congress is correct about that. Though most in Congress would likely escape serious charges, some who are directly implicated would rightfully go to prison and would look great in their new orange jumpsuits. At least one would likely still be flashing a permanent Botox smile.

Congress continues to send out nonsensical form letters to their constituents,  having drifted away from the now discredited April 3rd 2009 Jack Maskell CRS memo and in many cases making up intelligence-insulting, pulled-out-of-thin-air comments about State Department vetting, which DID NOT HAPPEN, or the other party doing the vetting. The “other party” was as paralyzed as Congress and the media over the possibility of being called “racist” and upsetting the chance for America to make amends by electing its first black president, any black president; the person did not matter, only the symbolism mattered.  Let us see some proof of how the vetting was done; it’s only the most important requirement of the Constitution we’re talking about here.

Congress has painted itself into a corner, stuck between the fear of losing their personal security, and for some even their personal freedom if they acknowledge the truth, continuing with the charade they have worn so thin it’s completely transparent. Is there anyone in Congress who would like to be an American hero on the same level as George Washington? If there is, all they must do is to publicly demand an independent investigation of “Who is Barry Soetoro?” Yes, speaking out will take some courage, but the overwhelming feeling of knowing they are finally abiding by the oath they took to the Constitution and giving America a chance to be the country they want for their children should be worth being, perhaps,  called a few names by some who do not matter. I had hoped that those recently elected to Congress would be more willing to speak out, but they quickly acted, I believe, as told on the issue of Obama’s ineligibility, and joined the others in Congress to protect Congressional leaders and others directly involved in the fraud of 2008 and its subsequent ongoing cover-up. As a staffer at one of my Congressional offices said to me, “The leadership of Congress had a meeting and decided they would take no action on Obama’s eligibility.” Shocking that those involved decided not to investigate their involvement……..not!

You have a clear choice:  speak out and uphold your oath to the Constitution and become an American hero, or continue to remain silent on the only issue that matters, the criminal imposter in the White House.  If Obama somehow steals the 2012 election and usurps a second term, this issue isn’t going away. At some point the dam of lies and obfuscation which the media, the regime and Congress have erected is going to break. Leaks are already apparent, and when it does break, those involved in the biggest fraud/charade in history are going to be swept into the dustbin of history and remembered, collectively, as the reincarnation of Benedict Arnold.

There is absolutely no excuse for being in a position of power and being silent, or even worse, defending a putative president who  is unconstitutionally in power and which massive evidence shows is likely a felon in many other ways. You are letting the country you were put in office and took a sacred oath to defend be systematically destroyed.

Our nation has never been in greater peril….this is NOT politics as usual.