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by Lynn Vogel, blogging at 20 Turns

(Jul. 22, 2011) — Analysis Paralysis is the malady that may just lead to the downfall of our nation. It is a dangerous, unforeseen side effect of our digital information age. We have so many ways to access so much news and so many opinions it is almost a full time job keeping up, and we still miss things. There is too much information available for any one person to acquire it all, let alone digest it.

Why do we need so much info? Look around, we have all the evidence we need to prove this government is corrupt. Why do we need more? What good is it to spend millions of Patriot man hours collecting and dispensing more news, more evidence when we had the truth established long ago? Why has so much evidence been assembled but no serious action taken? After all, isn’t the collection of evidence just Phase 1 of a process that never seems to move to Phase 2?

Did you ever think you would see American citizens tolerate so much corruption? I didn’t. Every one of us that cares about this nation knows what is wrong. So what now? Knowing about it is not enough.

Look around anywhere and you’ll see what I mean. I know people mean well but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The road to our destruction is paved with Patriot groups who merely observe and discuss. Action saves nations, not talk.

Corruption is killing us. Congressmen who serve their deep pocket donors before the People. Unions entrenched In the federal system whose dues then finance the campaigns of a specific party are the epitome of corruption. Which candidate is saying they will end that? Which candidate even mentions the wasteland of corruption that encompasses our entire system from the campaigns, to the elections, to the pensions, perks and benefits, to the union thugs, to the court benches and to the czars, department officials and the cronies in the back rooms with bags of money “donated” for favors?

You know of this, I know of this, why all the talk?

How many political groups do you belong to or know of in social media? I see names of groups that use words like “Action” or “Army”, “Expose” or “Stand” with against or for this or that. I challenge anyone to demonstrate any true accomplishment from any of them. They are all the perfect grass roots vehicles for Phase 1 of saving our nation. They are not effective with moving the knowledge and energies along to Phase 2. The action phase.

I can already hear the retorts from the Tea Party people. Spare me, if you know me at all you must know I have worked with many, still work with many and have left all of our work online for free use by any Tea Party activist who cares to use it. They have their place but what is that place? They excel at drawing strong support in local races, especially Congress where their strength is obvious. That is a good start but only a good start. Anyone who is honest with themselves can see that even after the huge wins of November 2010 very little has been accomplished and our deliberate destruction has not been halted. Mildly crippled in some small ways but far from halted.

Now we are told to ‘just wait until Nov 2012! By golly we’ll show them then!” I’ve heard that for a long time, it’s always just one more magical election, where has that gotten us? It has enabled our opponents to predict our tactics and they have successfully adapted by using that knowledge. The liberal/socialists gain knowledge and they transform it to action, that is how they are bringing us all we sit and complain about. We gain knowledge, share it and go get more. Then we just keep repeating that cycle. We analyze, the analyze some more. We are paralyzed from action because all energies are expended in analysis. Analysis paralysis, it is killing our side. We say enough is enough when we talk about the opposition. We had better grow up, be honest with ourselves and look in the mirror. We had better say, “Enough is enough!” to each other, to ourselves. We have accomplished Phase 1 in a huge dramatic fashion, now it is time to use what we know, to begin Phase 2, the next logical step.

We are AMERICANS! The People of the land where government is by the People, for the People. No longer true is it? It never will be if we do no more than wait on elections while we watch our daily destruction by those who openly defy the Constitution we claim to understand and cherish.

Consider this and ask questions of yourself; Our congress has an 8% approval rating. So, 92% of us have no faith or trust in them. Yet, conservatives keep talking about elections as if the people 92% of us do not trust will be the ones who will save us. We do not approve of them yet we turn right around and rely on them!? We paint them as our best hope when we spend day after day talking about how they fail us? Our best hope is a body of government with an 8% approval rating!? Are we that insane? OUR BEST HOPE IS US!!! Analysis Paralysis. Spending so much time being led with the information we so willingly overdose on that we cannot apply solid critical thinking skills to finding solutions ourselves. We are the People! We are Americans! We do NOT let bad government officials tell US what we can do about them, but we are.

Analysis Paralysis. Where is it rooted, why is it so persistent? Part of that problem is the pundits and talking heads cherished by the right. Rush, Levin, Hannity, Beck-they are NOT leaders! They are educators. They must hold their tongues and watch their ratings and sponsor contracts. They are showmen, not leaders, their ability to act or suggest action is self-limited by commercial concerns and obligations. I watched as one of them drew 1 million people to DC then did nothing. One million in DC should have been the beginning of a march on the Capital. This is AMERICA! It was speeches and prayers and a trip back home while business as usual in DC dismissed them and lumbered on to more destruction. These people entertained because they are entertainers. A march on the Capital would have required a leader and none were present, it was Phase 1 on a grand scale. Phase 2 missed a prime opportunity, again. Broke my heart to see those Americans just wave signs and leave without real action. It was sad to see so many demand nothing.

Those people in DC meant well and they were there because of hope, they hoped they had found a leader. They carried signs. That’s about it.

Who is defeating us? The people who carried signs in the 60’s, that’s who. Think about it. These radicals, encouraged by the communists began their socialist work in the 60’s via protests and an active campaign of Phase 1 in their social groups. They grew up and moved on to become our professors infiltrating our colleges and teaching our youth. They moved into government and labor unions, they calculated useful positions of power then achieved them where their adapted efforts prospered and brought us the damage we are now resisting. How do Patriots respond? They begin doing the same. They hold rallies and carry signs, they start from scratch with the same tactics the opposition outgrew 50 years ago. But that is as far as they go. Phase 1 again, initial work that just keeps being repeated. Trying to destroy the work of an enemy by repeating tactics they devised 5 decades ago is no ticket to success. That is baby steps while our destruction is moving like a Kenyan marathoner.

What are all these social media groups doing? Phase 1, that’s what. I have found they can be a huge stumbling block for uniting people. Join a group and see, either they are just sharing info and complaints or they are trying to gain followers for some pet peeve. I’ve been there, seen it all. Try to tell someone in a group they need to forget addressing symptoms and get after the cancer of our system and they lash out. Try to get them to act and they send you more info. Try to get them to support action and you hear things like, “Well, if you won’t support changing line four of Article 3, Sec 1 of the Constitution you’re an idiot!” Or, they say the wish to unite then say you MUST support a new Amendment, support removal of the 16th, the 17th, the 14th or educate the public on the 10th. They are so involved in their little corner of the fight they cannot see they are battling symptoms while the cancer spreads. They aren’t trying to unite, they are trying to gain followers to attack their pet peeves. Meanwhile, we are still sitting by while our opposition has free rein to deliberately destroy us. They act, we share info and report on how they act. Analysis Paralysis. Energy is being wasted by refusing to recognize when Phase 1 is complete and Phase 2 should begin. If a snake comes through your door and crawls up your leg with its rattles going, do you sit and argue about what kind of snake it is or do you find the fastest way to cut it’s head off? Analyzing for too long is self-destructive any time it happens.

I will not join or support groups of people who claim to be awake but then willingly submit to the very tyranny they decry daily. Waiting for some distant election for our salvation is just an excuse to do nothing today. Period. Waiting for an election when they are all now corrupt and no one is doing anything about it is pure foolishness. You are acting or you are submitting, there is no other truth.

We had better act and it better be bold and decisive, just like the people of history who have our respect. Others in our past did not fight, risk, die or act just so we would not have to, that notion is absurd. They did what they did so when our time came we would have something worthy of our action. They passed us a torch and we sit and stare into the pretty flame as it sputters.

I am challenging patriots. Do more, rise to the effort and think outside the box. The 20 Turns Project will NOT focus on some future election we know will be corrupt. We are going after the corruption NOW! Phase 1 was good, we are starting Phase 2 alone if we must but we are going. Words without action are nothing and waiting for an election, calling a typical campaign season action is either submitting or making excuses. We MUST do better, we MUST do more. It is Our Time, Our Duty and the nation we so proudly cherish needs us more than ever. Talk is cheap but in the beginning it is necessary, that is educational. We must continue to educate but that cannot be our focus. Action must begin, it is time for Phase 2. Find your leaders locally or become one. Do not tell me “We work and can’t spare the time.” I see the golf courses, restaurants and theaters, that time is available. There are weekends, holidays, you can do it if you choose. If you can make time for a wedding, a funeral or a party, you can make time to act for your nation. I guess ir just comes down to your personal priorities. I know mine. I KNOW where the 20 Turns Project is heading and I will sacrifice to get it there.

How about you, your friends, your family and your groups? Where are YOU headed? One more lap around Phase 1 or are YOU ready to enact Phase 2 and finally change our direction? The choice is yours.

If you do not have ideas please watch our site. See how we are using the S.S. Pitchfork to begin Phase 2. Develop your own action or support those who do. If enough is really enough-ACT! Our legacy cannot be that of people who talked when our nation was taken from within.

Analysis Paralysis must be overcome. Want to know how? Read on below-get behind the S.S. Pitchfork. This is just a beginning.