Birther Summit Publishes Initial Participants


Contact: Dean C. Haskins

Posted: July 19, 2011

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As we continue to move toward our historic event in Washington, DC, many elements of the Birther Summit are being designed, planned, and implemented. Compiling the roster of participants in the Working Conference, as well as the speakers for the mass rally, has been vitally crucial, as these patriots will largely shape the vision, purpose, and goals of the event, as well as define the mark we will make historically.

The lineup that is now viewable here is merely our initial group of participants, as we are currently in discussions with other notable personalities about their participation. In the coming days, watch this list to be kept apprised of those who will be a part of publicly drawing our line in the sand.

The following people have officially confirmed their participation in the Working Conference, which will occur on Wednesday, March 28, and will produce the Declaration of Constitutional Dependence:

Rev. David Manning, Mario Apuzzo, Dr. Orly Taitz, CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret.), Terry Lakin Action Fund, CPT Pamela Barnett (Ret.), Linda Bentley, Miki Booth, Susan Daniels, Tony Dolz, Don Fredrick, Dean Haskins, Paul Irey, David LaRocque, Jeff Lichter, William Lolli, Lyle Rapacki, Col. Lawrence Sellin (Ret.), Carl Swensson, Helen Tansey, Neil Turner, and Gary Wilmott.

Online registration for the rally and march, which will be held March 29, 2012, will begin August 1, 2011. To be kept informed of our progress as we continue to work toward making The Birther Summit THE event of 2012, please be sure to sign up on our email list.


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