Reverse-Birther Leverage, Part 2


by William Lolli, ©2011

Marco Rubio was born in Florida in 1975 to two Cuban immigrant parents who were not yet naturalized, but the Republican Party is ignoring his non-natural born Citizen status

(Jul. 14, 2011) — The Republican Party Leadership and their MSM acolytes don’t know it yet, but they are setting themselves up as willfully ignorant participants in the further erosion of the US Constitution, as well as the possible implosion of our political system.

The Republican establishment, many TEA Party activists, and neo-con rank & files are all giddy with 2012 anticipation, as it appears that the Vice Presidential nominee has already been given the nod by the broadest spectrum of conservative politicos.

Marco Rubio is without doubt the darling child on the 2012 horizon. He is conservative, smart, articulate, principled, and can handle himself with senatorial equanimity in and out of a debate environment.

The July 11 edition of Hannity presented a segment with Dick Morris, where both host and guest gushed over the probability of Rubio being the VP-pick of any candidate who wins the Republican nomination.

The Birther Community, on the other hand, had an alarmingly negative, backside cattle-prod reaction for the simple reason that Marco Rubio is Article II, Section 1 ineligible to the POTUS office.

As has been pointed out elsewhere on the internet, Marco Rubio, born on US soil in 1971, was born to foreign [Cuban exile] parents. Marco’s father Mario did not apply for Naturalized Citizenship until 1975, four years after Marco was born. Thus, without two citizen parents, Marco Rubio is not Natural Born. Marco Rubio is a citizen, for certain, as the 14th Amendment and elsewhere are clear about the positive law process of naturalization-at-birth for children born on the soil; but Natural Born, he is not.

A copy of Mario Rubio’s September 1975 Petition for Naturalization can be viewed here.

The Birther Community are not the only ones interested in the fact that there is a Constitutionally blind love-affair with Rubio; has also addressed and taken advantage of the issue, alleging the if the Birthers ‘go after’ Rubio for his unconstitutional qualifications, it “proves” that all Birthers are racist. Their race-card play is based upon the nexus linking one brown-skinned, half-white ineligible [Obama] with another brown-skinned semi-white ineligible [Rubio].

The race-rant is of course stupid, lacking in substance, an effort to distract, and demagogic boob-bait for the Marxist Masses—but the position has the tacit support of the mainstream media and thus is used as a tool to successfully oppress Birther debate.

So what has all this got to do with MAD Reverse Birther Leverage, as indicated in my first article?

Quite simply, the blind acceptance of Rubio as being a Natural Born, constitutionally-eligible candidate for VP by the Republican establishment is tantamount to handing a political weapon to Obama and The Powers That Be.

If in the case, for example, where Obama acts-out a psychological, ‘Bill Ayers, Dorhn, Cloward and Piven’ meltdown, pressing forward his Chicago-style plans to “fundamentally change America,” the presence of Marco Rubio on the Republican 2012 ticket gives Obama all the tools he needs to create political and financial chaos.

As alluded to in my previous article, all Obama need do to take advantage of an Anybody & Rubio Ticket is to make an issue from the bully pulpit that his birth certificate is a fake, that it never really mattered where he was born, that he is an American by virtue of declarative fiat—and most importantly, that the Republicans agree with these notions since he has mountains of Republican congressional letters, emails, and faxes to constituents declaring that he was freely elected and certified by the Electoral College.

And the icing on the cake: Republicans agree that the Natural Born Clause is irrelevant, by virtue of the fact that Marco Rubio is on the 2012 Ticket.

Thus:  ‘If you try to remove me from office, you are a racist, a hypocrite, and have no legal foundation.’

Such a series of pronouncements would divide the Republican Party, throw its nomination processes and the 2012 election into chaos and virtually assure Obama of a second term, at the very least.

Of course, the Judiciary, as well as the Wall Street, banking, and Fed Powers That Be will be happy to go along with a second Obama term, since the prospect of the nullification of an Obama presidency due to ineligibility has always been feared.

Nullification of Obama would instantly remove two Supreme Court justices, reverse all court appointments of judges and federal posts made by Obama and the decisions heretofore made; reverse Obamacare, nullify the GM bond buyouts, reverse the GM stock sale to the Unions, make internationally illegal the orders to soldiers in four Islamic Wars, wreck EPA rulings, throw the SEC under the bus, drag BLM decisions back into court, confuse Federal Employee Pension deals, force the return of bailout money made to the states, dump Bernanke’s 2009 second-term appointment – potentially nullifying all of the Bernak’s decisions, — the list goes on.

So now you can see we are all playing Rubio Roulette. What we don’t know is how many spins of the wheel we all have left.