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by William Lolli, ©2011

Does the Tea Party movement acknowledge that Obama's illegitimacy for office could worsen the economic crisis we are currently facing?

(Jul. 9, 2011) — There can be no doubt that the most significant battle in the war waged by the Tea Party against the Democrat-Republican-Washington-Wall Street-Federal Reserve cabal is the debt ceiling debate.

In this singular event—the raising of the national debt limit—rides the moral core of the “Taxed Enough Already” folks and why they came into being and rode the rough-shod horse into a victorious election cycle in 2010.

Winning elections, however, is one thing and manifesting real change is quite another.

The House has voted to overturn Obamacare, made attempts to roll back spending, passed a Ryan budget plan, and sought all kinds of reforms, only to be blocked by the Senate, the Obama regime, and TPTB [The Powers That Be].

Results: Nothing. The debt ceiling is being violated even as we speak:  “As of today, since the debt ceiling breach on May 16, the Treasury has plundered about $206 billion from the two primary retirement accounts: the G-Fund and the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund, according to calculations performed by Stone McCarthy.”

Obamacare is still here and funded. Obama’s bailouts, ACORN grants under different names, continue, Big Labor continues to make inroads, Dodd-Franks sets up big profits for fat cats by allowing toxic assets to be used as collateral in derivative and futures trading, the acts of Obama’s fascism go on….

Thus the Debt Ceiling issue represents the first, substantive, winning engagement that the Tea Party has had since November 2010. It has the potential of being a great dagger that can be thrust into the heart of a tyrannical, fiat-currency spending machine, that itself threatens to destroy us all and plunge our children into slavery.

But despite the moral clarity to stop profligate spending, despite the 2010 victory, despite the apparent upper-hand that Speaker Boehner retains, despite the threat to the Republican Leadership of a rising 3rd Party [Tea Party] movement to split the Republican foundation; there is one other significant political reason why the Republican Leadership will cave to the demands of TPTB to raise the debt limit and send us into Keynesian hell:  the proof that Barack Obama is guilty of criminal fraud, forgery, and the usurpation of the Presidency of the United States.

How can that be? More clearly, how can Obama’s ineligibility be a tool that he can use to leverage conservative Republicans?

Let me explain:

It is a common notion that Birthers have naively assumed that if they went to their congressional representatives or federal courts with substantial proof that Obama was not Article II, Section 1 eligible, those very representatives or judges, who themselves have sworn to faithfully uphold the constitution, would in fact take action to uphold the integrity of the law of land.

But we now know that this is not so. If anything, the Republican leadership, both houses of Congress, the judiciary, all Secretaries of State of all 50 states, and the media have done everything in their power to deny, obfuscate, discount, mock, threaten, and stop the exposure of the truth.

Why? Because they are all complicit in the participation and validation of Obama’s faux credentials. Thus they are culpable.

This universal culpability by all major levels of government is an important ingredient to the Obama regime and The Powers That Be’s capacity to wage political war through extortion.


Imagine that the Secret Debt Ceiling negotiations are not going too well for TPTB. Imagine that those darn Tea Partiers in the House are holding the line.

Now imagine that Obama springs a Reverse-Birther threat. Obama says to Boehner and the Leadership:

“IF you do not raise the debt limit, I will announce that my birth certificate is a fake; but I will argue that I was freely elected and electorally validated by YOU. So I will stay in office and I will not resign.

“I will implicate YOU—the Republican leadership—for your complicity in my continued validation: I will say that you knew the truth all along, and that you agreed with me that the birth certificate issue was a sideshow and a distraction. I have in my possession letters, emails, and arguments you have made with your own constituents for the past three years stating that I am a natural born Citizen, regardless of where I was born or who my parents were. These announcements will throw your base into chaos.

“You may try to impeach me, but you will have no power to do so, because 1) you have been complicit in perpetuating my fraud on the nation; thus if you impeach me, you impeach yourselves; 2) you have no standing [you cannot show that you have been materially damaged by my actions; indeed, you have benefited by my presidential validation]; and 3) since the only Constitutional remedy to removing me from office is impeachment, and you will be disqualified to impeach me due to your co-participation in my crime, the courts will not help you and your base will abandon you.

“Make no mistake:  I and my team are masters in manipulating chaos to our advantage. My declaration will cause political and financial chaos in the extreme throughout the country and the world. Nullification of my presidency will bring destruction on a scale you cannot imagine. I have the labor unions, the federal employees, Wall Street and the Fed on my side. The Republican party will be split or destroyed, and the rise of a 3rd party will assure my re-election.

“You dare not test me on this. I am a believer in Black Liberation Theology. My eternal salvation is tied directly to my beliefs and I have pledged my life to this righteous cause. Cross me, if you dare.”

Get the picture?

Now if some of you think that what I have proposed here is far-fetched and too mentally out-of-the-box, I counter-assert that you have no understanding of the true nature of evil.

Just remember that I was one of the few who warned you of the Obama 3-Card Monte weeks before the Long Form Fake was produced.

So now we all have something new to chew on….