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by Gary Steven

Is it a lie that Obama is even an American citizen? Why have others, including the media, lied for Obama?

(Jul. 8, 2011) — The Casey Anthony case dominates all major news. Commentators and pundits from various networks are having lively discussions and often heated debates since the verdict of “not guilty” to the murder charges was handed down by the jury. However, the jury found Casey Anthony guilty of lying on four counts, each count punishable by one year in prison.

Not one major media outlet has covered the comparative crime by Barry Soetero, aka Barack Obama.  Lying is a crime. Whether you agree with the outcome of the Casey Anthony case or not, the charges of lying which were brought forth reveal a rule of law that was broken.

Often, jokes about politicians bring a chuckle or cynical smile during conversations. For example, one person says, “How do you know a politician is lying?” and the other answers, “His lips are moving.”  Then, rather than be alarmed by the truth of the inference in the joke, we, perhaps in silence, agree that it is the norm and expected of politicians. That is a broken moral compass for sure. The putative president has earned the distinction as liar-in-chief. This title is not only based on campaign promises broken, but also the consistent falsehood of his background, his agenda for America, and his blatant disregard for truth.

The space required to list the outright lies would far surpass this column’s capability. There are the documented lies on camera before audiences. The speeches. The national addresses before both chambers of Congress (remember “Health care will not increase the deficit one dime?) filled with lies. There are the lies to his family, lies to the military personnel, lies to voters, lies about his background, lies about the economy, lies about pulling out of Iraq, lies about Libya, lies about transparency.

The central issue to this article poses a HUGE question:  Why is Barry Soetero not legally charged with lying? The one document he provided allegedly proving his birthplace is a forgery. Many experts (even former CIA agents) have gone on the record stating this FACT. Lying is a moral virus. The lies perpetuate more lies. The deceit becomes contagious to others. The Congress then lies to cover the lies already told. The structure built on lies is weak. The longevity of such a structure, whether political, relational, or economic, will not last. Collapse is imminent. Lies have no color. Lies are not little or white (no racial reference here) as in, “little white lie.“

The visual impact of the Anthony case mentioned above should be a stimulating comparison. Anthony was charged with four counts of lying and sentenced to a prison term of one year for each lie by the judge. Since the judge followed the sentencing guidelines, one could easily conclude that Barry Soetero should be charged with hundreds of counts of LYING. By simple math it is easy to see more than a life’s sentence afforded the liar-in-chief. Arresting him may be a problem. Why? The participating liars don’t want their lies exposed.

What about the LIE before millions of people? Under oath, Barry Soetero swore to uphold, defend, and protect the Constitution. Has he done that? Perjury is also a crime, lying under oath. Where is the rule of law? Does it apply only in Orlando, FL? Do all politicians lie? Does truth exist in DC? Where are the leaders who proclaim moral values and integrity? The deceit continues. Five hundred thirty-five congressional members decide issues for the lives of 310,000,000 Americans.

The liar-in-chief with corrupt staff has an agenda. Leaders, beware; your lies will find you out.