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July 6, 2011

Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution states that the president must obtain the "advice and consent" of the Senate in making appointments

Representatives Broun, Gingrey, Graves, Price, Woodall,

Senators Chambliss, Isakson, by FAX:

S.J. RES. 10, a resolution to amend the Constitution to provide a balanced budget (BBA) is, perhaps, the greatest hoax ever perpetrated against We the People since the equally unconstitutional 17th Amendment. (1)

The superficial intent of the BBA is redundant to the enumerated powers of Congress; therefore the “selling” points are bogus.  Sections 1. and 2. to provide a balanced budget under 18% GDP (unless Congress votes otherwise) is already provided for in Article 1. Sections 8. and 9.  The House has constitutional authority and responsibility to raise revenue and expend that revenue from the treasury.

Section 3. of the proposed BBA contains the ulterior motivation and true reason for the BBA.  Section 3. gives responsibility for the enumerated powers of Congress to the executive!  How dangerous can that be?   The Senate, with the passage of S.679 (2), just granted permission to the executive to have sole authority for choosing the subordinates who will substantiate the budget that the BBA will now allow him to make.  Outlays, receipts, and GDP are all determined by the executive’s czars and czarinas.  How stupid do legislators think their constituents can be?

And, of course, the classic Sections 6. and 7. which waive the rest of the BBA when the Nation is engaged in military conflict are the ultimate affront to anyone’s intelligence.  The United States has been engaged in endless war since WWII.  Most recently re-affirmed (and not rescinded) by H.J. RES. 64 dated September 14, 2001. (3)  The BBA, if passed, can never be used because the United States is engaged in continuous wars!  Unconstitutional wars by bombs and boots on the ground in Libya, Yemen, and Somalia (4, 5, 6) all in need of a “specific excess”.

What fools We are to elect congressmen who attempt such ludicrous and unconstitutional initiatives.  How unfortunate for the Nation that only 87 could be voted out of the House in 2010.  But hopefully, depravity of the magnitude of S.J. RES. 10 will result in 100’s being voted out in 2012.  This is the goal of We the People; S.J. RES. 10 and other similar acts of tyranny provide the incentive.  Will you be one of those to go in 2012?

When you all are considering the transgressions you are taking with Our Constitution, against the Oath you took to defend the Constitution, reflect on those young men and women who are dying on God forsaken sand dunes perpetuating the military/industrial complex and thinking they too are defending the Constitution.  Consider that your rush to tyranny will lead to anarchy as shown by non-revisionist history over millenniums.

So shame on all of you for what you do and more shame for what you don’t do.

For the Republic,

M. J. Blanchard

Oath Keeper





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“When law ends, tyranny begins.” John Locke.  The Second Treatise of Civil Government