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by Sharon Rondeau

Why did the Social Security Administration exceed its obligations in responding to a FOIA request from Dr. Orly Taitz in this instance?

(Jul. 5, 2011) — The following is a breaking-news report from Dr. Orly Taitz, who filed the lawsuit Taitz v. Astrue to gain access to the application completed by Barack Hussein Obama to obtain his social security number.  Taitz has questioned the SSN used by Obama which begins with 042 and therefore signifies that it was issued from the state of Connecticut, where Obama has neither worked, lived, nor attended school.  The lawsuit was filed in February 2011 after her Freedom of Information request for Obama’s records was denied.

I got a letter today from the Social Security Administration saying that they don’t usually provide this information, but “here is more information.”  It’s something very interesting.

They gave me a better copy of Ann Dunham’s SSA application, and it shows on the bottom that supposedly the form was revised 7/55.  Then, they included another page saying “Versions of SS-5,” and there wasn’t a new one issued in 1955.  They didn’t have such a form.  So not only does Obama not have a valid social security number and valid application, but his mother’s appears to be fraudulent as well.  We have no idea who these people are.  His mother does not have a valid social security number.  She obtained her social security number using falsified forms, as evidenced by the notation at the bottom of the page where it gives a revision date of 7/55.

Today I received a letter that was sent to me on June 27th.  It took a few days for me to get it because of the holiday.  It says that there was no revision date in 1955.  If you look at the court filings in this case, I already sent them letters showing that when you look at the revision date on this form on the bottom, you can see that one “5” is bigger than the other.  So it’s clearly a forged document where they used different type settings.  They might have used one “5” from one form and another “5” from another form, but it’s a forged document.

My supporters have sent forms to me which were used in 1959, and the forms are different.  This is not the same form used in 1959.  So there is evidence that not only Obama, but also his mother are using fraudulent documents.  This is huge.

Editor’s Note: The form is signed May 22, 1959.

A report from early 2009 stated that Stanley Ann Dunham’s social security number has been used by a woman in Washington State “all her life.”  The same social security number, 535-40-8522, appears on passport applications released through a FOIA request to Mr. Christopher Strunk last summer, although there was one occurrence in which the box was left blank.


Purported social security application for Stanley Ann Dunham dated May 22, 1959 which indicates below her signature "(Revised 7-55)". The two "5s" appear to be different sizes as noted by this editor
Bottom part of form which indicates that the form was revised "7-55". The two "5" digits do not appear to be the same typeface


Enlarged top portion of Stanley Ann Dunham's alleged SSN application
Letter to Orly Taitz from the Social Security Administration dated June 27, 2011 stating that it "created a document" in response to her request
Chart received from the Social Security Administration indicating when revisions were made to Form SS-5. The year 1955 does not appear in the chart, and the form is different from others Taitz has obtained from 1955

The application for Stanley Ann Dunham appears similar, if not identical, to that which is pictured here.

An enlarged version of the June 27, 2011 letter from the Social Security Administration can be found here.